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FrenchDudes: Gabriell Ange, Elias Roy (Garden’s Party) [Full]

FrenchDudes: Gabriell Ange, Elias Roy: Garden's Party

Data Released: Mar 22, 2018 (FrenchDudes: Gabriell Ange, Elias Roy: Garden’s Party)

Elias Roy trains Gabriell Ange behind the house to have more intimacy with him. Kisses become faster and more intense. Soon the two young guys are going to be naked in the garden, for an outdoor sex in the sun of the city of Nimes.


FrenchDudes: Matteo, Emilio Segura (Flip Fuck Raw)

FrenchDudes: Matteo, Emilio Segura

Data Released: Nov 23, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Matteo, Emilio Segura)

Emilio segura is back and he will meet for our camera the young Matteo. The two young guys are super hot and have a big dick. In this video Emilio is also going to be top this time, but each one in turn!


FrenchDudes: Picwick, Raphael Yeahh

FrenchDudes: Picwick, Raphael Yeahh

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Picwick, Raphael Yeahh)

In this video, we’ll see Picwic and newcomer Raphael Yeahh. They are showing their first sex tape, the camera is sometimes jostled because of the reality camera but the scene is very hot! As usual no retouching just the guys and their fuck plan.


FrenchDudes: Thoun, Doryan Marquet (Fucked and Self Sucked)

FrenchDudes: Thoun, Doryan Marquet

Data Released: Nov 9, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Thoun, Doryan Marquet: Fucked and Self Sucked)

Doryan Marquet met a super hot guy in a gay nightclub in Paris. The two young guys are hot as hell, and I think this video is one of the hottest I’ve seen so far on FrenchDudes! The video is not bareback even though Thoun’s ass gets rocked at the end of the scene. But what a heat! They were made to fuck these two guys;)


FrenchDudes: Calixte, Nathan Surf (Too Big)


Data Released: Nov 2, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Calixte, Nathan Surf: Too Big)

Nathan Surf, while his friend Calixte sleeps takes the opportunity to take a shower. But Calixte was just waiting for that moment and looks at his friend in the shower, which excites him a lot and makes him quickly hard! Nathan finally gets out of his shower and discovers this huge cock in the hand of his friend. He engulfs the cock, but … it’s huge!


FrenchDudes: Dimitri Swaroski, Illy Ria (Cream My Hole) (Bareback)

frenchdudes gay

Data Released: Oct 26, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Dimitri Swaroski, Illy Ria)

Here is a very juicy plan that offers Illy Ria. Appointment taken at his home in Paris where the young bottom simply invites us to come and film him in the process to get fucked in the juice by the sexy Dimitri. Heat! We love it …


FrenchDudes: Kader Jawell Pounds Dorian Wesh


Data Released: Sep 7, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Kader Jawell Pounds Dorian Wesh)

Returning from the sport Kader Jawel and our new actor, Dorian Wesh put down their business. Dorian tells Jawel that he is well fucked and touches his pecs. Kader takes the opportunity to tell him that he can touch something else if he wants to! If you like bad boys, this video is for you!


FrenchDudes: Akim Ibrahim And Willou


Data Released: Aug 31, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Akim Ibrahim And Willou)

Akim and Willou wait for a friend in an abandoned place. They are bored and in the meantime, they decide to have a little fun between them.


FrenchDudes: Cream My Ass (Steeve Winter, Alexis) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 10, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Cream My Ass: Steeve Winter, Alexis)


FrenchDudes: Hot Fuck (Enzo Rimenez, Tonio)


Data Released: Aug 3, 2017 (FrenchDudes: Hot Fuck: Enzo Rimenez, Tonio)

Finally this can be a yield of this long awaited, Enzo Rimenez! The gorgeous male muscled, will satisfy a fresh one on Toni O. A new beautiful guy who comes with us by Belgium. 1 thing is sure, Tiono and Enzo are sexy which video will sweat juice, muscle along with dick.



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