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COLTstudiogroup – Mark Brown & Oscar Hart

Mark Brown & Oscar Hart at COLT studiogroup


Data Released: Apr 16, 2015

Getting It, Scene 5: Mark Brown, Oscar Hart

Cleaning up never felt so good as tattooed muscle-hunk Mark Brown joins his cute buddy Oscar Hart in the bathtub. As muscled Mark gets in the tub, Oscar happily gets him out of his underwear and sucks his ample sized uncut cock to life. Oscar dutifully cleans his big friend’s monster meat, slobbering and slurping every inch. Being extra thorough Oscar’s tongue makes its way down below for an undercarriage rim job of Mark’s manhole while Mark strokes his throbbing hard cock.


COLTstudiogroup – Adam Soulska & Scott Dermitt


Data Released: Oct 9, 2014

Getting It, Scene 2: Adam Soulska, Scott Dermitt

In a luscious outdoor setting, two hunky athletic uncut studs are busy getting down and dirty amongst the wild life. Adam Soulska and Scott Dermitt kiss, suck and more like the wild outdoor animals they are. Young, strong bodies are not wasted here and they aim to please each other and you. Both muscled boys have large, uncut cocks and both are full of cum for your enjoyment!


COLTstudiogroup – Lance Seawell & Walter Uwe


Data Released: Sep 4, 2014

Getting It, Scene 1: Lance Seawell, Walter Uwe

In a picturesque garden among the perfectly landscaped scenery, two hunky athletic studs are busy making a scene of their own. In a state of passion, Lance Seawell and Walter Uwe are lip-locked with their throbbing uncut cocks ready for action. Lance is on his knees working Walter’s thick uncut pole as Walter kicks back and enjoys the service. Giving it is just as good as GETTING IT and Walter soon takes his turn on his knees to enjoy a mouthful of Lance’s juicy meat. …

COLTstudiogroup – Lance Seawell & Scott Dermitt


Data Released: Aug 21, 2014

Embrace, Scene 6: Lance Seawell, Scott Dermitt

Love and lust join together as two hunky studs Lance Seawell and Scott Dermitt enjoy a little outdoor solitude; free to kiss, undress and explore each other’s bodies with carefree abandon. Muscular toned bodies merge and clothes are stripped away as kissing leads to hot give-and-take cock worship. After Lance gets Scott’s thick uncut pole standing at attention, Scott returns the favor and slurps lovingly on Lance’s thick uncut monster. …

COLTstudiogroup – Scott Dermitt & Walter Uwe


Data Released: Aug 7, 2014

Embrace, Scene #5: Scott Dermitt, Walter Uwe

With athletic and toned hard-bodies, Walter Uwe and Scott Dermitt meet in a cement storage area for some good naked guy-fun. Kissing and groping as the shirts come off, Scott makes his way into Walter jeans, stroking that growing bulge as he unleashes Walterís long uncut cock from those tight briefs. Taking turns giving service where service is due, Walter hits his knees and slurps and sucks the thick uncut monster that dangles between Scottís muscular legs. Bending his buddy over a stack of tires, Walter spreads Scottís butt cheeks wide and gives his hole a penetrating tongue job. …

COLTstudiogroup – Jimmy Durano & Armond Rizzo


Data Released: Jul 31, 2014

Embrace, Scene #04: Jimmy Durano, Armond Rizzo

And now for some good clean fun. Big-boy Jimmy Durano and young, athletic hottie Armond Rizzo join each other for a sensual bath. Coming together in the warm sudsy water of a tub built for two, Armond leans in for a deep kiss as he washes Jimmy’s muscular chest. Excitement rises with more deep kissing, wandering hands and big throbbing uncut cocks emerging from the water. Armond and Jimmy take turns enjoying the juicy foreskin of each other’s oversized man tools, sucking and slurping every inch of each other. …

COLTstudiogroup – Connor Maguire & Armond Rizzo


Data Released: Jul 24, 2014

Embrace, Scene 3: Connor Maguire, Armond Rizzo

It’s David and Goliath as thick muscle-pup Connor Maguire is paired up with his slender playmate Armond Rizzo. One area where these guys are evenly matched is in-between their legs, and in their man- sized hunger for each other. Outdoors on a wicker lounge chair Connor kicks back as Armond uses both hands and his deep throat to satisfy Connor’s oversized cock. Climbing up, Armond brings his uncut monster to Connor’s face for a hearty feeding. Slurping and sucking each other’s massive dicks in the hot sun works these guys into a state of animal lust. …


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