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GuyBone: Cord Younglove tops Zeke Johnson raw

GuyBone: Cord Younglove tops Zeke Johnson raw

Data Released: Jun 6, 2018 (GuyBone: Cord Younglove tops Zeke Johnson raw)

Cord hadn’t filmed with us in quite some time, and it’d been even longer since we’d seen Zeke. So when these two studly site favorites happened to decide to come visit at the same time, it was obvious they’d want to film together. I love when GuyBone Guys who have filmed a bunch of scenes, but never with each other, finally get to fuck thanks to fate. Cord was exhausted from his travels so he kicked back on the couch for a nap. He didn’t get many zzz’s, though, because as soon as Zeke arrived, he woke up the sleeping beauty with a sexy kiss. As their bearded mouths met and wet tongues tussled, Cord’s cock stiffened inside his khaki’s and Zeke got to work unbuttoning his dress shirt. I could instantly tell these two had missed being in front of my camera. …

GuyBone: Brayden Wolf, Dakota (Raw Gutter Fuck)

GuyBone: Brayden Wolf, Dakota: Raw Gutter Fuck

Data Released: Feb 20, 2018 (GuyBone: Brayden Wolf, Dakota: Raw Gutter Fuck)

Dakota and Brayden are two straight, or bi-curious (or whatever label you wanna give them) guys who found each other on a DL sex app and decided to meet in person. They soon discovered they had more in common than their nearly identical sneakers and hung cocks. They both had an appetite for bareback back alley boning and decided to get their raw fuck on right there where anyone could have walked up on them. But they’re not gonna kiss, cause you know, that might just cross a comfortability line. Who knows why they couldn’t meet up at home. Maybe their girlfriends were there, maybe they have bro roommates, maybe they just didn’t want the other one to know where they lived. …

GuyBone: Back 2 Bareback Beach (Brayden Wolf, Dieter Red, Hyden OToole, Lance Bennett, Topher Michels)


Data Released: Aug 29, 2017 (GuyBone: Back 2 Bareback Beach: Brayden Wolf, Dieter Red, Hyden OToole, Lance Bennett, Topher Michels)

Back 2 Bareback Beach: Grab your swim trunks, even though you won’t be wearing them for long! It’s our 6 Year Anniversary and we’re celebrating by going Back 2 Bareback Beach! We’ve been here a few times, but most recently and notably for our 4 Year Anniversary’s Bareback Beach Gangbang. The scene was so much fun to film AND watch, we figured it was high tide… time… we poured ourselves a refill of sex on the beach. This time, we’ve got an all new cast of beach babes and changed the scene up a bit with one extra GuyBone Guy and two bottoms! …

GuyBone: Jack Miles Tops Alex Hawk Raw


Data Released: Aug 22, 2017 (GuyBone: Jack Miles Tops Alex Hawk Raw)

I had one wild request for Jack and Alex – fuck in a stairwell. That’s all. Do any positions you like, take as long as you want, just give me all that bareback action in a stairwell. Too many times I feel stuck in a bedroom. It’s nice to branch out once in a while when you have chill guys willing to try new things. One of my fondest filming memories was in a closet with Ruckus Tops Jacob. Because why not? …

GuyBone: Avi Jacobs and Hoytt Walker Flip Raw


Data Released: Aug 15, 2017 (GuyBone: Avi Jacobs and Hoytt Walker Flip Raw)

With a look and a pull in to kiss, Avi grabbed Hoytt and never let go. This was the first scene Hoytt filmed with us, even though it wasn’t released first. And this was the first time I got to see Avi show off his topping skills. These two had magnetic, electric chemistry that I couldn’t take my eyes off. So much of it, in fact, they ended up with an extra 10 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck! I was super stoked they wanted to flip fuck. Gave me the chance to see both of them in the top role. …

GuyBone: Chip Young and Ryan Powers Flip Raw


Data Released: Aug 8, 2017 (GuyBone: Chip Young and Ryan Powers Flip Raw)

When I have a hottie like Ryan Powers in my possession for a couple weeks, I film as much as I possibly can with him, not only to beef up my scene stockpile, but also because there’s no guarantee when I’ll see him again. This is the case with him and Chip flip fucking bareback. I had to spread Ryan’s scenes out so they weren’t all released back to back and I’ve been so unbelievably eager to share this hot, raw romp with you! They were so fucking hot together, they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!


GuyBone: Mouth Massage (Dakota, Zeus Harden)


Data Released: Aug 1, 2017 (GuyBone: Mouth Massage: Dakota, Zeus Harden)

It had been a little while since I have filmed that an oral just spectacle and that I had been rather jonesing to get one. For those who realize a single thing about me personally, make it that I am a hardcore cock sucking fan. Love doing this, love setting it up, love watching it. And on occasion a scene where the people log away out of foreplay might be equally as alluring as once they actually fuck. …

GuyBone: Edison Garett, Lance Bennett (Flip Fuck, RAW)


Data Released: Jul 18, 2017 (GuyBone: Edison Garett, Lance Bennett)

When I met Edison for the first time, I knew I had to have him on the site. He was adorable and sexy and one helluva hot otter in the making. He already felt quite comfortable on camera as he was an amateur exhibitionist. He’d shared several homemade vids he’d made of his sexual encounters and I was all worked up knowing how worked up being watched got him. …

GuyBone: Jack Miles Tops Hoytt Walker RAW


Data Released: Jul 11, 2017 (GuyBone: Jack Miles Tops Hoytt Walker RAW)

So excited to share this scene with you! It marks Hoytt Walker’s debut on GuyBone AND str8 sk8r boi Jack’s second fuck scene. They were quite a match and I was happy to have got them together on camera. They chilled on the bed and Hoytt nuzzled Jack’s neck while the straight dude fondled Hoytt’s inner thigh through his pants. …

GuyBone: Roy Gardner Tops Stephen Harte RAW


Data Released: Jul 4, 2017 (GuyBone: Roy Gardner Tops Stephen Harte RAW)

Oh, man, was I beyond excited to get these two together?! Roy is one of our super hot bi guys who has that incredibly sexy, chill vibe. You just want to kick back with him and relax… and then have amazing sex. And Stephen, my goodness, did a yummier otter ever exist? …


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