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DirtyTony: Damon Andros Fucks Chance Summerlin (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (DirtyTony: Damon Andros Fucks Chance Summerlin)

While Opportunity Summerlin explained exactly what a submissive base whore he was, the very first thing that sprang into my brain was how warm it’d be to determine him centered by pig top Damon Andros. As soon as both of these achieved, the chemistry was extreme. I hardly had an opportunity on prior to the kids were throughout one another to change the cameras. Opportunity instantly falls to his legs to support his dad stud. As he s focusing on Damon& rsquo he tilts his mind back and takes time to coat the sweat again to get a few throw wads on the way. …

DirtyTony: George Glass, Alessio Romero (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 28, 2016 (DirtyTony: George Glass, Alessio Romero)

Going back to when I first met Alessio Romero on a hookup app several years ago, I’ve always enjoyed his enthusiasm for being a dirty boy. So when he texted me recently and told me how much he would enjoy getting fucked bareback by George Glass, I had to see if I could make my gay porn matchmaking skills work for these two. I know George is the kind of guy who likes it dirty, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. As soon as the two of them arrived at my house, they were making out before I could even get the cameras turned on. …

DirtyTony: Hot Summer Squirts


Data Released: Aug 23, 2016 (DirtyTony: Hot Summer Squirts)

It’s hot out. And it’s even hotter on my casting couch. Time to enjoy a compilation of the hottest money shots so far this year. Whether it’s me shooting my load onto Aarin Asker’s hungry hole, or Reid Hartley blasting jizz into Chance Summerlin, you’ve come to the right place to enjoy cumshot after cumshot. Not to mention all the solo straight guys covering their own stomachs and chests with sprays of white goodness. Enjoy some of my sizzling favorites, including Wesley Rush, Taylor Greene, Alec Hudson, Dave Giles, and Talon Smith. …

DirtyTony: Reid Hartley, Chance Summerlin (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 28, 2016

Chance Summerlin has been dying to get fucked bareback on camera by a hot stud. I suggested Reid Hartley as the man to do the job. I could hear Chance squealing with excitement on the other end of the phone. When I put these two together on my couch, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. From the moment the saw each other, they were groping, fondling and kissing each other. Chance encourages Reid to strip down so he can show him some flexibility exercises. And soon the guys are in nothing but their jockstraps. …

DirtyTony: Damon Andros Fucks Alec Hudson (Bareback)


Data Released: May 31, 2016

Damon Andres has his hands full today; of hunky Alec Hudson! Daddy is helping the younger stud relax on the sofa. They slowly help each other off with their shirts. Then the shoes come off and Alec is getting the foot massage of a lifetime. The hairy chested wolf smiles while his boy lays back, enjoying the pleasure of feeling a beard caressing his feet. They decide to try a little yoga to relax even further, slipping out of their pants before the first downward dog. After going through several different poses, Damon ends up on his hands and knees; eye level to Alec’s bulge. He happily goes down on the muscle boy, enjoying the view upward while his throat gets tickled. …

DirtyTony: Aarin Asker Gets Dirty (Bareback)


Data Released: May 3, 2016

I automatically like a guy whose name is Asker. It satisfies the “Sir” in me. “Ask and you shall receive,” I always say. So, when this hot stud came to audition, I was already primed to like him. Then he confides that he’s a dancer, who loves to preform. Not to stereotype, but I’m getting that he might be pretty flexible. Of course, him being a hottie with a fair bit of scruff helped too. Now that the small talk was out of the way, I jumped out from behind the camera and got a good lip lock on him. He was not at all passive, he jumped right to his knees and in moments, we both had our shirts off, rubbing chests. …

DirtyTony: Damon Andros, Max Breeker (Bareback)

Data Released: Apr 5, 2016

Damon Andros has a thing for twinky gingers. So when I told him I wanted him to fuck freckled Max Breeker, he popped a boner immediately. Once the shaved headed daddy settles in next to the boyish ginger on my couch, they chat a bit before working on some yoga stretches together. All this bending is difficult with pants on, so Damon helps Max out of his. Soon, daddy is behind his boy on the floor giving a back rub that quickly turns into an ass eating session. Damon spreads the white globes and dives his tongue deep into the pink hole as Max’s dick starts to swell. …

DirtyTony: Adam Gets Dirty (Bareback)

Data Released: Mar 8, 2016

Adam caught my eye early on, and when he showed up for his audition, he more than lived up to his pictures. He confessed to being sexually adventurous, and liking big things (yep, that instigated a big grin on my face). As he laid there telling me about his sexual exploits, I could tell he was angling to get some of this, and I was not going to disappoint. I stepped out from behind the camera, and got him eye level with my cock. He laid down so he could open his throat all the way, and took in a mouthful of my dick. His mouth felt so good, it only took a few moments for him to get me rock hard. He was eager to fill his throat with me and while he worked on stretching his throat muscles, I let my fingers do some walking down into his butt crack. Nice. I love it when my finger gets down there and they arch their back to get more of it. …

DirtyTony: Marten James, Rob Stonebridge (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 23, 2016

Rob Stonebridge is a bit sore from his workout. So, what else can a true buddy do, but offer to help him loosing things up a bit. And Marten James thinks he knows just how to help his buddy out. So the two strip down to their skivies and Marten starts off working his buddy’s feet, slowly kneading them until he feels the tension evaporate. Then he works his way up Rob’s legs until he winds up on his ass. He peels down Rob’s underwear and then starts licking his toes. Then he gets his tongue between Rob’s ass cheeks, runs his tongue around the edge and starts tongue fucking his buddy. Rob is loving every minute of it if his curled toes are any indication. Marten decides it’s time to give Rob’s cock a taste, and flips his buddy over to suck him off while he fingers his tight hole. …

DirtyTony: Kayden Gets Dirty

Data Released: Jan 12, 2016

From the first time I saw Kayden Winters, I could tell he was young and hungry for some of my cum. I’m a giver, as most people know, so I decided it was time to bring this stud in for a session and give him a feeding he would never forget. From the first moment I angled my crotch towards his outstretched mouth, I could see he was going to be a nice snug fit around my cock. But he was not at all intimidated. He practically lunged down on my growing cock, and with only a few strokes of his hot smooth mouth, I was hard as a rod. I decided to see just how hungry he was and stretch his throat a bit. He definitely was impressed with my size. We both tossed our clothes off and went at it like we were teenagers just coming out. …


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