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FraternityX: Smoke Dat Bitch! (Bareback)

FraternityX: Smoke Dat Bitch!

Data Released: Apr 25, 2018 (FraternityX: Smoke Dat Bitch!)

This homo passed out with a dildo in his butt. So we threw his ass on the floor and shoved our dicks up in there. Bitch was asking it for it.


FraternityX: U Fucked Up (Bareback)

FraternityX: U Fucked Up

Data Released: May 11, 2018 (FraternityX: U Fucked Up)

This pussy didn’t finish his beer. So we slapped the bitch around and told em to get on his knees. He had to take all our dicks. Don’t fucking stop till we say were done. Cock in mouth. Cock in ass.


FraternityX: He Fucked Up! (Bareback)

FraternityX: He Fucked Up

Data Released: Feb 14, 2018 (FraternityX: He Fucked Up!)

Tim you dumb fuck! Never hit a bong twice. You need to pass that shit along. This bitch has gotta pay. Take the weed, take the seed.


FraternityX: Straight Up Gay (Bareback)

FraternityX: Straight Up Gay

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (FraternityX: Straight Up Gay)

Fucking a dude in the ass doesn’t make you gay. We fuck bitches up in here 24/7. But taking a dick up your ass and liking it. Seems pretty gay to me. So case closed Dean is gay.


FraternityX: Game Day (Bareback)

FraternityX: Game Day

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (FraternityX: Game Day)

Practice makes perfect! We’ve been pounding dudes holes for weeks now. I think were gettin better at it. Pretty soon its gonna be my turn to get fucked. Idk what to think man! Is it gonna hurt? I just don’t know… I’ve never had a dick in my ass man.


FraternityX: Trump Pump (Bareback)

FraternityX: Trump Pump

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (FraternityX: Trump Pump)

January 17, 2018- This here is America. We like our beer to taste like piss and our guns to be semi automatic. We’re real men. So don’t bring that bi bull shit into this house. Lets skip the politics and spit roast this bitch.


FraternityX: Fuck Or Get Fucked (Bareback)

FraternityX: Fuck Or Get Fucked

Data Released: Dec 20, 2017 (FraternityX: Fuck Or Get Fucked)

Dec 20th, 2017 – Campus was simmering with new pledges. We got a few of them here. These boys are fresh from the country. We taught em how to fuck a dudes ass and boy are they good at it! Yeehaw!


FraternityX: Tag In, Tag Out (Bareback)

FraternityX: Tag In, Tag Out

Data Released: Dec 6, 2017 (FraternityX: Tag In, Tag Out)

Me and my bruh’s were banging Deans ass again. It was so loose we could have stored a couple bongs in there. So we grabbed this cute pledge who was recording us and went to town on his hole. Then shoved a dick back into Dean holes cause he’s bitch number two.


FraternityX: Smoke More, Bitch Less (Bareback)

FraternityX: Smoke More, Bitch Less

Data Released: Nov 22, 2017 (FraternityX: Smoke More, Bitch Less)

We were all horny as fuck dude! Dean wouldn’t stop his bitching. So we duct taped his mouth shut and got mean with his hole. He fucking liked it! Made a hot vid for the site too.


FraternityX: Party Up In Here (Bareback)

FraternityX: Party Up In Here

Data Released: Nov 8, 2017 ()

Same shit, different day. Some little cutie is getting his mussy fucked by a bunch of hung frat boys. We’re fucked up all day. Every day. That’s how we roll. Don’t you just love college.



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