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CorbinFisher: Colt Pounds Barron (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Colt Pounds Barron

Data Released: Feb 17, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Colt Pounds Barron)

Barron and Colt both have big cocks and a lot of muscle, so you know that when we wind these two up and let them go, sparks will fly. Colt sucks Barron off, before taking full advantage of Barron’s hot mouth, face fucking him and slapping him in the face with his dick, before he bends him over and slides right into his tight ass.


CorbinFisher: Elian and Troy Hook Up (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Elian and Troy Hook Up

Data Released: Feb 15, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Elian and Troy Hook Up)

Elian is quickly becoming one of our rising stars here at Corbin Fisher and one of the things we love about him is how willing and eager he is to be both a dominant top and a power bottom, depending on who he’s paired with. In this scene, watching his big cock slap up against his abs while he rides Troy is a sight to behold – he loves every second of getting pounded and seems like he’s on the edge the whole time!

CorbinFisher: Max Dicks Rocky (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Max Dicks Rocky

Data Released: Feb 10, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Max Dicks Rocky)

Max and Rocky are both lean, muscular, hung, and down to fuck! Rocky is eager to get on his knees and suck Max’s big dick, before Max shows off his deep-throating skills and swallows Rocky down to the root!


CorbinFisher: Elian Rides Colt (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Elian Rides Colt

Data Released: Feb 8, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Elian Rides Colt)

Colt (a.k.a. Calvin Chambers) and Elian are on each other the second the camera’s start rolling. We’re not just talking some idle pecks either – their chemistry is intense from the go as they make out and rub on each other’s strong bodies. Colt is impressed by Elian’s cock and treats it to a good dick sucking. Watching Colt gobble down Elian’s girth, I’m reminded that Colt isn’t just a powerhouse top, but a guy that can also give cock the royal treatment! …

CorbinFisher: Quinn Feeds Truman (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Quinn Feeds Truman

Data Released: Feb 6, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Quinn Feeds Truman)

When Truman first arrived at CF, he likely had no idea he’d end up where he does in this episode – every ripped muscle in his body tight and flexing, his eyes closed shut and face thrown back, mouth hanging open moaning loudly and incessantly as Quinn drills his hole. Truman’s the kind of guy that is used to getting what he wants, has never had any problem getting laid by most anyone he wants, and excels at most everything he does. …

CorbinFisher: Max and Beau Get Down To Business (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Max and Beau Get Down To Business

Data Released: Feb 3, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Max and Beau Get Down To Business)

When Max slapped his considerable credentials down on Beau’s desk, it was clear that he was more than qualified for the job – the job of making Beau see stars, that is! Of course, Max is way more than just horse hung, both in terms of the fact that he’d make most stallions jealous and in the sense that he’s also quickly proving himself to be one of our most talented tops, capable of making himself fit in even the tightest hole and keeping our bottoms levitating with pleasure. Beau begs Max to get him nice and wet and Beau gives him an enthusiastic ass-licking with him bent over the desk, before fucking the daylights out of him. …

CorbinFisher: Dane Breaks In Troy (Bareback)


Data Released: Feb 1, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Dane Breaks In Troy)

Troy has the solid, muscular build of a football player and Dane is leaner and more compact, so the two of them really look great together as they’re tearing off each other’s clothes. Eager to participate in Troy’s man-on-man debut, Dane swallows his nice cock and can’t stop himself from humping his own hard dick against the bed while he’s blowing him! After fully using Dane’s mouth, Troy slides right inside his tight ass – and from the look Dane makes when the big, flared head of Troy’s cock opens him up, he likes it! These two fuck energetically right out of the gate, both moaning and groaning until they both loose control all over each other – exactly the sort of male bonding that we like to see around here.


CorbinFisher: Rocky and Wesley’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Rocky and Wesley's Bi Fuck

Data Released: Jan 31, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Rocky and Wesley’s Bi Fuck)

After his recent performances here on Corbin Fisher, we really thought that Wesley deserved to be the center of attention, so we’re happy to present him in our latest bi tag-team with Rocky! Wesley is definitely not one to complain about being between a hot college stud and a pretty co-ed and Rocky’s on a mission to prove that three is better than two!


CorbinFisher: Abram (II)

CorbinFisher: Abram

Data Released: Jan 29, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Abram)

Abram (formerly Neil at Fratmen) has a rocking body, a big cock, and a penchant for showing off, so much so that he wanted to get straight down to business and strip everything off as soon as we’d let him! He watches himself stroke his thick member in the mirror, as he rubs his muscles all over, pinching his nipples and playing with himself as he puts on a show. …

CorbinFisher: Conrad and Rocky Get Busy (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Conrad and Rocky Get Busy

Data Released: Jan 27, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Conrad and Rocky Get Busy)

Conrad is all kinds of sexy – he’s got the perfect amount of scruff, a thick cock, and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of! He and Rocky are a study in contrast, with Conrad’s more tan, harrier body and Rocky’s lighter, smooth muscles look great together, as Rocky continues Conrad’s Corbin Fisher education by giving his hot ass a pounding! …


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