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CockVirgins: The Smell Of Jocks (Dustin Steele, Cesar Rossi)


Data Released: May 9, 2017 (CockVirgins: The Smell Of Jocks: Dustin Steele, Cesar Rossi)

Cesar is alone in the locker room, which is messy with dirty clothing strewn about. He starts smelling a jock-strap that is hanging on a locker and as he pulls it off to get a better smell he starts arousing himself through his shorts. He then discovers another jock-strap on the bench and he sits down and starts smelling and stroking himself with it. …

CockVirgins: This And That (Trey Turner, Landon Kovak)


Data Released: Mar 28, 2017 (CockVirgins: This And That: Trey Turner, Landon Kovak)

Landon is sunning himself poolside when Trey comes swimming up. They start up a conversation and discuss where each other are from plus some other small talk. Landon asks Trey for advice on where to go shopping and what to do in South Florida. Trey shares some thoughts and tells Landon he has to leave to meet friends at the mall and perhaps they will see each other later. …

CockVirgins: Lunch Break (Trey Turner, Hans Berlin)


Data Released: Feb 28, 2017 (CockVirgins: Lunch Break: Trey Turner, Hans Berlin)

Hans is in his office and having a very heated conversation with a client on the phone which is upsetting him. As the conversation escalates, we can tell that Hans is beyond frustrated and having a bad day. …

CockVirgins: Latin Flavor (Mario Cruz, Jay Alexander)


Data Released: Feb 14, 2017 (CockVirgins: Latin Flavor: Mario Cruz, Jay Alexander)

Jay Alexander has called Mario into his office to tell him that he has openings for his next English/Spanish teaching assignment. He tells Mario that he has an opening in Venezuela, but Mario is not too happy about going there as he is from there originally and with the turmoil going on he would rather not go. …

CockVirgins: Timberwood Escape (Billy Santoro, Josh Peters)


Data Released: Jul 29, 2015

Billy is off on a long needed vacation to a cabin he rented deep in the woods. He thought it would be a great idea to get away from city life and all the daily drama but he finds himself lost on the road not being able to read a map as well as he thought and eventually makes it to the cabin where he finds out that it is pretty much a dump. He has no internet no nothing and begins to doubt himself. This could have been the worst idea Billy has ever acted on until a strong, tall hunk of a man shows up one day. Josh lives not far away from Billy and can see that he is a city slicker with no clue how to go about daily life out in country. He offers some friendly advice and lets him know that he can come by anytime he wants. Bugs are frequent, the heat is insane and the humidity is driving Billy crazy. …

CockVirgins: I Didn’t Know You Were… (Nick Sumer, Benn Heights)


Data Released: Jul 15, 2015

Benn and Nick are going over their report to make sure they have not forgotten any pieces of material that should be added. It all looks good and ready for the teacher so Benn heads to the bathroom and while he is out Nick jumps on the computer to get a better look at the report when he notices that Benn has left open a tab with gay porn playing. Nick takes a step back and can’t believe what he is seeing on the computer screen. As he is checking out Benn comes back and is super embarrassed by it. He quickly shuts the computer down and tells Nick not to worry about it. Nick is now curious about all of it and can’t believe his buddy is gay so Nick chats him up about how it feels to be with another man. Benn likes men and lets Nick know he can have a trial run with him and so they do. …

CockVirgins: Milk And Cookies (Max Sargent, Jordan Long)


Data Released: Jul 1, 2015

Jordan is headed over to his buddies Dads house to see if he is back for spring break from College yet. Jordan knocks on the door and his buddies Dad Max answers the door in hi towel. A little shocked but understandable that he just got out of the shower Jordan inquires about his friend and nope he has not come back yet. Max invites him in for some cookies and milk so they can catch up some. Jordan notices that Max has a raging hard on and the way he keeps looking at him makes him think that Max has other motives for bringing him inside. They both make eye contact and Max grabs Jordan’s hand and rests it on his chest and tells him its ok and they both begin making out as Max moves Jordan’s hand onto his cock. …

CockVirgins: Mr.Mistake (Max Dunhill, Zeke Weidman)


Data Released: Jun 24, 2015

Zeke is new to the area and what better places to explore and meet people then the local bar. Zeke is timid and very shy so he casual walks around the bar until he finds an open seat. The locals have never seen him and are giving him dirty looks which is starting to make Zeke feel just a little uncomfortable. He orders his drink to calm himself down and as he enjoys it he notices an older gentleman across the bar giving him the sexy eye and not the stink eye. Zeke smiles nervously at the man who is in his 40s and at that point he comes over and sits next to him and introduces himself as Max. Max is a high roller and dressed for success. After some small chat he asks Zeke how much which confuses the shit out of him until he realizes that Max meant for sex. …

CockVirgins: Class Experiment (AJ Monroe & Cameron Jacobs)


Data Released: Jun 3, 2015

AJ and Cameron have snuck into the teacher’s class room to fuck. They come running in and Cameron has the condom so with limited time they drop their clothes and start sucking each other right there in the classroom. They are so eager to fuck so Cameron puts the condom on and bends AJ over the teacher’s desk and starts pounding away at his tight ass. They are trying to be quiet but the excitement of being caught and the thrill of fucking on their teachers desk is overriding it all so they continue until they both blow hot cum all over the desk.


CockVirgins: How Did You Know, Part 2 (Duncan Black & Jake Nelson)


Data Released: May 20, 2015

Rumors are spreading about Duncan that he is gay and they are true but he wants to let his roommate know before the rumor mill gets to him fist. His roomie gets home and Duncan sits him down to chat about how he just came out of the closet and his roommate is not bothered by it but instead lets him know that he too has been curious about man on man action. Duncan tells him he can practice with him so they both take their clothes off and get to it. Jake is very nervous and has never had a cock in his mouth let alone being naked with another man. Duncan is taking him slowly through the process so he enjoys all aspects of it. Once Jake is feeling comfortable he tops Duncan and for the first time his cock goes into a tight ass which he can’t believe it feels so amazingly good. They take it slow and steady until they unleash the built up cum on one another.



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