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EuroBoyXXX: Luckas Layton, Dylan Dexter


Data Released: Jun 23, 2015

So when you go to visit a flat and the owner’s mate answers the door wearing just a towel that’s not too unusual, but when you’re looking round the flat, checking out the bathroom and he’s suddenly behind you with his cock in his hand, that’s another story. Some guys might at least hesitate, but Dillon gets down on his knees and takes the huge, uncut dick in his mouth before offering up his pert little arse to Lucas’s throbber.


EuroBoyXXX: Birthday Boy (Deacon Hunter, Milo)


Data Released: Jun 17, 2015

Happy birthday to Milo! Time to celebrate his cumming of age, 18 years old and ready to explore, Deacon is just a couple of years older and he LUVS to break in those, sexy, willing, gullible young cuties. The boys lick cream of each others smooth, hairless, lithe young bodies, but Deacon is just teasing his cute sub boy. Milo can’t wait to suck his first cock and Deacon shows him just how. He’s not got much of a technique, but he’s cute as a button and making up for his lack of experience with a LOT of enthusiasm. Poor Milo can’t wait to pop his cherry, and he’s though he’s a tight fit, and he struggles to take Deacon’s great big tool, he’s just so horny and eager to please. Deacon’s taking no prisoners and really breaks this boy in, he’ll spend the first day of manhood sitting on a rubber ring! Deacon’s favourite thing is the tightness of a smooth virgin hole and he gives it a real, nasty ploughing before hosing it down in sperm.


EuroBoyXXX: First Time Teens (Kyle Wilkinson, James Colton)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2015

Kyle sneaks downstairs to the kitchen to help himself to a midnight snack of ice cream. James wakes up too and comes into the kitchen looking for something more than ice cream to satisfy the strange hunger he’s feeling. The two lads start to explore each others’ bodies and their urges lead them to places they haven’t been before; it’s new territory; they don’t want to stop, but they don’t want the other housemates knowing their secret, so they keep as quiet as they can, exploring each other and enjoying a silent but intensely wonderful fuck.


EuroBoyXXX: First Time Teens 3way (James Colton, Mackenzie Cross…)


Data Released: Jun 1, 2015

MacKenzie’s holding the map but he hasn’t a clue where he’s going and nor do the other two lads. Well and truly lost, these intrepid scouts decide to regroup and try to work out which way’s north. The accusations start to fly and someone is going to pay for getting them in this mess. MacKenzie decides the best way to relieve the stress of the situation is to stick his big cock into his buddies mouths and arses and for them to all blow a big load. That should clear their heads, they will still be lost but a lot more relaxed about it.)


EuroBoyXXX: Birthday Boy (Jason Goddard, Rhys Casey & Scott Williams)


Data Released: Jun 3, 2015

Lucky Scott is celebrating his birthday – just turned 18 – and I very much doubt we can claim ‘never been kissed’, BUT he’s never experienced anything like this! Rhys and Jason are making sure this cute, little uncut twink is getting everything he wants for his special day, handcuffs, a dildo and two hot, stiff servings of oversized, uncut, twink-cock!. These sexy slender bunnies strip off and get Scott’s hole ready for fucking, a dildo in there and a thick, veiny tool down his throat, and then this birthday party runs amok. No boy is left unrimmed, unploughed, unsucked and unspunked. Sit back and watch these slender, hot bodies writhing all over each in teen passion. They’re all just turned 18 and SO horny they’re popping like birthday Champagne corks!


EuroBoyXXX: Behind The Camera And Up The Ass (Luke Vogel & Casper Ellis)


Data Released: May 27, 2015

This ones a special favourite, not only because i have a huge crush on stunning, slender, cum fountain – Luke Tyler, and little Casper is a hot piece of twink tail too. We get right in there as Luke films our second camera and even directs for some real juicy POV. Casper plays with his own juicy dick then wriggles over to suck on Luke’s rock hard member, and of course these boys have magnificent foreskins on their uncut tools. Casper pulls down his pants and lets his engorged cock slap on his own belly then he bends over to surrender his – ‘oh-so-nearly-virginal’ hole to Luke’s rigid meat. I think its because Luke’s cock gets SO hard that he shoots so far, poor little Casper didn’t know what hit him – when Luke’s finished ploughing that boy-hole he gives Casper an almighty boy-goo-facial.


EuroBoyXXX: First Time Teens (Jamie West & Nick Hill)


Data Released: May 25, 2015

Nick has landed his first weekend job in the office of his local building contractor. He’s surprised to see Jamie working there too, he’s lusted after Jamie all through college and now wants a taste of Jamie’s fantastic arse, so he lays plans to get Jamie alone in the office and makes his move. Jamie’s a little surprised, but he’s always known Nick was gay and though he’s never experimented with lads himself, he’s intrigued and willing to learn. It also beats working out in the yard, so locked in the staff kitchen, Jamie lets Nicj fuck his virgin arse right there over the sink and gets his first taste of another lad’s cum.


EuroBoyXXX: First Time Teens (Lloyd Adams & Mackenzie Cross)


Data Released: May 18, 2015

Lloyd is so busy perving over mailman MacKenzie he’s taken by surprise when MacKenzie knocks on the door – so surprised that he’s still got his hard dick in his hand as he opens the door. MacKenzie’s delivery drops to the floor – and so does MacKenzie, where he’s faced with the throbbing tool and wastes no time tasting it.


EuroBoyXXX: Onesie Direction 2, Scene 3 (The Orgy)


Data Released: May 13, 2015

FIVE, boys, FIVE big, uncut cocks! ONE BED there’s only one direction this can go. These super sexy studs are chomping at the bit to get to each others smooth, hairless, pale bodies. Stunning Mickey Taylor takes the lead and in seconds those onesies are stripping off to reveal hot, teen boys, naked, hard and standing proud and erect. How do we find such skinny cuties with such big cocks!! The fucking, rimming, sucking and snogging are rampant, as tight hole after tight hole is plundered and ploughed. We could barely direct this spunky gem we just stood back and let the cameras roll – but of course getting in good and close for the juicy stuff. We know you luv to see those tight sphincters hugging and stretching a stiff rod as it slides in and out. If you like boys – big dicks and foreskins you’ll be in piggy heaven with this scene!


EuroBoyXXX: Raw Road Trip, Scene 4 (Jason & Drake) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 11, 2015

Lets take these hotties out for a spin, we’ve taken dogging, al fresco sex and twink action to the next level. These smooth tender lads fuck like animals, both boys are total exhibitionists – they’re not just getting off on each others smooth, tight, young bodies but there’s the added thrill of being caught AND the triple whammy of knowing a load of guys are beating off at home as they watch! The sexy lads can’t wait to get down to fucking, but we pace them, some heavy petting as they explore each others bulging crotches and finger each others tight boy-holes, then a lick of the finger and a quick test of how tight that hole is! Its tight. All bareback teen action, Jason’s just turned 18 and Drake’s just shy of his nineteenth birthday, they couldn’t be cuter!



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