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FrenchLads: Suits Take A Fag Break (Issac Jones, Matt Surfer)


Data Released: Dec 12, 2016 (FrenchLads: Suits Take A Fag Break: Issac Jones, Matt Surfer)

Matt Surfer and Issac Torrid are businessmen out hunting for a deal but take a little break time to haul cock out of their corporate suits and empty some pressure from their heavy balls. Issac’s dress pants are soon around his knees so Matt can go deep up him.


FrenchLads: Kameron Frost’s Monster Cock Rides Again!


Data Released: Dec 1, 2016 (FrenchLads: Kameron Frost’s Monster Cock Rides Again!)

Petit Akan Ewan meets his fucking match when he shows up early for a holiday apartment and unpacks Kameron’s worst-kept secret: that he’s packing a meaty XXL cock in his trackpants. Akan gets the famous tool ploughed deep in his ass and receives a creamy cum glaze to finish.


FrenchLads: Great Fucking For A Hot Afternoon (Gregg Crunch, Xavio)


Data Released: Sep 29, 2016 (FrenchLads: Great Fucking For A Hot Afternoon: Gregg Crunch, Xavio)

A lazy afternoon session of making out and cock slobbering is just what these two dudes need on a hot day. After they’ve finished exploring each other’s mouths with their eager tongues it’s time for a sweaty fuck session beside the pool, with a huge sperm splatter all over the bottom’s back.


FrenchLads: Working Man’s Fuckslut Hole (Sunny Blue, Diego De La Vega)


Data Released: Sep 26, 2016 (FrenchLads: Working Man’s Fuckslut Hole: Sunny Blue, Diego De La Vega)

Buffed and bronzed Diego de la Vega is horned up in his overalls in the workshop, and his aching balls demand some deepthroat action. His boss, Sunny Blue, cops the load when he shows up in his business suit and catches sight of the swollen package.


FrenchLads: Kelian Is Always Ready For Rough Cock


Data Released: Sep 22, 2016 (FrenchLads: Kelian Is Always Ready For Rough Cock)

With his ass packed into his tight jock and his hole open and exposed, Kelian is just the kind of slutty sub that Tony Rekin loves to take advantage of. After the punk bottom has given his top master a messy blowjob, he gets on all fours like a good pussy to take his deep dicking fuck.


FrenchLads: Hang Up And Fuck My Meaty Ass (Tony Axel, Ethan)


Data Released: Sep 19, 2016 (FrenchLads: Tony Axel, Ethan)

Inked muscle top Ethan Cordoba is on the phone to his lover in the gym changing room when Tony Axel comes to distract him with an expert blowjob and his needy, greedy cunt. Ethan does more boxing in his ring than he got all afternoon.


FrenchLads: XXL Cock Almost Wrecks Tim Cosla’s Ass


Data Released: Sep 15, 2016 (FrenchLads: XXL Cock Almost Wrecks Tim Cosla’s Ass)

Bad Ricky Cosla’s orange eyes glaze around in surprise when he attempts to consider Electrical Child’s renowned cock-up his butt. In the beginning poor people base bitch believes he’ll need to reject the picture, but with enjoyment he’s quickly moaning with a few machines along with a new place as his butt gets piledriven.


FrenchLads: Shameless Punk Fuckers Show Off


Data Released: Sep 8, 2016 (FrenchLads: Shameless Punk Fuckers Show Off)

Hot fooling around with the French Lads dudes on holiday, as two of the punk guys explore the garden of the group’s holiday house, boning and sucking in every corner they can find. The exhibitionist guys don’t give a fuck who sees or interrupts as they get what they need for their jutting cocks.


FrenchLads: Outdoor Exhibitionists Spray The Cum


Data Released: 4 Aug, 2016 (FrenchLads: Outdoor Exhibitionists Spray The Cum)

A couple of horny punk lads have a plan to hook up outdoors in a shipping container, and one of the risk-loving public sex fans waits smoking at the entrance. When his younger fuckbuddy arrives they get straight into it, gulping down cock with a mutual blowjob before the deep fucking starts.


FrenchLads: Roadtrip Buddies Haul Out XL Dong (Anthony, Peter TBM)


Data Released: Jul 7, 2016

Dogging fans will love this car sex scene between randy scally lads Anthony and Peter TBM. The guys find a park off-road and soon have their chav gear around their ankles as they suck and fuck themselves like crazy, the exhibitionists leaving the doors open for all to see.



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