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FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Logan Moore, Samuel Stone (Hungry for Moore)

FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Logan Moore, Samuel Stone: Hungry for Moore

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Logan Moore, Samuel Stone: Hungry for Moore)

Brent Corrigan is busy sucking Samuel Stone’s stiff dick when Logan Moore joins the mix. The three studs kiss as their raging boners rub against each other until Brent decides to break off from the trio and get behind Logan to take a taste of his ass. Brent’s tongue feels amazing in Logan’s hole and as the rimming continues, the guys form a chain to continue sucking dick and licking ass. Nothing is off limits for these three studs and as the fun continues, Samuel slowly becomes the center of attention to take all the dick he can get. Logan is the first to enter the young stud and pounds away on Samuel’s ass until Brent wants a feel of his own. …

FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Osch Weldon (Mojave Heat)

FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Osch Weldon: Mojave Heat

Data Released: Feb 2, 2018 (FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Osch Weldon: Mojave Heat)

Brent Corrigan finds Osch Weldon playing his guitar on the patio and instantly locks lips with the musical hunk. They quickly move it to the bedroom where they rush to get each other out of their clothes. Brent takes charge and tells Osch to suck his swollen member. Osch happily does as he’s told and bends down to give Brent what he wants. When Brent’s cock is at full capacity, he decides to open Osch’s smooth ass with his tongue. It’s exactly what Osch needs to get ready for Brent’s giant dick as he moans out and begs for more. Brent heeds Osch’s wishes and slips his dick deep into the hunky stud’s ass. …

FalconStudios: Ryan Rose, Damien Nichols (Mojave Heat)

FalconStudios: Ryan Rose, Damien Nichols: Mojave Heat

Data Released: Jan 26, 2018 (FalconStudios: Ryan Rose, Damien Nichols: Mojave Heat)

Ryan Rose finds Damien Nichols lounging on the patio trying to stay out of the desert heat. Without words, Ryan walks over to the muscle hunk, undoes Damien’s belt buckle and opens his mouth wide to take what lies underneath. Ryan loves everything about Damien’s hot body and big curved cock and takes his time savoring it. Ryan wants a taste of ass and bends Damien over to discover a perfectly pink and hairy hole that he lubes up with his tongue and fingers. Damien wants Ryan inside of him and after getting Ryan hard with a long, deep hummer, he bends over to take the ripped stud inside his ass. …

FalconStudios: JJ Knight, Brett Dylan (Mojave Heat)

FalconStudios: JJ Knight, Brett Dylan: Mojave Heat

Data Released: Jan 19, 2018 (FalconStudios: JJ Knight, Brett Dylan: Mojave Heat)

JJ Knight and Brett Dylan are alone in the desert when they take some time to hit the sheets. The ripped jocks kiss and lick each other until their clothes come off and the real fun begins. Brett can hardly contain the anticipation of seeing JJ’s massive dick for the first time as it bounces out of his tight jeans. Brett gets to work servicing JJ, making sure to pay attention to every inch of the hung stud. Brett gets JJ horned up and ready for his ass while he bends over to 69. JJ loves what he sees when Brett spreads his cheeks and goes deep with his tongue to open Brett up. …

FalconStudios: Carter Michaels, Kyler Ash (Mojave Heat)

FalconStudios: Carter Michaels, Kyler Ash: Mojave Heat

Data Released: Jan 12, 2018 (FalconStudios: Carter Michaels, Kyler Ash: Mojave Heat)

Hot jock Kyler Ash meets up with hunky Carter Michaels for some fun in the hot desert heat. Without words, the two studs lock lips and make out in the sun. Carter wants to cut to the chase and gets on his knees to discover what’s behind Kyler’s bulging jeans. After working the hung young jock with his mouth, Carter sits back on his chair and lets Kyler explore his body. Kyler can hardly contain himself when Carter’s massive manhood pops out from behind his zipper. He doesn’t waste a second getting it into his mouth while working Carter’s smooth hole with his fingers at the same time. …

FalconStudios: Addison Graham, Dante Colle (Hidden Palms)

