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DylanLucas: Dante Colle, Peter Rough (Surprise)

DylanLucas: Dante Colle, Peter Rough: Surprise

Data Released: Mar 5, 2018 (DylanLucas: Dante Colle, Peter Rough: Surprise)

Dante is waiting for Peter to get him and he has a surprise waiting for him which is himself with a red ribbon on for Peter’s birthday. Peter has had a long day at work and when he gets home they both have to get ready for the birthday party. Dante tells Peter to come into the bedroom and Peter isn’t too happy about it until he sees Dante butt naked wearing only a red ribbon. Peter sees his sexy gift and they start making out letting their hands explore all over. Peter is excited and pushes Dante onto the bed where he begins to suck on his big thick cock. …

DylanLucas: Myles Landon, Alex Chandler (My Sexy Swim Coach)

DylanLucas: Myles Landon, Alex Chandler: My Sexy Swim Coach

Data Released: Jan 22, 2018 (DylanLucas: Myles Landon, Alex Chandler: My Sexy Swim Coach)

Alex and Coach Landon are in the back practicing for the next swim meet. Coach has Alex doing some laps in the pool before they head back into the house. Coach is busy writing when Alex comes in but now Alex seems preoccupied with something on his mind. Alex is embarrassed to tell coach what it is but Coach eases him into it and finally Alex comes clean. Alex tells Coach that every time he sees him he gets a boner and so he drops his shorts to reveal it to Coach. Myles sees his cock and instantly pulls his fat dick out and Alex drops to his knees and begins to worship his fat big cock. …

DylanLucas: Teddy Bryce, Liam Aries (Assistant)

DylanLucas: Teddy Bryce, Liam Aries: Assistant

Data Released: Jan 8, 2018 (DylanLucas: Teddy Bryce, Liam Aries: Assistant)

Liam is being interviewed by Teddy for a new job as his assistant. Liam claims to know exactly what to do without any training. Once Teddy hears Liam boasting about how good he is at his job he stands up and unzips his pants right in front of his face. Without any hesitation Liam wraps his eager little mouth around his, possibly, new boss’s hard throbbing cock. Teddy fucks his faced deep and hard making him gag and drool all over the ground. Teddy man handles Liam and pushes him over to a chair where he bends him over and rims him deep and hard. Teddy spits in Liam’s mouth and then they make out. …

DylanLucas: Tristan Jaxx, Leo Luckett (Home Delivery)

DylanLucas: Tristan Jaxx, Leo Luckett: Home Delivery

Data Released: Dec 25, 2017 (DylanLucas: Tristan Jaxx, Leo Luckett: Home Delivery)

Tristan has been waiting for his groceries to arrive for quite some time now. He ordered them online and the delivery boy is really late. Tristan had time to shower and now he’s in his towel checking his phone for the tracking number. He finally here’s the delivery boy at the door and he heads over to answer it. Tristan invites Leo inside his home so he can check the bag to make sure all the food is in it. Tristan notices that he is missing his bananas and Leo becomes embarrassed but just before he heads to get them from his car Tristan drops his towel and reveals his huge big uncut cock. Leo drops to his knees once he sees the beauty of Tristan’s thick dick. He grabs it with both hands feeling the girth and slowly puts every inch into his eager mouth moistening it with his tongue. He tries to take it all the way down but he can’t so he strokes it and licks the shaft and at times still trying to deep throat it. …

DylanLucas: Robbie Carusso, D Arclyte (Coach)

DylanLucas: Robbie Carusso, D Arclyte: Coach

Data Released: Dec 11, 2017 (DylanLucas: Robbie Carusso, D Arclyte: Coach)

Robbie’s Coach Mr. Arclyte is pushing him hard for the next rack meet. They are running some practices out in Coach’s backyard. After Robbie shows Coach that he is ready for the track to meet Coach offers him a ride back home. As they enter Coach’s house they forget about the car ride and instead begins passionately making out. Robbie soon drops to his knees and starts to worship Coach’s lovely cock. Robbie takes it balls deep gagging and sucking every inch of his Coach’s dick. Coach lifts Robbie off the ground and throws him onto the bed where Coach begins to blow his young cock and lick his sweet young ass. …

