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CorbinFisher: Devon Feeds Rocky (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Devon Feeds Rocky

Data Released: Apr 12, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Devon Feeds Rocky)

Rocky and Devon fit together like a key in a lock – both of them are sculpted and toned, but Devon is big and ripped, while Rocky has a taller, leaner build, so they look great together. Devon knows exactly what he wants, and after some intense making out he goes right to his knees to take Rocky’s huge cock down his throat. After a long, hot blowjob, Rocky chows down on the buffet that is Devon’s big, muscular ass, giving him an expert rimjob before plowing him senseless! Rocky gets Devon’s legs up on his shoulders and really goes to down, before bending him over the couch and railing him until he cums all over Devon’s hot ass. This gets Devon so hot and bothered that he orders Rocky down onto his knees so he can cum in his mouth and all over his face.


CorbinFisher: Barron Deep Dicks Elian (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Barron Deep Dicks Elian

Data Released: Apr 7, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Barron Deep Dicks Elian)

Barron’s been wanting to get to know Elian for quite a while, and he’s off to a great start by giving the hot, Latin stud a deep, attentive foot massage! Elian is putty in his talented hands, and the rubdown turns into a full-on session of mutual body worship as they two explore every inch of each other – Elian worships Barron’s nipples, before Barron flips him over and lathes every one of his ripped abs, before swallowing his thick, uncut cock. After handling Elian’s mouthful, it’s Barron’s turn to enjoy some oral pleasure as he stuffs himself inside Elian’s eager mouth. Elian gets Barron’s cock nice and wet before impaling himself on it, turning into a whimpering, moaning mess as he takes a pounding! They fuck hard and rough until they both cover Elian’s perfect abs in hot, sticky cum and they’re both practically glowing by the end.The chemistry between these two in this scene is amazing – they can’t keep their eyes, mouths, hands, or tongues off of each other as they fuck, and it’s definitely the start of a beautiful friendship!


CorbinFisher: Dane Pleasures Zachary (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Dane Pleasures Zachary

Data Released: Apr 5, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Dane Pleasures Zachary)

Dane and Zachary both have tight, lean builds and these two sexy jocks are eager to show off for one another – and for you! Toned arms and legs, tight asses, and big cocks make for a pair of incredibly hot guys. In his time here, Dane has racked up a lot of experience in the art of pleasing a man, so he’s one of the best possible guys to coach Zachary through a hot, sloppy blowjob. Zachary is always up for a challenge and he even manages to get all of Dane in his mouth, before Dane bends him over and starts going to town on his tight bubble butt! Dane and Zachary alternate between rough and sensual until they both lose control, and, man, the loads these two guys blow at the end are massive!


CorbinFisher: Quinn Fucks Brayden (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Quinn Fucks Brayden

Data Released: Apr 2, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Quinn Fucks Brayden)

These two are a perfect match for one another – each insatiably horny, expressive, enthusiastic, and always eager to fuck. They come to life when in action, and that’s even more true when they’re in action with one another. You’d think this was the last sex either would ever have, given how much they get in to it! Brayden simply can’t get enough of Quinn’s cock drilling his hole, and when Quinn sees just how much Brayden’s loving his dick he’s spurred on to fuck harder and deeper!


CorbinFisher: Beau and Devon Get Steamy (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Beau and Devon Get Steamy

Data Released: Mar 31, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Beau and Devon Get Steamy)

Beau and Devon don’t skip leg day – or ass day for that matter – and it definitely shows! Beau’s had his eye on Devon since he arrived, and who would blame him for wanting a piece of that muscular ass and thick cock? Beau starts his way by kissing his way down Devon’s sculpted muscles to suck his dick, but Devon doesn’t want him to feel left out, so they slide into a hot sixty-nine! After getting Beau’s cock good and wet, Devon takes it up his ass in his bottoming debut! Devon told us that this is his very first time letting anyone fuck him – and that he definitely wants to go at it with Beau again, and after watching him get skillfully plowed by Beau, it’s hard to disagree with that assessment! From the satisfied look on Beau’s face after fucking that muscular ass, it’s clear that the sentiment is mutual.


