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FuckerMate: Koldo Goran, Dylan Greene (Big Raw Debut)

FuckerMate:  Koldo Goran, Dylan Greene: Big Raw Debut

Data Released: Mar 8, 2018 (FuckerMate: Koldo Goran, Dylan Greene: Big Raw Debut)

This week we introduce you our last discovery: Dylan Greene is a sexy pale lad that comes from Belgium and has a crazy ambition to perform sex in front of the camera. For his porno debut we wanted something big and then we paired him with one of our hungest top, Koldo Goran, back with us after more than one year. Dylan joins Koldo on the bed wakes him up to make him hard. When the new mate noticed what Koldo has between his legs, he completely abandons itself to the will of our top dominant mate, taking all those 9 inches of thick meat like a pro, both inside his mouth and his hungry ass. For his dedication he will be rewarded with a hot creampie that he’ll remember forever!


FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Louis Ricaute (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Louis Ricaute

Data Released: Mar 1, 2018 (FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Louis Ricaute)

Our fans have been asking us for this encounter out loud and so we have satisfied them this week: our hot Latin stud Louis Ricaute is back with us to meet one of our best tops in recent times, the beloved Camilo Uribe from Colombia. Louis wakes up in his bed and sees Camilo arriving by his side, wearing only his underwear and already horny, like he was still dreaming. In a matter of seconds our dominant top offers his huge dick to Louis’ eager mouth for a long session of licking and deep sucking, that Camilo then repays with a masterful rimming. Keeping the hole spread, Camilo rubs his giant thick cock all over Louis asshole and then pushes it deep inside the fuckable ass for a perfect fit. The groans of the hairy Latin receiving such quantity of raw meat speak for themselves and make Camilo even harder. Such fuck can only end with a facial shot of fresh cum and that is just what Luis will receive as a reward!


FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Patrick Dei, Joaquin Santana (Two Is Better Than One) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Patrick Dei, Joaquin Santana: Two Is Better Than One

Data Released: Feb 22, 2018 (FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Patrick Dei, Joaquin Santana: Two Is Better Than One)

This week it’s time for another fucking hot threesome with super- horny mates Alejandro Torres, Patrick Dei and Joaquin Santana. Alejandro and Joaquin are in the living room, when Patrick enters the room and catches them kissing on the couch. Obviously he doesn’t wast any time and does not wait for an invitation to join his pretty friends. Now all three mates start touching each other and soon their cocks are out, ready for action. …

FuckerMate: David Montenegro, Korar Darver (Hot Welcome Back)

FuckerMate: David Montenegro, Korar Darver: Hot Welcome Back

Data Released: Feb 2, 2018 (FuckerMate: David Montenegro, Korar Darver: Hot Welcome Back)

Our most loyal members will surely remember our first videos, back in 2013, where a young innocent-looking mate was destroying asses with his huge thick cock. That cute boy was the gorgeous Barcelonian David Montenegro that now, after few years, is back with us more hungry than ever and ready to pound again insatiable assholes. Today we paired him with the sexy Italian bottom Korar Darver. Our two mates almost look like twins and match a perfect pair. Korar tastes every single centimeter of David’s meat and then they get busy in a long 69 session that leaves both cock hard like stones. …

FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Andy Star (Raw Night At The Moon: Barcelona) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Andy Star: Raw Night At The Moon: Barcelona

Data Released: Jan 25, 2018 (FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Andy Star: Raw Night At The Moon: Barcelona)

Our Colombian topmate Camilo Uribe is going around at night, looking for some nice place to meet local guys. While walking in the city center he finds “The Moon – Night Club”, a new amazing gay bar recently opened in Barcelona. Camilo goes inside and feels like at home, with the Caribbean style decoration. The sexy barman Andy Star is on duty tonight and welcomes Camilo, inviting him for a . Andy, like always, is eager for sex, so he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to get fucked by the gorgeous visitor. Camilo responds to Andy’s winks and as soon as they remain alone, our two mates begin kissing in an explosion of lust. …

FuckerMate: Viktor Rom, Hans Berlin (Raw Lesson) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Viktor Rom, Hans Berlin: Raw Lesson

Data Released: Jan 19, 2018 (FuckerMate: Viktor Rom, Hans Berlin: Raw Lesson)

This week our power top Viktor Rom Visser delights the big ass of hunky American Hans Berlin with his gigantic dick. You know Viktor loves to dominate a good muscled bottom and when he puts Hans on his knees to taste and deep-throat the big juicy cock, the American loses all inhibitions and surrenders to his willing for an unforgettable raw session of hard sex.


FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Armond Rizzo (Nasty Awakening) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Armond Rizzo: Nasty Awakening

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Armond Rizzo: Nasty Awakening)

What’s better than being woken up by the kisses of a hung friend all over the body and the ass? It is just what happened to the sweet bottom Armond Rizzo this morning, when our horny power top Alejandro Torres got into the bedroom, finding the perfect ass of Armond in front of his lustful eyes. Encouraged by the moans of pleasure of the American boy, Alejandro works the hungry asshole with his tongue for long time, and tastes it like it was an ice cream. Right after our two mates begin a bareback ride that leaves Armond exhausted and covered with cum all over his body! Now you can sleep better Armond!


FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Patrick Dei (A Colombian in BCN, Part 2) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Patrick Dei

Data Released: Dec 28, 2017 (FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Patrick Dei: A Colombian in BCN, Part 2)

When in the morning the sweet Joaquin goes to work, our gorgeous Colombian mate Camilo Uribe remains alone at home, thinking on the best way to spend this cold day in Barcelona. When the doorbell rings and sexy Patrick Dei appears, looking for his friend Joaquin, Camilo understands there’s no need to think further and invites him to pass and take a sit on the sofa. Patrick is smart enough to catch Camilo’s nasty intentions and soon his hand is already moving towards the big bulge exploding between Camilo’s legs. His huge Latin cock slips out of the pants and ends straight into the hungry mouth of Patrick, hammering his throat and then breeding his ass bareback! An awesome session of morning sex for our mates!


FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Joaquin Santana (A Colombian in BCN, Part 1) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Joaquin Santana: A Colombian in BCN

Data Released: Dec 14, 2017 (FuckerMate: Camilo Uribe, Joaquin Santana: A Colombian in BCN, Part 1)

Our sexy newcomer Camilo Uribe travelled from Colombia to Spain from the first time and came to Barcelona to visit his young adorable compatriot Joaquin Santana. The two mates spend the day sightseeing the city with all his beautiful places and then take a seat in a park to relax a bit. But they are young, hot and they like each other: very soon the excitement between them takes over and our two nasty guys decide to move to Joaquin’s house, where they arrive completely horny and ready for a fuck to remember! Joaquin turns out to be a real power bottom and takes Camilo marvelous cock like a pro. Camilo hammers his friend’s ass with no mercy and at the end fills his face and mouth with a proteic load of colombian cum!


FuckerMate: Mario Galeno, Hans Berlin (Hunk Mate) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Mario Galeno, Hans Berlin: Hunk Mate

Data Released: Dec 7, 2017 (FuckerMate: Mario Galeno, Hans Berlin: Hunk Mate)

This week two hunk friends give their best for your pleasure: Hans Berlin, with his charming smile and his muscled trained body, bottoms for our Brazilian blonde Mario Galeno and takes his thick cock like a pro. The final reward for Hans is a juicy load to taste till last drop!



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