DylanLucas: Trenton Ducati, Britain Westbury (Repair Man)

DylanLucas: Trenton Ducati, Britain Westbury

Data Released: Nov 27, 2017 (DylanLucas: Trenton Ducati, Britain Westbury: Repair Man)

Trenton is hanging out in his bedroom and when he tries to turn on the AC nothing happens. It’s extremely hot outside and without any AC it makes everything really uncomfortable. Trenton calls the HVAC guy and he arrives in no time. Britain meets Trenton inside his room where the problem is. Britain starts to examine the AC while Trenton heads off to take a shower. Britain fixes the AC and decides to take a sneak peak at Trenton showering. He can see Trenton’s sexy naked body as he washes himself. Britain begins to tug on his hard cock but when he does Trenton finishes his shower and Britain scurry’s back to the AC unit. Trenton begins to dry off using a towel and he noticed Britain spying on him so he asks Britain if he can help him with his huge hard on. …

DylanLucas: Jaxton Wheeler, James Hastings (Moving In)

DylanLucas: Jaxton Wheeler, James Hastings

Data Released: Nov 13, 2017 (DylanLucas: Jaxton Wheeler, James Hastings: Moving In)

James Hastings has just moved into a new house and he is still unpacking when a friend gives him a call to see how the move is going. James tells his buddy that his new landlord Jaxton Wheeler is a smoking hot Daddy. James would love to hook up with him but he tells his friend that his landlord is probably not into him. What James doesn’t know is that Mr. Wheeler has been listening in on his conversation from the other side of the wall. Jaxton loves what he is hearing and once James hangs up the phone he walks into the room and begins to grope James. James becomes surprised but he takes advantage of this fantasy by moving in for the kiss. …

DylanLucas: Nick Capra, Danny Gunn (Skateboarder)

dylanlucas gay

Data Released: Oct 30, 2017 (DylanLucas: Nick Capra, Danny Gunn)

Danny Gunn is at it again and he better be careful or Nick Capra will come out and bust his ass. Danny loves to skateboard on his neighbor’s driveway which pisses Nick off all the time. Usually Danny gets away with it but today he slams on the asphalt and takes a breather which is when his guard went down. Nick can hear the sounds of a skateboard outside and rushes out to see if it’s Danny again. Yup sure enough Nick can see him and he pushes Danny over and grabs his board and heads off into his home. Danny Gunn chases after Nick Capra and once inside Nick tells him there is only one way to get his board back and that is to get down on his knees and worship his huge cock. …

DylanLucas: Photo Assistant (Lance Hart, Michael Del Ray)


Data Released: Oct 16, 2017 (DylanLucas: Photo Assistant: Lance Hart, Michael Del Ray)

Lance has been interviewing potential photo assistants for his new photography business and Michael is the last one of the day. Lance asks the standard questions for any job interview but Michael’s answers are leading to something more than just an interview. Lance catches on to what Michael is up too and soon enough he has Michael on his knees worshiping his huge hard cock. Michael will do anything to get this job and Lance has had a long day and a release like this is perfect. …

DylanLucas: Boner (Timothy Drake, Kristofer Weston)


Data Released: Oct 2, 2017 (DylanLucas: Boner: Timothy Drake, Kristofer Weston)

Kristopher has been waiting up all night for his stepson to come home. The sun is up and finally, Timothy comes walking in and Kristopher startles him by demanding to know where he has been and why he is home so late. Timothy disrespects him and so he gets sent to his room but his stepdad is hot on his trail. Kristopher grabs Timothy and they begin kissing. Timothy starts to enjoy it and becomes hard and his step-dad pulls his pants and begins sucking on his hard young cock. …


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