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CockSureMen: Tristan Baldwin, Brent Biscayne (Bareback)

CockSureMen: Tristan Baldwin, Brent Biscayne

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (CockSureMen: Tristan Baldwin, Brent Biscayne)

It’s a simple rule of nature. Nerds have bigger dicks. When Tristan Baldwin needs tech support, the computer repairman Brent Biscayne is more than happy to help with the “hard drive” in his “lap top.” Once he’s got the computer online. Tristan gives Brent something else to work on. The guys slurp down each others cocks and Tristan lubes up Brent’s hole with his tongue, preparing it for a raw cock. Brent’s ass is the first to be plundered bareback but Tristan Baldwin’s bubble butt isn’t far behind. Each stud gets a hot, hard bareback pounding. Tristan cums while riding Brent’s huge cock bareback, demanding to be fucked deeper and deeper. Our computer repair man finishes up the job with a sticky facial for Tristan Baldwin. Now that’s full-service computer repair.


CockSureMen: David Taylor Barebacks Seth Sweet

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Data Released: Nov 9, 2017 (CockSureMen: David Taylor Barebacks Seth Sweet)

David Taylor and Seth Swee are two of the hottest men to ever appear in gay bareback porn. This scene is sizzling hot with both men sensually and passionately kissing and sucking. David lays Seth on his back and, while holding Seth’s legs up in the air, pushes his hard, raw cock bareback into Seth’s hot ass. Seth Sweet gets a pounding but David bends down and kisses him. Seth gets on his knees and David, slapping his butt, plows his bareback from behind. Seth moans with pleasure feeling David rock hard pole in his ass. Seth is eager to ride David Taylor’s raw dick and does just that, bounding up and down athletically. David fucks Seth bareback sideways and from the top. Exhausted from the hot fucking the two cum side by side.


CockSureMen: Chris Hollander, Bobby Gest (Bareback)

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Data Released: Nov 2, 2017 (CockSureMen: Chris Hollander, Bobby Gest)

Young studs Chris Hollander and Bobby Gest stare into each others eyes and kiss sensually. Things heat up quickly and the shirts come off. Chris licks Bobby’s hard chest and nips. They kiss some more and Bobby pulls out Chris’s firm, uncut cock. Bobby blows Chris, stroking the cock as he deep throats it. The sexy men get undressed and stand jacking their hard rods. Chris goes down on Bobby, making him moan with pleasure. Bobby sits on the couch and Chris sits on his raw cock riding slowly. He works his ass on Bobby’s bare cock, stretching his hole for the thick pecker. Chris climbs off and sucks Bobby’s hard meat making it nice and wet. …

CockSureMen: Hayden Russo Barebacks DJ Mann

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Data Released: Oct 26, 2017 (CockSureMen: Hayden Russo Barebacks DJ Mann)

Waking up from a nap together, DJ Mann tells Hayden Russo he needs to go shopping for shoes. Hayden has other ideas and wins DJ over. They kiss and rub passionately on the bed, slowly getting undressed as both of their big, uncut cocks grow. DJ pulls out Hayden’s massive meat to suck on, leaving us awestruck. Soon they’re both naked and Hayden is noshing on DJ’s big prick. Hayden gets DJ Mann’s ass ready by licking and fingering DJ’s ass as he milks DJ’s hard cock backwards. DJ gets barebacked while kneeling on the bed. Hayden Russo doesn’t take it easy hearing DJ moan how much he loves feeling his huge, bare cock inside his ass. …

CockSureMen: Brad Kalvo Barebacks Mike Dozer

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Data Released: Oct 19, 2017 (CockSureMen: Brad Kalvo Barebacks Mike Dozer)

Brad Kalvo fucks Mike Dozer doggystyle on the bed. Brad slides his bareback cock into Mike’s raw hole feeling the full warmth of Mike’s ass. He fucks Mike hard, making him moan for more raw dick. Mike sucks Brad’s cock before it gets shoved right back in his ass. Brad pounds Mike making his ass hungry for more. He lays down and lets Mike deep throat his throbbing cock. Mike gags on the dick, shoving it deeper down his throat. They jack their thick cocks and Mike rides Brad’s dick. He turns around to face us and bounces swiftly on Brad’s pecker. Mike lays down on the side of the bed and Brad fucks him standing up. Brad pulls out and deep throats Mike’s thick cock while fingering his sensitive hole. He slides his cock back inside Mike’s ass. Mike Dozer cums on his own hairy body. Brad Kalvo releases a huge load on Mike’s balls. He shoves his cummy pole back inside Mike’s ass breeding his hole. Mike always gets what he wants.


