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BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Brian Bonds (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Brian Bonds

Data Released: Mar 28, 2018 (BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Brian Bonds)

Revenge sex is the best sex, isn’t it? Earlier in the week, Brian Bonds had his way with hot bottom boy Scott Riley but for his last scene of the week Brian had to be bottom for Scott’s big muscle bear boyfriend Bishop Angus. Well let me tell you, Bishop held nothing back. It was like poking the bear and watching to find out what happens. And let me tell you Brian got the fuck of his life. He was holding on for dear life just hoping Bishop didn’t rip him a new hole. Brian could not walk off this set when Bishop was done pile driving his slut hole!


BreedMeRaw: Tyler Griz, Chip Young (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Tyler Griz, Chip Young

Data Released: Jan 10, 2018 (BreedMeRaw: Tyler Griz, Chip Young)

While working on their chest exercises, Tyler Griz was complaining to his bud Chip Young about the bad hookup he had last night and how the bottom didn’t know what he was doing or how to service his cock. Since he hadn’t gotten his rocks off the night before, Tyler was getting extremely turned on with all the muscle sweating in the gym and Chip flexing his beefy chest that he couldn’t take it anymore . Chip suggested they head to the sauna and he would give up his phat ass to Tyler so he could unload his jizz in it. Tyler did just that but as he left the sauna, Chip got another cock shoved in his face only to find out another hot muscle jock from the gym wanted the same thing!


BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Daxton Ryker (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Daxton Ryker

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Daxton Ryker)

Gabriel Fisk wanted to get in a good chest workout but the gym was busy and getting to a machine was almost next to impossible. Luckily, he could work on the pec dec with this hot bodybuilder Daxton Ryker. Watching Daxton flex his pecs with each movement was making Gabriel’s uncut cock drip with precum and knew he wasn’t going to be able to finish his workout unless he pumped Gabriel’s big butt! Daxton new this was going to be an exhausting workout and was glad his ass got a workout in too but was shocked to find out Gabriel was not the only one at the gym interested in his ass that day!


BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Steven Roman (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Steven Roman

Data Released: Dec 27, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Steven Roman)

Bishop Angus was hanging out at the local sauna with his big thick Daddy dick in his hand when muscle bottom Steven Roman saw it and starting drooling. He waited patiently for Bishop to usher him over and grabbed the back of his head and guided it onto his Daddy cock so he could taste it. But what Steven really wanted was to be barebacked by this hot hairy muscle daddy and he bent over for him showing off his big hairy hole and built ass for Bishop to eat out and shove his raw cock deep in that well used hole. Bishop made sure this bottom knew how to give it up to muscle daddies and trained him well!


BreedMeRaw: Tyler Reed, Scott Riley (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Tyler Reed, Scott Riley

Data Released: Dec 20, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Tyler Reed, Scott Riley)

Hot short muscle boys like their big muscle daddies and Scotty Riley is no exception. This short muscle boy with huge quads and hairy phat ass loves older bigger men and when Tyler Reed walked in the room Scott was in heaven. He got to his knees and starting deepthroating Tyler’s thick meat, getting it nice and hard for his loose muscled hole. When Scott turned around and showed Tyler his PHAT ass in assless briefs, Tyler almost went weak in the knees. But he shoved his thick raw cock in their deep and power fucked that hole to remind Scott what he was there for!


BreedMeRaw: Luke Harrington, Beau Reed (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Luke Harrington, Beau Reed

Data Released: Nov 22, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Luke Harrington, Beau Reed)

Seeking Seed was on Beau Reed’s agenda for the weekend but he is supposed to get seed from his Daddy first and THEN get permission to get more seed from other slut tops. For some reason, his Daddy was not responding and Beau was getting desperate by the hour. So, Beau texts his previous owner, Luke Harrington, hoping he was around and available to sink his 9″x6″ daddy cock in his slut hole and dump a load. Luke could not say no and before you knew it Beau was on his knees servicing Luke’s cock. Beau felt so guilty for taking raw cock without his Daddy’s permission that he left in a hurry as soon as he was seeded. He knew that his Daddy was gonna find out and did not know how he was gonna deal with this. Who is Beau’s Daddy?


BreedMeRaw: Damon Andros, Brian Bonds (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Damon Andros, Brian Bonds

Data Released: Nov 8, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Damon Andros, Brian Bonds)

Brian Bonds loves being someone’s property but when he is horny he is horny. Brian is trying to get a hold of his daddy so he can get his holes used but is not getting any response. In the process he hits up an old fuck daddy who is all too willing to fuck Brian’s slut hole behind his owner’s back. Damon Andros invites Brian over for some hot steamy debauchery and Brian gives in to his horny ass only to get used by Damon and feeling guilty for going behind his Daddy’s back. But one question remains – who is Brian’s Daddy?


BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Chip Young (Bareback)

breedmeraw gay

Data Released: Nov 1, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Chip Young)

Having been at a conference all day, Gabriel Fisk was just having a long hot shower when one of his old fuck toys started texting him begging to get seeded. Chip Young was that horny boy who needed Daddy seed and his own personal Daddy was not returning his messages. Chip is not supposed to get seed on the down low but he was so desperate he hit Gabriel up to get some of that seed. Now Gabriel knew Chip was an owned boy and knew his Daddy personal but he didn’t care either because he was used to going behind his back and fucking his boys. Wait until Big Daddy finds out!


BreedMeRaw: Brad Kalvo, Josh Stone (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 25, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Brad Kalvo, Josh Stone)

Josh Stone sure likes his Daddies and when he entered the hotel room and saw Brad Kalvo standing there, with his big hairy chest cock hanging in that hairy bush, Josh knew he was in the right place. He and Brad got right to making out and Josh firmly planted his face on that hairy chest of Brad’s and sucking his nips and getting his Daddy dick erect for his boy pussy. …

BreedMeRaw: Brian Bonds, Scott Riley (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 18, 2017 (BreedMeRaw: Brian Bonds, Scott Riley)

Brian Bonds was at the gym working on his huge chest when he went to the locker room only to see Scott Riley come in with his big hairy booty and start flirting with him. They started making out in the locker room almost instantly, before the shirts came off and the nipple sucking started. Brian shoves his sweaty balls and cock into Scott’s mouth and watches and Scott look up with those big blue eyes, asking to be face fucked hard before giving up his hairy hole. It didn’t take long for Scott to bend over and Brian to spit and shove his cock up that hole raw and start pumping it up. Little did they figure they went to the gym to get a different sort of pumping. The pumping going on in Scott’s big booty!



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