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GayPawn – Sucking Dick And Getting Fucked!


Data Released: Oct 17, 2014

This dude walks in trying to sell us a bugle for $500 claiming that it’s from the 1800’s. He must really think I’m a fucking idiot. I’m in the pawn shot business for a reason. I know my shit. He’s trying to play us. Well guess what. The jokes on you bud. I know he needs money to pay rent. He’s going to have to suck my dick behind the counter while other customers shop. Then my buddy is going to finish him off back in the bathroom. Maybe we’ll pay him, maybe we won’t. Let’s see.


GayPawn – Fitness Trainer Gets Anal Banged


Data Released: Oct 1, 2014

What a rainy day? Businees is slow and the weather doesn’t help not one bit. We were just about to call it the day until a sexy fitness trainer strolled in with some gym equipment. He was broke and was looking to get $300. Sorry, but that dinosaur he brought in here was not worth that kind of money. Unless he wants to demonstrate how to use it butt-naked. Being that he needed money, he figured why not? What’s the worse that can happen? Well your about to find out for yourself. When people need money they do the most desperate things.


GayPawn – Fuck Me In The Ass For Cash!


Data Released: Sep 19, 2014

This week’s update is a little different. First of all, this guy was nuts. After getting fired, he packs up as much of his office as he can and tries to sell the out dated junk to me. I’m talking the PC, the monitor, a company laptop, even a plant and the office cart. I told him I couldn’t help him. Then he started yelling about getting fucked. Well that gave me an idea. I took him back to my office to make an offer on the laptop. He refused to shut up about being in a hurry and money. Half of what he said couldn’t be understood through his thick Latin accent, but I made him a cheap cash offer, under the condition that he lets me help relax him. …

GayPawn – Dungeon Master With A Gimp


Data Released: Aug 18, 2014

This was actually Pete’s first day on the job, and I must say, he did a great fucking job. We had this hot blonde rocker stud come in with his axe. He said he just broke up with his band and his girlfriend, but all I heard was that he might be desperate enough for a gay time… I mean, good time. I bought his guitar and amp at a good price to gain his trust. Then I offered him a job. He got a job alright (rim job/blow job). I tested the waters by flirting with him while he was changing. He has a hot ripped body. …


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