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BoyNapped: Blindfolded Jock Gets His Holes Used (Tyler Underwood, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: Sep 6, 2017 (BoyNapped: Blindfolded Jock Gets His Holes Used: Tyler Underwood, Mickey Taylor)

Mickey has been learning a little more rope work, but he needed someone to test out his harness skills on. We had Tyler on hand, and we knew Mickey loves this hot young jock and his tight beefy arse, so of course we got him prepped with some rope, chains and a blindfold. Mickey starts off strapping the muscled boy up with ropes, then bends him over on the bench to enjoy that hole, licking him out and then flogging his rump. …

BoyNapped: Mickey Gets Another Tight Hole (Youri Chevalier, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: Aug 30, 2017 (BoyNapped: Mickey Gets Another Tight Hole: Youri Chevalier, Mickey Taylor)

When Mickey says he wants to fuck a lad, he gets it. He demanded the tight hole of handsome and fit young Youri, and of course we had to oblige. Within the hour the sexy young man was striped naked, bent over and roped into position on the makeshift platform, his ass and mouth there for the taking. …

BoyNapped: Using Tyler Makes Mickey Explode! (Tyler Underwood, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (BoyNapped: Using Tyler Makes Mickey Explode!: Tyler Underwood, Mickey Taylor)

Mickey arrived laden with cum and needing to get off so badly. He still took his time when he found Tyler blindfolded and tied down on the bed. The boy had no idea what was going on, but he could feel the ice, the chilled water over his body, the warmth of Mickey’s mouth. Finally Mickey can’t take it any more and uses the roped to lift the boy’s legs up, giving him perfect access to that hole. …

BoyNapped: A Perfect Twink Ass To Fuck! (Chris Jansen, Charley Cole)


Data Released: Oct 21, 2016 (BoyNapped: A Perfect Twink Ass To Fuck!: Chris Jansen, Charley Cole)

It’s an absolutely perfect scene, we think you’ll agree. Sweet and smooth Chris is naked and bound into a perfect position in the middle of a derelict farmhouse, with hung young Charley on hand to make full use of that sweet little hole! The fingering is amazing as Charley wanks the boy and plays with his pucker, but it’s all leading up to him sliding that big young cock deep into his captive twink and fucking him until he can’t take any more pleasure and needs to squirt his load! With Charley’s cum dripping down Chris’ back you might think it’s over, but stick around for the piss shower!


BoyNapped: Bent Over And Bum Fucked! (Xavier Sibley, Sean Taylor)


Data Released: Jul 29, 2016

If you walked by and saw Xavier bent over a tire like that with his perfect little fuck hole on show you wouldn’t be able to refuse either! Horny dom boy Sean can’t, he’s soon in there spanking those cheeks, licking that pucker and fingering the boy. The roped down twink is in the perfect position for sucking that big dick too! After feeding the slave his juicy dick he climbs up and slides into that pucker, using that hole like a fuck toy, ramming his length in and out of the slaves arse until he’s ready to pull out and shower the boys rump with his load!


BoyNapped: Jonny Gets His Arse Owned By Mickey (Jonny Pistol, Mickey Taylor)


Data Released: May 4, 2016

Mickey returns, and this time he’s breaking in a new bottom boy who supposedly loves his sex a little rough and mean. The truth is he was already complaining when he was stripped and bent over, roped down and left on offer for Mickey to use. His arse is right there for the dom to enjoy, rimming him out and wanking his cock between his legs. Soon he’s sucking on that big dick and making it uncomfortably hard for the boy, but that’s only the start. After fucking Jonny’s mouth with his solid uncut dick Mickey is back at that round butt and plunging his cock inside, fucking Jonny deep and hard, slamming his dick into his hole and making him cry out! It’s a tight tunnel, but Mickey owns it well until he can’t take any more and heads back north to wank his cum out all over the boys face. Jonny doesn’t look like he’s having fun any more as Mickey rubs his cock hard and milks him until his semen is squirting out! You can tell it left him aching and drained, but you know this isn’t the last time we’re gonna see this boys fuck hole used!


BoyNapped: Flogged Fingered And Fucked! (Ashton Bradley, Jack Wright)


Data Released: Jul 10, 2015

If you were new like innocent boy Jack you would hope that you would be broken in easy, but that’s never going to be the case when you have horny and hung Ashton calling the shots! The gorgeous new boy is taped and tied into a kneeling position, with his cock and balls pulled tight and anchoring him in place. He can hardly move without his balls pulling away from him! His hole is too tempting for Ashton to ignore, and with some flogging punishment his pucker is getting some exploration. You know it’s only in preparation for that big cock to slam inside, and boy does he get that! As Ashton’s cum splashes over his back, you get the feeling Jack might be regretting this!


BoyNapped: A Powerfully Fucked Hole (Deacon Hunter, Cameron James)


Data Released: Jun 10, 2015

Poor Cameron looks like a Turtle stuck on its back and unable to right itself, but that’s perfect for kinky Deacon. The bound and naked twink is hungry for a hard dick to suck, something Deacon generously offers. The boys smooth arse is hungry too though, and with a little spanking and hole play Cameron soon gets that length in his pucker, hard and frantic, with Deacon’s balls bouncing against him with every powerful thrust! Wanked and fucked with expert skill, Cameron can’t hold his cum in and splashes his load out over himself, soon to be joined by Deacon’s wad before being left to marinate in their juices!


BoyNapped: Spanked And Well Used Twink (Kieron Knight, Casper Ellis)


Data Released: Jun 5, 2015

Kieron is in a bit of a bad mood, and he needs to take it out on a hot hole. Thankfully he has young Casper naked and roped down to a pallet, his arse on show and ready to be used. Some of his mates have already had their fun and left scribbles scrawled on his cheeks, but Kieron is looking for more. Spanking that pert little butt he works up a stonking erection, and fills the boys hole with it to get his cum pumping out!


BoyNapped: Made To Fuck A Tight Hole (Ashton Bradley, Scott Williams, Izan Loren)


Data Released: May 27, 2015

Ashton already has gorgeous new boy Izan naked and restrained in a straight jacket, but after wanking and sucking that uncut dick and running a pinwheel over it he has more to offer! Fellow captive Scott is soon brought in, tied up and bent over, made to take Izan’s punished dick in his snug hole while Ashton wanks him off!



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