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BoysOnTheProwl: Hung Rugby Boy Used In The Back Seat (Stephan Black, Jake Richards, Dan Jenkins)


Data Released: Jun 16, 2016

Hung Rugby playing boy Jake doesn’t know what he letting himself in for when he jumps into the back seat with Dan and Stephan. They have a hunger for cock and a meaty arse to fuck, and he’s about to become their plaything! With a cock in his arse and one down his throat, Jake gets thoroughly fucked and covered in cum, which the boys then lick from his naked body! Of course, the poor lad gets dumped minutes later, but he probably enjoyed the walk thinking about what just happened to him.


BoysOnTheProwl: Bad Boys Fuck A Victim! (Adam Watson, Aiden Jason, Reece Bentley)

Data Released: Jan 21, 2016

We were out on the road with horny boys Adam and Reece when they caught up with bunking boy Aiden. Of course, a twink like him is gonna be eager to get out of the rain, and he boys soon welcome him with a drink and some cock suck on! He gets a great ass fucking, rimming and fingering from the boys, and we finish up with a lot of cum splashing out everywhere. Of course he gets dumped too, that will teach him for bunking off!


BoysOnTheProwl: Decorating The Twink Decorator (Deacon Hunter, Matt Mac, Stephan Black)

Data Released: Dec 10, 2015

Twink decorator Matt is duped into getting in the back seat with Deacon and new gorgeous boy Stephan, but he gets more than he expected! It turns out the twink is one greedy cock sucker, and his ass is ready for a pounding too. Deacon and Stephan take turns to slam him, and new boy Stephan gets plenty of cock inside him too before their new bitch boy gets splashed in loads of cum and dumped at the side of the road!


BoysOnTheProwl: Jacob Gets Fucked By The Boys (Adam Watson, Jacob Daniels, Lee Will, Adam Watson, Jacob Daniels)


Data Released: Jun 25, 2015

Horny top boys Adam and Lee both needed to shoot some cum real bad, so it was pretty good that we happened to find a hot boy like Jacob who was so skint it was easy to persuade him into the back seat. The boys share him between them, fucking the cum out of him before they shoot their own loads over his face and then dump him at the side of the road!


BoysOnTheProwl – Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson & Reece Bentley

Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson, Reece Bentley at Boys On The Prowl


Data Released: Mar 12, 2015

Fucking Student Boy Aaron: Aaron Aurora, Adam Watson, Reece Bentley

Adam and his horny buddy Reece are out on the road again and looking for some action when we find sexy young student twink Aaron. Easily picked up, the boys pounce on him in the back seat and cocks are soon being shared in a threesome of sucking and wanking. But you know it’s all about the fucking for these boys, and they share his hole between them, both fucking him at the same time too, before we dump his used arse!


BoysOnTheProwl – Deacon Hunter, Drenon Silversheen & Reece Bentley


Data Released: Sep 29, 2014

Inked Slut Gets A Hard Fuck: Deacon Hunter, Drenon Silversheen, Reece Bentley

“We’re filming a documentary” says Reece, using the oldest line in the gay porn book. Still Drenon falls for it, and within moments he’s in the back seat gobbling cock, having his own sucked, and then taking a ride on the boys large throbbing lengths! He can take it though, and he can take a taste of hot cum before being kicked out.


BoysOnTheProwl – Luca Finn, Reece Bentley, Sean McKenzie


Data Released: Sep 15, 2014

Big Dick Banging In The Back Seat.

Reece and Sean are the two big-dicked boys in the back seat looking for some hot arse to fuck when we stumbled across skinny twink Luca. Although he still needed a little convincing to get in the back, when he did he showed just how much he loves big uncut cocks in his mouth and arse! The boy rides those big shafts like a real pro, resulting in plenty of cum. It’s a shame we had to kick him to the curb.


BoysOnTheProwl – Alex Silvers, Deacon Hunter & Reece Bentley


Data Released: Sep 1, 2014

An Unlucky Victim Gets A Surprise: Alex Silvers, Deacon Hunter, Reece Bentley.

After being robbed young Alex is waiting for a friend when he gets an offer of cash and a lift from these guys. But we all know it comes at a price and within moments Deacon and Reece are getting him naked. With hard uncut cocks being wanked and sucked and the juice flowing, Alex hops on to take a ride and enjoy some cock, jumping from one hard dick to the other and ending up covered in cum! The poor boy becomes a victim for the second time in a day when they drive off and abandon him!


BoysOnTheProwl – Aiden Jason, Adam Watson, Deacon Hunter


Data Released: Aug 18, 2014

Snatched And Stuffed With Cock: Aiden Jason, Adam Watson, Deacon Hunter

Aiden kind of know what he’s in for when Adam and Deacon snatch him from the street, and when the boys are sharing his mouth and arse he’s not exactly reluctant about it. It might be blackmail, but this boy loves the taste of a stiff uncut cock and the feeling of having his hole used by the boys. He ends up covered in cum by the time the boys are finished with him, and then gets dumped at the side of the road like trash too!


BoysOnTheProwl – Olly Tayler, Reece Bentley & Scott Williams


Data Released: Aug 4, 2014

Rugby Boy Gets Double Teamed: Olly Tayler, Reece Bentley, Scott Williams

Picking up boys like Olly is easy, even though we tempt them with all kinds of things there’s no denying they always have a cum load ready to be released. A taste of hard dick is all it takes to get Rugby playing boy Olly in the mood to cum, and although he’s not used to sitting on big dicks in the back of a moving vehicle he’s clearly having fun. That is, of course, up until we cum all over him and dump him at the roadside!



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