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DominicFord: Raw Husbands (Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich)


Data Released: Aug 10, 2017 (DominicFord: Raw Husbands: Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich)

Real-life husbands Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich visited me on Fire Island and couldn’t wait to work out in my gym. But almost immediately they started fucking. While they have appeared together before, Hugh has never fucked Dolf in a scene before! Watch as these two husbands go at it raw!


DominicFord: Nathan Hope Barebacks Jeremy Lemercier


Data Released: Jul 27, 2017 (DominicFord: Nathan Hope Barebacks Jeremy Lemercier)

In Paris, Nathan Hope and Jeremy Lemercier can’t keep their hands off each other. Jeremy wants Nathan’s big raw cock instead him and will stop at nothing until he makes Nathan cum on his hole.


DominicFord: Sean Duran Feeds and Breeds Xavier Hux (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 20, 2017 (DominicFord: Sean Duran Feeds and Breeds Xavier Hux)

Sean Duran asked to be paired with Xavier Huxx and we were happy to make that happen! Their chemistry is off the charts. Sean has an ass obsession and can’t get enough of Xavier’s hot ass. There’s rimming, fucking, more rimming, more fucking, and then more rimming! The scene ends with Sean cumming all over Xavier’s face, then flipping Xavier around and shoving his still pulsing cock up Xavier’s ass. Hot!


DominicFord: Sean Knight, Cris Knight (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 6, 2017 (DominicFord: Sean Knight, Cris Knight)

Sean Knight and Cris Knight are part of a throuple relationship with Seth Knight. We all had a wild time on Fire Island together at my house, and this is the first of several scenes that involve some combination of the three of them. In this scene, muscly Sean is working out when Cris comes to the gym. But working out is not on Chris’ mind. Instead the two fuck raw in the gym and by the pool.


DominicFord: Vegas Domination (Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Gustavo)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (DominicFord: Vegas Domination: Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Gustavo)

In our Vegas Domination series, we filmed hot tops dominating sexy bottoms. Jaxton is the perfect Dom for this series: he’s masculine, hairy, forceful, and he fucks like an animal. And we paired him with Alexander, an insatiable, sexy bottom who takes Jaxton’s dick like no other.


DominicFord: Cody Kross, Javier Cruz


Data Released: Jun 1, 2017 (DominicFord: Cody Kross, Javier Cruz)

Dominic Ford EXCLUSIVE model Cody Kross has a huge cock and knows how to use it. In this scene, he and Javier Cruz (who was in our blockbuster movie ‘How To Get Away With Murder’) have passionate sex. Javier loves Cody’s huge cock and takes all of it in his tight bubble butt.


DominicFord: Scott Demarko, Cody Kross


Data Released: May 11, 2017 (DominicFord: Scott Demarko, Cody Kross)

Love, Passion, Tenderness. This is an amazing scene with Scott DeMarko and Cody Kross. Scott and Cody spent a lot of time kissing and fooling around. Then Scott uses his huge cock to make love to Cody. Cody cums in the middle of the scene, he likes it so much. Then Scott cums on Cody’s ass and fucks him again.


DominicFord: Kayden Gray and Josh Milk Double Penetrate Ken Summers


Data Released: Apr 20, 2017 (DominicFord: Kayden Gray and Josh Milk Double Penetrate Ken Summers)

When you put Kayden Gray, Josh Milk and Ken Summers in the same room, only one thing can happen: cum will fly everywhere. And Ken will get double penetrated. This scene opens on a terrace in Barcelona where Kayden and Josh are making out. Soon, Ken joins them and starts blowing them outside before they all head inside to fuck. The fuck and suck each other, and double penetrate Ken. Kayden fucks Ken, and then fucks Josh. This scene is hot, and culminates in explosive cumshots you need to see to believe.


DominicFord: Vegas Domination (Jaxton Wheeler Dominates Coby Mitchell)


Data Released: May 4, 2017 (DominicFord: Vegas Domination: Jaxton Wheeler Dominates Coby Mitchell)

Vegas Domination is back with a brand new scene and it is HOT! Jaxton Wheeler is the ultimate Dom: he’s naturally masculine, muscular, hairy, hung, and aggressive. In this scene, he uses muscle jock Coby’s body, mouth, and ass for his pleasure until they both squirt their loads.


DominicFord: Sean Duran, Tate Ryder, Jeremy Stevens


Data Released: Mar 23, 2017 (DominicFord: Sean Duran, Tate Ryder, Jeremy Stevens)

In this new spotlight scene, watch Sean Duran, Tate Ryder, and Jeremy Stevens fuck like crazy, including TWO double penetration positions. Spotlight scenes show sex in intimate slow motion, with crystal clarity – it’s unlike anything you’ve ever watched.



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