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DudesRaw: David Ace, Tristan Mathews (An Awesome Creampie!) (Bareback)

DudesRaw: David Ace, Tristan Mathews: An Awesome Creampie!

Data Released: Mar 8, 2018 (DudesRaw: David Ace, Tristan Mathews: An Awesome Creampie!)

Damn, David Ace’s hands are all over me and my hard cock. With a, “fuck,” he pulls me out and swallows. Loving his enthusiasm, and his mouth, David has my full attention. Stripping down, he leaves on a sexy jockstrap to entice. Eating David’s ass is as good as it looks; he has a very hot body. Thrusting fully from the start, he then begs me to let him ride. A bit a spit and wiggle get him down onto my shaft; he jerks while he shows me his skills. Turning to face me, David is just as eager; his dick swells and spews onto my chest. On his knees, David’s hole offers just the right sensation to creampie him. Moans and whimpers heighten the sensation; I go in for a taste and push some of my jizz back in; damn David, where did you get those skills? Tristan Mathews came to provide, he did not disappoint on DudesRaw.


DudesRaw: Clint Stone, Zeb Reaux (A Throwback Thursday Vid) (Bareback)

DudesRaw: Clint Stone, Zeb Reaux: A Throwback Thursday Vid

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (DudesRaw: Clint Stone, Zeb Reaux: A Throwback Thursday Vid)

Clint Stone and Zeb Reaux met on BarebackRT. Both guys are vers and are into flip fucking. The guys start out at a desk making out then quickly get to fucking. They pound each others asses before shooting their loads inside and then eat the cum out.


DudesRaw: Gabe, Rave (Get On It and Cum!) (Bareback)

DudesRaw: Gabe, Rave: Get On It and Cum!

Data Released: Dec 14, 2017 (DudesRaw: Gabe, Rave: Get On It and Cum!)

Gabe Dalessandro and I have crossed paths before; we’re both Vers Tops. Hittin’ some of the same bottoms, today I told him I’d be “willing.” Going after one another intensely, it’s not long before those three fingers Gabe’s got up my ass, turn into the “real deal;” just as thick and with a mind of its own. Pounding me roughly, I enjoy the “deep end” action; my cock stays hard throughout. Finishing with a creampie, Gabe says he’s still hard and that I should ride him until I blow. Spewing out a thick load of jizz, we both need a shower and a nap. Rave Hardick is as popular as they “cum;” he and Gabe have no problem making a man appreciate a real “anaconda” on DudesRaw.


DudesRaw: Christian Mathews, Sherman Maus (Nasty Fuckin’ Flip!) (Bareback)

DudesRaw: Christian Mathews, Sherman Maus

Data Released: Nov 30, 2017 (DudesRaw: Christian Mathews, Sherman Maus: Nasty Fuckin’ Flip!)

Getting a piece of Christian Mathews, I start with his cock before sucks and fucks me raw. We then trade, and I take my turn; we both have some thick cocks to “swallow.” Christian’s a bit beefier than I go for, but he soon has me rethinking that choice; his body lays into me fast and hard. Shooting our loads, he hits his torso, then I use his jizz as lube to get me off, filling his hole. Sherman Maus is the other hot model in this video.


DudesRaw: Ryan Raz, Jimmy Fame (Fucked Raw) (Bareback)

DudesRaw: Ryan Raz, Jimmy Fame

Data Released: Nov 23, 2017 (DudesRaw: Ryan Raz, Jimmy Fame)

I had seen Jimmy Fame at the local dance club; he works his body so well up on stage. But I didn’t know he also does porn. Thank you for this hot hook-up. Sucking his fully hard dick all the way down, my hole gets sweaty. Jimmy gets a taste of my scent as he eats my ass. With a quick lubing and pop, he is in me going full force. Trading positions with Jimmy, I take a ride before he puts me on my back to cum. Both of us shoot our loads within minutes; damn, he is good. Ryan Raz was smiling the entire time we were filming; his only comment was, “thanks.”


DudesRaw: A Nice Fuckin’ Day (Bareback)

DudesRaw: A Nice Fuckin' Day

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (DudesRaw: A Nice Fuckin’ Day)

Horny and wanting to be fucked, I go up to Daimin Cortez; that boy is always ready and looking for a hole. Flashing him a smile, this DudesRaw set up is perfect; my hole, his cock and just inches apart. After we trade jobs, I wet my hole and Daimin plunges in. Working fast and hard, I spew way early, but his cock was hitting all the right spots. Pulling out, my hole is again wet, this time with his load. Kyle Brooks is a great model to work with. …

DudesRaw: James Stevens, Nick Wood (Bred and Fed!) (Bareback)

dudesraw gay

Data Released: Nov 2, 2017 (DudesRaw: Bred and Fed!: James Stevens, Nick Wood)

Fuck yeah, James Stevens knows how to get my attention. Stabbing my throat with his long cock, I take in what I can; he even “scents” it with my ass. Working my very sensitive nipples, James then blows me; after that, it’s a bit of a blur. Flip fucking one another over and over, he rides and fires on me. In return, I breed his hole with all I have. As James’ partner for this, Nick Wood is an excellent match; they are both “otter-ly” exhausted by the time the film wraps.


DudesRaw: Sloppy Winkers


Data Released: Oct 26, 2017 (DudesRaw: Sloppy Winkers)


DudesRaw: Colby Star (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 19, 2017 (DudesRaw: Colby Star)

Grabbing his nice uncut cock, I stroke and kiss Colby Star instantly. This sexy fucker has got me horny and ready to flip. Using his tongue ring perfectly, we trade “jobs” before I fuck him. Eager and pliable, Colby begs for more; he wants my hole now. On my back, I lift my legs and enjoy. Jerking off side by side, we both have explosive, and tasty, loads. Jake Bentwood loves to give and get in this hot DudesRaw compilation video. …

DudesRaw: That Sweet Hole! (Ray Dalton, Chrisbot) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 12, 2017 (DudesRaw: That Sweet Hole!: Ray Dalton, Chrisbot)



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