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GangsterFuck 192 – The Piano, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

One of the gangsta rapist left, but it won`t be any easier on our piano player cause the remaining one is the tougher one. Chocking on his dick with his hands tied, there is absolutely nothing he can do. Just to go with the flow. Counting every minute till this piano session is over. It seems endless and painful.


GangsterFuck 191 – Freedom Is Not For Free, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 13, 2014

GangsterFuck 189 – The Piano: Episode 3, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014


GangsterFuck 188 – Freedom Is Not For Free: Episode 3, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 24, 2014


GangsterFuck 186: Freedom Is Not For Free, Episode 2, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 9, 2014


GangsterFuck 182, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 12, 2014

With the dick in his ass he realised that the stolen watch wasn`t worth of it. All he can do is just take the punishment and try to enjoy it. That`s not easy at all. Counting every second is painful and longer than it ever was.


GangsterFuck 180 – Bound To Please, Episode 4, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 28, 2014

Hannibal enjoys punishing this thief a lot. His hard on is bigger than ever was. With the hands tied up to his legs, his asshole is so tight. He suffers a lot. His moaning is still more and more intense. But Hannibal still wants more. Finally a climax is about to come. Final touch will be a blow job and then comes a huge cum shot on his sinful face as a reminder of the fact that stealing is bad.


GangsterFuck 178 – Sin Eater, Episode 4, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 14, 2014



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