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CodyCummings – Cody Cummings, Lucas Knight & Colt Rivers

Cody Cummings, Lucas Knight & Colt Rivers at CodyCummings


Data Released: May 1, 2015

First Time Facial: Cody Cummings, Lucas Knight, Colt Rivers

There’s a first time for everything and this is a big one for the illustrious Cody Cummings. Cody has invited two good friends over to do something that’s been on his mind for a while now. Colt Rivers and Lucas Knight are joining the Next Door Stallion to help him give his fans something they’re not expecting. This experience is starting out just as any scene would, except Cody is letting you take a look at what the ‘pre-game’ is like. …

CodyCummings – Lola Castillo, Cody Cummings & Markie More

Lola Castillo, Cody Cummings & Markie More at CodyCummings


Data Released: Apr 24, 2015

Path of Seduction Part Three: Lola Castillo, Cody Cummings, Markie More

Here our tale of trickery and seduction culminates in a rich, creamy eruption of intense passion. As Markie More and his girlfriend, Lola Castillo, hang out at the hotel gym, Cody Cummings is en route to rendezvous with Lola. Markie doesn’t know that she and Cody already hooked up while Markie was distracted the day before. Cody got one taste of Lola and couldn’t resist coming back for more. He knows Markie would probably flip out if he caught the two of them together. This time, Lola makes a very risky move, going up to meet Cody in the room while Markie finishes up his workout. Lola and Cody have only planned a quickie. …

CodyCummings – Private Residence

Private Residence: Cody Cummings


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Cody Cummings, the Next Door Stallion, in a surprising move, is inviting you into his home. Join him in his living room, just after he’s returned from the gym. He’s chatting with you just a bit before getting to a little self gratification. This is the best time to hang out with Cody. He’s done with the errands and tasks of the day and is now letting his nerves unwind and removing his clothes to get more comfortable. It’s this time when he strokes his cock and lets his own hands run all over his body. He’s tugging that enormous dick for both of your enjoyment, making sure you get a candid look at the Stallion in his private dwelling space. Take a little time for the two of you. You both work hard and you deserve it. Let your mind and body decompress as you watch Cody jerk his beautiful, stiff meat right on his couch.


CodyCummings – Cody Cummings, Markie More & Lola Castillo

Cody Cummings, Markie More & Lola Castillo at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Apr 3, 2015

Path of Seduction: Cody Cummings, Markie More & Lola Castillo

Cody Cummings is certainly someone who encourages couples to try new things. Cody knows that testing your limits can lead to new realms of pleasure. Upon meeting up with Markie More in Markie’s hotel room, Cody discovers that a very attractive female is waiting for him anxiously. Cody has come by to see how he and Markie mesh and to get a feel for how they’ll work together. Markie brought along his new girlfriend, Lola Castillo. Lola is a total freak who enjoys watching her man suck fat, hard dicks. She’s seen Cody’s work and can’t wait to see Markie wrap his mouth around Cody’s illustrious cock. But something more than just the trial blowjob begins to develop once Cody arrives. …

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan, Alessandro Del Torro & Ryan B

Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan, Alessandro Del Torro & Ryan B at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Oral Instruction: Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan, Alessandro Del Torro, Ryan B

It’s a special treat Alessandro Del Torro will never forget. Ryan has prepared him for a surprise to arrive at their home. To Alessandro’s chagrin, in walks Cody Cummings, accompanied by his sexy assistant, Tyler Morgan. The service Ryan has ordered is a very intimate class on perfoming top-notch fellatio. Cody, as a performer in the adult industry, has formulated a cirriculum that implements sure-fire strategies for giving the best head. And he’s brought along a few toys that will allow Cody to most effectively illustrate certain methods of sucking a hard cock. After some background about Cody himself, the four get right down to work. Ryan begins by taking out the blazing hot Alessandro’s large dick. …

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings & Santiago Figueroa

Cody Cummings & Santiago Figueroa at CodyCummings


Data Released: Mar 20, 2015

Bedtime Tail: Cody Cummings, Santiago Figueroa

Here’s the story of a strapping man, on a short-but-out-of-town business trip. His name is Cody Cummings and he’s brought along his office assistant, a boy by the name of Santiago Figueroa. After settling into their hotel room, which has only one bed for the two of them, Santiago goes into the bathroom for a nice, warm shower. Wearing pajamas, Cody reads in bed as Santiago washes up. The warm water feels so good on his body. Cody begins imagining Santiago nude, with suds running all over his dick and luscious ass. It makes Cody’s cock swell. Cody makes the executive decision to take his dick out and stroke it. …

CodyCummings – Sultry Getaway

Cody Cummings in Sultry Getaway at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Mar 7, 2015

In a very special installment, Cody Cummings is inviting you to join him just as he’s returning from a formal, social event. He’s staying with a friend in Palm Springs for the weekend. The event, one where Cody was delivering not only a keynote address, but also was expected to give a grand toast, has had Cody’s nerves a bit on edge. Thankfully (for both Cody AND us), the event went swimmingly. The crowd was awed, as usual, by Cody’s grace and charm, and now the two of you are alone. He feels comfortable now, knowing he can be himself and show you his body. He talks to you and the mood becomes light. Soon you’re both nude, and both have growing erections. You both stroke your dicks. …

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings & Kayden Bennet

Cody Cummings & Kayden Bennet at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Feb 27, 2015

Getting Warm: Cody Cummings, Kayden Bennet

Cody Cummings is taking on a very sweet piece of ass this time. His name is Kayden Bennet, and he’s one of Cody’s biggest fans. This becomes clear from their exchange before any action even goes down. Cody gets the heat rising when he takes Kayden’s hand and places it firmly on his dick. Kayden immediately feels Cody’s erection growing underneath his sweatpants. Cody doesn’t waste much time. He has Kayden servicing him right from the jump. Kayden takes his time enjoying that large, pulsating cock in his mouth. By the way he jacks his nice, hard dick, it’s clear Kayden’s been rehearsing for this moment. Join in the passion as Cody let’s Kayden get a taste of his entire body in this intense, sexy encounter.


CodyCummings – Tex D & Cody Cummings

Tex D & Cody Cummings at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Just A Visitor: Tex D, Cody Cummings

When Cody was finally settled in his plush hotel room, he pulled out his laptop and opened a file he had stored. It was a video of a young girl he had met weeks earlier. She was nude, dancing in front of a mirror, moving her body in very sensuous ways.


CodyCummings – Fresh Beat

Cody Cummings in Fresh Beat at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Feb 6, 2015

There’s no denying that Cody Cummings brings the freshest beat when it comes down to it. No, I’m not talkin’ about his skills on the turntables, although he does mix tracks up pretty well. I’m talkin’ about Cody’s legit as fuck jerkin’ off skills.



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