FalconStudios: Addison Graham, Dante Colle: Hidden Palms

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (FalconStudios: Addison Graham, Dante Colle: Hidden Palms)

Dante Cole is catching some rays on a hot summer day in the pool when Addison Graham dives in to cool off. Things get hotter when Addison swims over to Dante and gets the stud hard by taking his thick rod into his mouth. Addison works it up and down until Dante grows into his open throat. That’s Dante’s cue to bend Addison over to work his ass with his probing tongue and fingers. Dante loves the taste of Addison’s smooth hole so much that he can hardly wait to get all the way inside the horny hunk. Dante is done with the foreplay and teases Addison’s hole with the tip of his dick, making Addison open up even more. …

FalconStudios: Topher DiMaggio, Casey Jacks (Hidden Palms)

FalconStudios: Topher DiMaggio, Casey Jacks: Hidden Palms

Data Released: Dec 29, 2017 (FalconStudios: Topher DiMaggio, Casey Jacks: Hidden Palms)

Topher DiMaggio is getting horny laying out in the sun and decides to head inside to take care of business. Luckily for him, on the way inside, he passes hunky and nearly naked Casey Jacks in nothing but a swim suit. The two give a knowing nod to each other as Topher continues on his way to get naked on his bed. Casey follows him inside and plops on his knees in front of the hard and ready Topher. The cock-hungry Casey savors every inch of the smooth muscle stud with an eager blowjob that gets Topher ready to fuck. Before Topher goes all the way, he wants to sample Casey’s hairy butt. Topher laps it up, getting it nice and opened up and ready for his giant pole that he’s about to slip inside. …

FalconStudios: JJ Knight, Jake Ashford (Hidden Palms)

FalconStudios: JJ Knight, Jake Ashford: Hidden Palms

Data Released: Dec 22, 2017 (FalconStudios: JJ Knight, Jake Ashford: Hidden Palms)

JJ Knight is floating in the pool when he sees hunky Jake Ashford walk by. Jake heads for the outdoor shower and knowing that JJ is watching, he flaunts his muscled up physique and flashes his amazing bubble butt. After leaving JJ in suspense, Jake heads over to the stud to offer up his services. Jake can’t wait to get JJ’s big hard dick in his mouth, and JJ feels the same about Jake’s tight hole. JJ samples the goods with his finger as he gets head from the eager tatted hunk. JJ is hard and ready to go and needs a taste of Jake’s ass before he slides in. …

FalconStudios: Pierce Paris, Casey Jacks (Hidden Palms)

FalconStudios: Pierce Paris, Casey Jacks: Hidden Palms

Data Released: Dec 15, 2017 (FalconStudios: Pierce Paris, Casey Jacks: Hidden Palms)

Pierce Paris is enjoying some time in the pool and when he sees Casey Jacks napping on a couch, Pierce decides to wake him up with a kiss. Casey is thrilled and reaches back to feel what Pierce has lining the inside of his swimwear. Casey finds an extra large dick just waiting for his mouth to make it hard. Casey works his magic and when Pierce is throbbing hard, he decides to return the favor. Pierce loves the taste of what Casey has to offer and can’t wait to get inside him. Pierce opens Casey’s hairy hole with a nice long rimming session and when he can no longer take the anticipation, Pierce enters the stud from behind. …

FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Roman Todd (Hidden Palms)

FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Roman Todd: Hidden Palms

Data Released: Dec 8, 2017 (FalconStudios: Brent Corrigan, Roman Todd: Hidden Palms)

Brent Corrigan takes a dip in the pool and spies Roman Todd lounging on the pool deck in his swim suit. Brent decides to take a closer look and with his muscles glistening and his body dripping wet, he hops out of the pool and walks over to Roman. No words are exchanged as they make extended eye contact. Brent knows what that means and without an invitation, peels off Roman’s tight swimwear and gets to work sucking his thick rod. Savoring Roman’s big pole makes Brent hard as a rock. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Roman and soon he has every inch of Brent in his open, hungry mouth. …


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