CockSureMen: Alex Bach Barebacks Sean Robson

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Data Released: Oct 12, 2017 (CockSureMen: Alex Bach Barebacks Sean Robson)

Alex Bach is looking at his favorite porn web site, Cocksure Men (of course), when co-worker Sean Robson walks in. Sean sees what’s on the MacBook and lets Alex know it’s his favorite site, too (of course). The two young studs grope and kiss in the office, feeling each other’s hard bodies through their clothes. Sean unbuttons Alex’ shirt revealing his muscular, hairy chest. Alex takes off Sean’s shirt revealing his muscular, smooth chest. They kiss and grab each other’s bulges. …

CockSureMen: Tyler Ford Barebacks Vance Crawford

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Data Released: Oct 5, 2017 (CockSureMen: Tyler Ford Barebacks Vance Crawford)

Like any young recruit Vance Crawford is willing to do whatever it takes to survive basic training, even if he’s role playing with his boyfriend, the studly drill instructor Tyler Ford who intends to fuck him raw. Tyler starts this sexually-charged brand of boot camp with a lesson in boot licking (what else?) before ordering his nasty novice to strip down, revealing a ripped-up body that will soon be worked over from head to toe. Vance Crawford’s mouth and tongue slide over his boss’s armpits and nipples before venturing down to get his first taste of a thick slab of man meat. Tyler Ford’s throbbing cock is a little more than our inexperienced beginner can handle so he generously offers to show Vance how it’s done and chows down on his trainee’s dick until it’s rock hard. Just when it seems like this man-on-man action can’t get any hotter, the regimen turns to the ultimate test of endurance as Vance slides his hungry hole down Tyler’s bulging bare cock and gets drilled. Tyler turns it around and pounds Vance’s sweet ass bareback doggie style. More raw fun continues as Tyler Ford fucks Vance Crawford bareback sideways and on his back. Tyler shoots his load all over Vance’s tight abs and Vance jacks off to his own cum shower.


CockSureMen: Bo Dean Barebacks Eli Hunter

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Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (CockSureMen: Bo Dean Barebacks Eli Hunter)

Bo Dean’s earning quite the reputation as a very supportive coach and all his students want a piece of the action. Bo offers Eli Hunter a fighting chance to get back on the team. Eli takes advantage of the opportunity and really showcases his talents. Impressed, Bo lets Eli know he’s earned his spot back on the roster. That’s not enough for Eli however. He let’s Bo know what he really wants: Bo’s raw cock inside him! Young Eli has Bo’s thick dick rock hard in moments. After eating some ass, Eli is ready for that ram-rod deep inside him. He hops on Bo’s bare cock and tries to prove to Bo he’s his best student yet. After getting his ass reamed out Eli shoots a huge load and Bo responds by giving Eli a mouthful of his warm cum.


CockSureMen: Luke Ward Barebacks Marty Loket


Data Released: Aug 31, 2017 (CockSureMen: Luke Ward Barebacks Marty Loket)

The hunky Luke Ward and sexy Marty Loket make-out on the couch. Marty slowly makes his way down to Luke’s bulging crotch and unbuttons his jeans. He blows Luke’s thick uncut cock and sucks his big balls. Luke pushes Marty back and goes to work deep throating his uncut dick. The two studs kiss and take their shirts off. Marty kisses Luke’s solid body and licks his nips. He climbs on the couch and lays opposite Luke. …

CockSureMen: Shay Michaels Barebacks Kyle Savage


Data Released: Aug 17, 2017 (CockSureMen: Shay Michaels Barebacks Kyle Savage)

Scruffy Shay Michaels and rugged Kyle Savage make out shirtless. They are horned and hard, so it’s not long before the pants come off. Kyle climbs on a work ladder so Shay can eat his plump ass. Shay shoves his thick raw cock inside Kyle’s hole and pounds fiercely bareback. He pulls out so Kyle can deep throat his dick. Shay throat fucks Kyle then goes back to drilling his raw hole. …


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