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DaddyRaunch: Nick and Bobby Uncut (Nick Tiano, Bobby Hart) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 14, 2016

Take a look behind the scene with Bobby Hart and Nick Tiano in this unedited footage. Slapping his big cock, Nick Tiano readies his partner, Bobby Hart, for some hard fun. “Netted” and tethered, the bottom is “ass-essed” for the top’s pleasure; “suck that dick,” commands Nick. Making Bobby work for it, the top will have that boy “choking” in more than one way. Tearing apart the mesh, Nick tastes his partner’s hole, again in “more than one way.” …

DaddyRaunch: Nick Andrews and Tommy Deluca Uncut (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 18, 2016

Always interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes before the editor gets a hold of it. Here is the 46 minute raw footage from Tommy Deluca and Nick Andrews scene. Original scene write up: “Sucks” when top Tom Deluca lets you “go first” and taste his cock then turns and allows you to eat his ass. The lucky mother with the pair of lips is Nick Andrews. In this DaddyRaunch video, Nick is the “happy ending” Tom’s gonna fuck, raw. With a big 10″ cock in his throat, Nick gags for it and is rewarded with a “sup-rear-ior” rim job. The bottom then slides down onto the top’s cock, “the other way,” and, as Tom says, “enjoys the pole. …


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