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BulldogPit: Out After Dark (Felipe Capuco, Sky James)


Data Released: Nov 18, 2016 (BulldogPit: Out After Dark: Felipe Capuco, Sky James)

Out past their bedtimes, young twinks Felipe Capuco and Sky James have just one thing on their mind and won’t rest until they have had it. Exploring the Back Alley, tattooed olive skinned Felipe is after a hot hole to use and breed, and Sky James, the skinny hung bottom lad wants a huge dick to use him and fill him. The two boys meet up and it’s only a matter of seconds before their dicks are in each other’s mouths, Felipe’s giant thick dick pure heaven for Sky. …

BulldogPit: Handsome Hook-Up (Ross Drake, Parker Marx) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 11, 2016 (BulldogPit: Handsome Hook-Up: Ross Drake, Parker Marx)

It’s not just dirty scally boys who enter the Back Alley, word has got out that this is the place for horny guys to meet and get rammed, and handsome muscled Parker wants to check it out. Chancing upon toned young scally Ross Drake, back for more ass flooding action, Parker is on to a winner right away, pushing him into the wall and making out with him. Soon on his knees and tasting Ross’s dick, Parker gets his own tool properly serviced by the cock worshipping Ross. …

BulldogPit: Alleyway Action (Jason Domino, Johny Cruz) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 28, 2016 (BulldogPit: Alleyway Action: Jason Domino, Johny Cruz)

Coming across horny duo Jason Domino and Johny Cruz in the Back Alley, they are already getting down and dirty together, the bin bags and garbage not putting them off the sordid ass play, perhaps even adding to the atmosphere of their action, Sucking stiff dick, sharing theirs with each other, Jason soon takes the lead to eat Johny’s ass deep, tongue fucking the smooth assed young stud, who shows exactly what he wants by presenting his perfect hole to Jason, and his giant dick! Stiff as a board, Jason lubes up that hole with spit, letting Johny slowly back onto it as Jason starts pumping himself inside the stranger stud. …

BulldogPit: Cruising For Cum (Gabriel Phoenix, Ross Drake) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 21, 2016 (BulldogPit: Cruising For Cum: Gabriel Phoenix, Ross Drake)

Hooking up with cute young Ross Drake, hairy stud Gabriel Phoenix gets his jackpot as the horny twink slurps on his stiff thick dick, his smooth tight body the perfect frame for his dick to disappear into. From his mouth to his ass, Ross is up for anything, and after getting his own dick devoured, Gabriel flips him round to eat that ass of his, pinning him against the wall as he is fucked into it, the cold brickwork nothing like the warm raw dick entering his hole, slamming him bareback after having only met moments before. …

BulldogPit: Spanking (AJ Alexander, Alex Silvers)


Data Released: Oct 14, 2016 (BulldogPit: Spanking: AJ Alexander, Alex Silvers)

Slapping the milky white butt cheeks of a horny twink is the ideal way to get yourself turned on, and hung tattooed top AJ Alexander is no different. Holding on to his collar as he spanks Alex Silvers over his knee, dicks are soon quivering and solid. AJ loves the taste of twink dick almost as much as slapping their butts! Getting his face fucked first, his attention is turned to fingering and lapping at that pink hole as Alex is bent over and pushing out, getting his hole opening and eaten, fingered and pulled open to get as deep as possible. …

BulldogPit: Bondage (Nathan Raider, Gabriel Phoenix) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 7, 2016 (BulldogPit: Bondage: Nathan Raider, Gabriel Phoenix)

Hard bodied and hairy, young Nathan Raider is the perfect sleazy top, the lean muscled man knows what he wants and with dirty blond Gabriel on his knees in front of him, is sure to get it. Getting his throat fucked as Nathan plays with his jock-strapped hole, It starts as a dark and dirty blowjob, but escalates quickly as Gabriel is strapped to the wall, arms up and unable to resist what Nathan gives to him. Focusing first on his tasty ass, Nathan buries his stubbled face deep between the cheeks, scratching his man’s ass as he tastes deep inside, pulling his cock down to swop between the two, dick then ass, ass then dick, until he deems them both wet enough to take his own thick slab of meat which is quickly shoved deep inside, up to the hilt right away and Gabriel’s would surely have yelped if he were able to get free. …

BulldogPit: Toys (Killian James, Alexis Belfort) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 23, 2016 (BulldogPit: Toys: Killian James, Alexis Belfort)

Top fucker Killian James takes full pleasure with dark haired Alexis Belfort as his bottom boy for the day. Joining Killian in the blackened room, Alexis laps at Killian’s hairy armpits, tasting the sweat, getting the full flavour on his tongue as he then enjoys Killian’s delicious cut cock too. The singlet Killian wears frames his hairy torso, muscled and covered in a trim layer of hair, the young fucker enjoying Alexis’s exploratory tongue tasting every available inch of his exposed skin. …

BulldogPIT: The Pet (Johannes Lars, Matthew Anders) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (BulldogPIT: Johannes Lars, Matthew Anders)

Leather-clad daddy Matthew Anders loves his new toy, and his new toy loves him. Caged and chained, pet-boy Johannes Lars is at the service of his master, and is on his knees ready to do as he’s told like any good slave should. Pushing his thick uncut dick through the bars, Johannes laps at the shaft like sucking on a lollipop. Devouring as much as he can through the strong metal struts. After playing with his smooth pink hole, lubing it up with spit and tasting his boys long thick dick, bearded Matt wants more from his boy and leads him out of the cage and still bent inside, slides his raw dick deep inside the milky-white boy, pulling on his chain collar as he gets him to back up onto him, proving what a cock-hungry pet he really is to his master. …

BulldogPIT: Masked Master (Kayden Gray, Gabriel Phoenix)


Data Released: Aug 26, 2016 (BulldogPIT: Kayden Gray, Gabriel Phoenix)

Unmasking his prey, devil-masked Kayden Gray licks hairy young Gabriel Phoenix’s face, pushing him into his hairy sweaty pit. He pulls his face into his ass crack, showing him exactly who is in charge and ensuring he won’t run off if he’s untied. With a dick the size of Kayden’s waving in front of your face, not many would! …

BulldogPIT: Used and Abused (Cory Prince, Matthew Anders)


Data Released: Aug 19, 2016 (BulldogPIT: Cory Prince, Matthew Anders)

Hooded and tied to the chair, Cory Prince, a very twinky olive skinned boy is at the mercy of muscled hunk Matthew Anders. Using his stiff thick dick to tease the boy, Cory tries to work out what he wants, and moves his juicy pink lips towards it, sucking on the tip as Matt takes off his blindfold and loosens the ropes, the boy gets what he needs to do and gives him the tools to do it. …


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