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C1R: Buff And Scruff, Scene #03 (Bruce Beckham, Wesley Woods)


Data Released: Sep 3, 2016 (C1R: Bruce Beckham, Wesley Woods)


C1R: Buff And Scruff, Scene #02 (Bennett Anthony, Spencer Whitman)


Data Released: Sep 3, 2016 (C1R: Bennett Anthony, Spencer Whitman)


C1R: Buff And Scruff, Scene #01 (Brendan Patrick, Tex Davidson)


Data Released: Sep 3, 2016 (C1R: Brendan Patrick, Tex Davidson)


C1R: Stuff It In The Hole, Scene #03 (Juniee Andrews, Christian Leal)

Data Released: Feb 2, 2016


C1R: Stuff It In The Hole, Scene #02 (Nicko Styles, Mickey O’Brien)

Data Released: Jan 18, 2016


C1R: Stuff It In The Hole, Scene #01 (Braxton Smith, Javier Cruz)

Data Released: Jan 6, 2016


C1R: Cum Guzzler Club, Scene #02 (Initiation Orgy)

Data Released: Nov 20, 2015

Starring: Braxton Smith, Damian Ximer, Dimitri Kane, Mickey O’Brien, Roman Chase, Zaq Wolf.


C1R: Cum Guzzler Club, Scene #01 (Roman Chase, Sean Duran)

Data Released: Nov 2, 2015

Roman Chase gets fucked by Sean Duran.


C1R: Splash, Scene #03 (Wolfie Blue, Rico Suave)

Data Released: Oct, 2015

Wolfie Blue and Rico Suave flip flop pool fuck.


C1R: Splash, Scene #02 (Cameron Foster, Brandon Wilde)

Data Released: Oct, 2015

Camron Foster and Brandon Wilde take a hot shower.



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