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EricVideos – Rafael Goes Hunting, Bareback

Rafael & Vincente in “Rafael Goes Hunting” at Eric Videos


Data Released: Mar 20, 2015

Rafael is hunting in the city again for some good head and a good ass; Vincente will do the trick this time, take it hard and get filled up. He bred is ass once then fucked him some more before cumin a second time, juice was flowing out of his hole with each thrust.


EricVideos – Horny Slut, Straight To The Point, Bareback

Horny Slut, Straight To The Point at Eric Videos


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

Vincent is in heat and he decided to give his hole to just anybody. He left his door cracked open for a guy wearing a mask to come in, with a huge 9 incher, then a second one who joined them and kept this party going.


EricVideos – Juan And His Buddy Own Some Ass, Bareback

Juan And His Buddy Own Some Ass at Eric Videos


Data Released: Feb 19, 2015

Juan and his buddy found a good bitch who wanted to get screwed; sexy Juan’s balls were 15 days full and he was mad horny. He even shot his load twice and was almost ready for a 3rd time.


EricVideos – Rafael Discovers Paris’ Delights, Bareback

Rafael & Djamel at Eric Videos


Data Released: Jan 23, 2015

Rafael, a gorgeous Latino, discovers Paris and meets with Djamel who he met online; the sexy and horny Arab was waiting for him ass ready in the air. The two fucked passionately while the Eiffel Tower was twinkling…


EricVideos – Basement Action, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 1, 2014

A slut is waiting on all 4s in a cellar for 2 guys to come pound the hell out of him before they fuck each other every way possible: chain fuck, double, etc.


EricVideos – Pablo Gets All His Holes Ganbanged, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 15, 2014

Pablo set up a meeting with a guy to come and fuck him, but he didn’t know he would come with two others and that he would get his ass filled up.


EricVideos – Hot Secret Places Of Paris, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 30, 2014

Two skaters caught while fucking and filling up each other in an unusual place.


EricVideos – It’s Hot On Paris’ Rooftops, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 8, 2014

Darko and 2 buddies met a 4th guy, and all of these beautiful men end up fucking each other in front of one of the most beautiful views in the World, on a Paris rooftop.


EricVideos – Jimmy Welcomes Dylan Cox Back, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 25, 2014

Waiting for Dylan Cox, Jimmy was on all 4s, ass in the air and ready like a good bitch, with the door cracked open. Dylan fucked that slut’s hole as it was gaping like a tunnel.


EricVideos – Cum Feast, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 5, 2014

Olivier arrives on the cruising spot and sees from afar two hot studs with huge dicks jerking off; he tries to get in between and the two guys grab him and take care of him one after the other. Olivier enjoyed those two huge poles and cumloads!



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