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ColbysCrew: Taking Care of Him (Matthew Jackman, Theo Leduc)


Data Released: Aug 16, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Taking Care of Him: Matthew Jackman, Theo Leduc)

When Matthew Jackman hurts his ankle in a basket ball game, Theo Leduc takes good care of him! Who cares about the ice .. his mouth and dick work more than fine. Funny how sex always seems to stop the pain.


ColbysCrew: The Gymnast (Manuel Skye, Mike Stallone)


Data Released: Jul 26, 2017 (ColbysCrew: The Gymnast: Manuel Skye, Mike Stallone)

Manuel is at the Conclusion of his Rigorous training Regime for an upcoming Contest and he could not have done it with no favorite tattooed Spotter Mick, who’s shown him nothing but hot support and thrilled relief. Following a few workout routines from the lawn, Manuel begins Displaying his tough and virile heart which constantly drives Mick mad. …

ColbysCrew: Cabin Buddies, Part 4 (Colby Jansen, William Moore)


Data Released: Jul 12, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Cabin Buddies, Part 4: Colby Jansen, William Moore)

During this weekend cabin retreat for the guys, William Moore has struggled to contain his wanton desire for Colby Jansen’s hunky body. So, he seizes the moment when Colby leaves his room to shower, wrapped in only a white towel. William rushes to sneak into Colby’s room, rummages in his luggage and retrieves a pair of his worn briefs that the kid then smothers into his face, inhaling the musky and intoxicating manscent emanating from the used underwear. …

ColbysCrew: Cabin Buddies, Part 3 (Colby Jansen, Mike Stallone)


Data Released: Jun 28, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Cabin Buddies, Part 3: Colby Jansen, Mike Stallone)

Colby Jansen has found a moment for himself. With mounds of powder-white snow serving as a pristine backdrop, he’s relaxing in the hot tub. Sitting on the ledge of the jacuzzi, the popular hunk, in a moment of blissful solitude, has found a little downtime for a good old wank session. Jerking his rigid cock with one hand and taking-in a little nipple play with the other, he thinks he’s alone.


ColbysCrew: Pre Break-Up Pleasures (Colby Jansen, Skyy Knox)


Data Released: Jun 21, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Pre Break-Up Pleasures: Colby Jansen, Skyy Knox)

Colby Jensen is at the cottage, tending to the fire in the wood stove when a knock at the door breaks the stillness of the air. He answers the door, eyeing a hunky Skyy Knox stranded as his car is stuck in the snow down the road. The winter may be cold, but things in the cottage have just heated up a notch. Hospitable host that he is, Colby offers the stud a beer while he waits. Wondering what this hot specimen of a man was doing so far from anywhere, Colby asks him what brought him so deep in the middle of nowhere. Skyy explains that he just came by to break up with his boyfriend, He’s just too eager to slut around with other dudes.


ColbysCrew: Strip Foosball (Colby Jansen, Cory Kane)


Data Released: Jun 7, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Strip Foosball: Colby Jansen, Cory Kane)

Colby Jansen is playing foosball with his newest conquest, Cory Kane. After a few rounds, he suggests that they up the ante. With every loss, they strip a piece of clothing. Cory is first to peel off his top, then comes Colby. Finally, Cory loses the next round and removes his sweats, announcing that he’s got no briefs. …

ColbysCrew: Stripper Audition (Manuel Skye, Skyy Knox)


Data Released: May 31, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Stripper Audition: Manuel Skye, Skyy Knox)

Montreal’s Stock Bar! One the city’s finer gay institutions, this is a hot bed of flesh and testosterone. As casting agent, studly Manuel Skye’s role at the bar is to seek out fresh talent, scrutinize their best assets and see if they can make the cut…

ColbysCrew: Come and Play With My Balls… Basket Balls (Brett Dylan, Joey D)


Data Released: May 17, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Come and Play With My Balls… Basket Balls: Brett Dylan, Joey D)

Joey D is waiting on the court for Brett Dylan and his buddies to show up to shoot a few hoops. Brett, arriving a bit late and alone, explains that the rest of the guys bailed. So, with little time left, they get down to shooting some hoops. After a while Joey announces that he needs to get going. Brett asks if he’s off to hook up with his GF and Joey’s, pretty bluntly, replies that he’s dropped her because she wouldn’t blow him. …

ColbysCrew: Don’t Tell Mom, Part 3 (Abe Andrews, Colby Jansen, Jaxton Wheeler)


Data Released: May 10, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Don’t Tell Mom, Part 3: Abe Andrews, Colby Jansen, Jaxton Wheeler)

Revenge is sweet. After Colby Jansen admitted to Jaxton Wheeler that he had to fuck his stepson to protect their secret little affair from the dark-haired jock’s wife, Dad promptly calls home the devious Abe Andrews for a scolding. But no typical scolding that will be! Confronted by his stepdad about blackmailing Colby, the wicked teen denies any wrongdoing. …

ColbysCrew: Late Night (Colby Jansen, Scott DeMarco)


Data Released: May 3, 2017 (ColbysCrew: Late Night: Colby Jansen, Scott DeMarco)

Colby Jansen is hanging out with a few of his buddies playing some pool and tanking back a few tequila shots. As a couple of the guys call it a night, Colby insists on playing out the best of seven with handsome Scott De Marco. With only Colby and Scott left, hormones take over, leaving the outcome of the game in little doubt…


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