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DirtyScout 95 (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 14, 2017 (DirtyScout 95)

This boy was from a city far north of Prague. A very poor and desolate place. Being born there doesn’t exactly give you a head start in life. Our boy was a prime example. He grew up in a family so poor he had to attend school that was in walking distance, only because his parents couldn’t afford public transportation. …

DirtyScout 94 (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 7, 2017 (DirtyScout 94)

This time I welcomed a man of faith at my office. A huge cross hanging down from his neck. Well, maybe the boy just thought he was looking cool. I don’t know. It definitely didn’t stop me from making various dirty propositions. He wanted a well-paid job at a warehouse I had for him but couldn’t afford the fee. Luckily, he was completely broke. …

DirtyScout 92 (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 24, 2017 (DirtyScout 92)

This 19 years old cutie had a very interesting hobby. At the moment he worked as a plumber but he also had an artistic side. In his spare time he draw people for money. Mostly his friends but I still though it was pretty cool. I was curious about drawing men, of course. I hoped he would tell me something juicy. And he did. He had to refuse advances made by his gay friends who liked being naked in front of him. …

DirtyScout 91 (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 17, 2017 (DirtyScout 91)

This boy was a college student who wanted to be an accountant. And he was quite ambitious about his salary. He was also a polite young man, which is always nice. I had a job open that our guy just loved. But life is not easy. At our agency, a mediation fee needs to be paid before we handle you a contract. The guy was too skint to pay it so I had to device some other way…

DirtyScout 81 (Bareback)


Data Released: May 8, 2017 (DirtyScout 81)

Since the moment this handsome guy entered the room, my cock started getting harder and harder. He came to Prague to follow his dream of becoming a branch manager. He was smart enough and had adequate education, he just lacked experience. …

DirtyScout 73 (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 13, 2017 (DirtyScout 73)

I love taking advantage of straight boys who desperately need a job. But sometimes it’s nice to try something a little bit different. This boy came to Prague from Ostrava and needed a job in the city very quickly. He was nice and looked younger than he really was. So far nothing special. …

DirtyScout 67 (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 30, 2017 (DirtyScout 67)

Working abroad is always a good experience and it looks very nice in every CV. This boy had just returned from the USA where he worked as an artist and a waiter. Unfortunately, his work visa expired and he had to return home. I was afraid he might be too good to get. Luckily, he needed money really badly. He spent everything he saved in the US to find a new flat in Prague. He loved the job at a travel agency I had for him. …

DirtyScout 66 (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 23, 2017 (DirtyScout 66)

Young adults who’ve simply got their university degree occasionally suffer with an ego. This person was a perfect example. He got his bachelor level in administration and began buying well-paid work. He visited our company seeking aid while he recognized you will find no businesses battling over him. …

DirtyScout 58 (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 28, 2016 (DirtyScout 58)

This boy used to work as a waiter. Aren’t waiters supposed to wear a shirt? This one was clearly too cool to wear one. Even to a job interview. On the other hand, he was really into sports and fitness. Which improved my opinion of him dramatically. Fitness guy who needs money, this was supposed to be easy. He wanted to pay the mediation fee but didn’t hesitate too long when I offered him a way to save all that money. His body was simply superb, especially his abdominals. When he put his tongue to work, I had a hard time to keep myself calm. I put him on the floor and fucked him from behind like a whore. Then we moved on my table. He kept his mouth shut but afterwards he admitted it hurt him a lot. Well, getting a job isn’t easy.


DirtyScout 57 (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (DirtyScout 57)

This one was simply perfect on every level. Gorgeous, nice, well-spoken and mannered, he almost made me feel nervous. As soon as we started talking about his job experience, my hopes started to fade. He returned from Belgium recently where he used to have a pretty good job. I couldn’t expect to meet his salary, not to mention the fee would hardly be a problem for him. And then he admitted being bisexual. …


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