CorbinFisher: Thomas Controls Wesley (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Thomas Controls Wesley

Data Released: Mar 29, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Thomas Controls Wesley)

Southern boys Thomas and Wesley are enjoying the snowy weather here in Nevada, especially since it’s something that neither of them get to see very much at home. The downside of winter, though, is that chill that gets right down into your bones, so these two definitely needed to warm up when they got back inside – and the more clothes that come off, the hotter they get! Wesley’s been waiting for his turn with Thomas for a long time, and the best way he can think of to fight that winter chill is to work a hot, thick load out of Thomas! Thomas is eager to help him out with that and fucks Wesley’s mouth before plowing his muscular ass until Wesley cums harder than he ever has before, covering his tight, tan abs in jizz. That sight is more than enough to push Thomas over the edge and he feeds Wesley his hot load, slapping his cock on Wesley’s face while he stares up at him, who is always happy to eat hot jock cum, especially on a snowy day!

CorbinFisher: Shane Rubs One Out

CorbinFisher: Shane Rubs One Out

Data Released: Mar 26, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Shane Rubs One Out)

Shane’s (formerly Wallace at Sean Cody) got that clean-cut frat boy look, but he’s also a total adrenaline junky – he’s done everything from snowboarding to sky diving, but his real passion is racing street bikes. He’s also packing a pretty nice crotch rocket of his own, though, and we bet it will give you a rush of your own!


CorbinFisher: Conrad Swallows Lane (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Conrad Swallows Lane

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Conrad Swallows Lane)

Conrad is not a natural batter – in fact, we have to say that he’s more of a catcher, judging from his performance in a snowy game of baseball with Lane, and Lane felt so bad for poor Conrad that he knew he had to cheer him up – and what better way to do that than to fuck his brains out! Lane starts by sucking Conrad’s thick cock, before the hairy study goes down on him in return. Before you know it, Conrad is splayed out on the bed moaning as he takes a nice hard fuck from Lane! His tight, smooth muscles flexing and bulging as he fucks, Lane takes charge of the situation, loving how Conrad lets him do whatever he wants. After pounding and pounding Conrad’s tight ass, Lane feeds him a hot load of cum – just the right thing to cheer Conrad up!

CorbinFisher: Thomas and Beau Play Around (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Thomas and Beau Play Around

Data Released: Mar 22, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Thomas and Beau Play Around)

Thomas and Beau are lounging around playing video games, but Beau is in the mood for a very different kind of play! Beau distracts Thomas by playing footsie and grabbing his thigh, until Thomas takes the hint and the two of them set aside the controllers and focus on each other. These two studs take turns sucking each other’s hard, throbbing cocks, before Beau gets what he really wants, a nice, hard fuck from Thomas! Beau takes his pounding like a champ and his tight abs flex and throb as he straddles Thomas to let him get even deeper. Loving Beau’s perfect ass, Thomas really pounds the hell out of him until both of them blow their loads all over Beau’s equally-perfect abs. That’s when Thomas reveals his master plan – it was all a distraction so that he could dive back for his controller and win their video game while Beau is still coated in jizz. Though, really, there are no losers in this situation, which is how we like it here!

CorbinFisher: Max Unloads On Wesley (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Max Unloads On Wesley

Data Released: Mar 17, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Max Unloads On Wesley)

Wesley has one of the best asses on campus and it’s high time that he was treated to some one-on-one time with Max! Always one to take his time, Max worships every inch of Wesley’s thick cock and then gives him the rimjob of a lifetime, tonguing his hot hole and showing that hairy, muscular ass the attention that it deserves! Once Wesley is good and ready, Max slides his huge cock all the way inside him, and Wesley has never looked better than with his long legs splayed open, one thrown over Max’s shoulder and the other around his waist trying to get him to go deeper. Max gives him exactly the hard, long fuck he needs and Wesley is on the edge the entire time. When Max bends Wesley over the bed and fucks him hard, that’s the point that Wesley loses control and blows his hot load all over, and Max comes practically at the same time, painting Wesley’s muscular back and then shoving his load inside his ass – definitely one for the best hits reel!


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