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BentleyRace: Muscle Mates Romain And James First Hook Up (Romain Deville, James Nowak)


Data Released: Jul 9, 2016

I knew this was going to be a hot video when I introduced Romain to James a few weeks ago in Melbourne. The guys were a little awkward together at first but by the time we finished the shoot Romain was ready to rip off James’ clothes and roll around with the muscle stud on the bed. There’s a lot of wrestling, kissing and cock sucking in this video. Just two very horny men getting each other off. This is the first duo scene for both Romain and James. It’s a perfect match up between my French and Aussie mates. After seeing them in action here I can’t wait to get them in to a lot more honey scenes. Make sure you watch right to the end to see James get a chest full of cum.


BentleyRace: Fucking My New Mate Dave Neubert (Dave Neubert, Bentley Race)

Data Released: Nov 8, 2015

Things got pretty hot between Dave and I during his photoshoot. So I ended up getting in on Dave’s video as well. Dave had been showing off his perfect bum all through his photo shoot. During the video I was playing with his bum with the head of my cock. He kept pushing back on it until I was totally penetrating him. Dave is a really hot fuck. Make sure you watch this video right to the end to see Dave’s enormous cum shower! It really surprised me when he turned out just quick enough to show this amazing spray of cum. Dave is a really wild fuck. I’d love to see him in action again.


BentleyRace: Perry Gets A Rough Ride From Skippy Baxter

Data Released: Oct 25, 2015

Skippy is getting it on with visiting French student Perry in this hot hook up video. After having his cock sucked by Perry during the photoshoot, Skippy was very ready to fuck his new mate. And Perry was ready for the rough ride he was about to get. So we got straight down to business when the photo session finished and the guys stripped off one more time. I gotta say Skippy looks amazing as he looms over Perry’s twink arse. And boy does he cop it from my muscly mate! I love it when guys cum from being fucked, and this happens to Perry in this video. He then helps Skippy get off at the big stud lays back on the bed. The pair look exhausted as they finally separate at the end of this raunchy scene.


BentleyRace: Cody And Perry’s Crazy Fucking Scene (Cody James, Perry Laroux)

Data Released: Sep 28, 2015

This turned in to a very hot scene. I had not seen Perry in an action scene with any of the other guys yet, and I wondered how he handle Cody’s fat cock. He was really excited when he saw it first during the photo shoot and was quick to start sucking on it. And he had no problem taking it as Cody mounted him on the bed during this video shoot. In fact it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone bounce on that big cock from above. It even surprised Cody. There is a lot of fucking action in this video. Cody and Perry were a perfect set up for this scene. And I love the fucking with the long socks still pulled up.


BentleyRace: Skippy And Sarpa’s Steamy Sex Video (Sarpa Van Rider, Skippy Baxter)

Data Released: Sep 13, 2015

I couldn’t wait to see the video again after watching these guys go at it last weekend. I filmed a load of stuff that day while I was taking lots of photos to the guys stripping off, and again when they undressed each other. They had already been teasing each other during the photos. So now they were ready for the real thing. I grabbed the video camera while the guys were kissing. Sarpa couldn’t wait to hit the bed with his new mate. There’s lots of rolling around kissing here before Skippy lubes up and pushes his cock deep inside Sarpa. This is Skippy’s very first “top” video. I think Sarpa was an excellent choice for this scene. He really takes a pounding in this video. Now I’m looking forward to seeing Skippy in more scenes as a top. He looks amazing while he is fucking.

BentleyRace: Sarpa Van Rider, Jay Townsend (First Hook Up)

Data Released: Aug 23, 2015

Sarpa And Jay Turn A Winter’s Afternoon In To A Hot Sweaty Fucking Session.
After the hot photoshoot out on the roof and back in the studio, it’s no wonder this turned in to such a steamy video between my mates Jay and Sarpa. There was lots of kissing and teasing, and rubbing of each other’s cocks during the photoshoot. So by the time I started rolling the video the guys were already close to getting off. Luckily Jay was only interested in teasing Sarpa with his cock in the first half of the video, making Sarpa want it even more. It was really hot watching my two fit mates get it on. You never know what’s going to happen when guys hook up for the first time. Jay and Sarpa got on really well, and the result is this very hot fucking video. What a nice way to get acquainted!


BentleyRace: Scott Tyler, Skippy Baxter


Data Released: Aug 2, 2015

Scott Tyler Drills Skippy In This Horny Afternoon Sex Romp.
After spending over an hour of kissing, stripping naked and teasing each other in the photoshoot, Skippy and Scott were ready for their video scene. The guys dressed one more time before kissing on the couch and stripping each other naked. The scene quickly moved to the bedroom where there is lots of cock sucking and fingering before the real fucking begins. Scott tells me that he likes to bottom, but so far he is enjoying topping my bottom mates. And he looks dam good doing it too! I can tell that Skippy is loving getting pounded by his new mate on the bed. Once the guys are all done and exhausted they head for a very intimate shower to finish off their first hook up. This is very hot video between two of my beautiful mates.


BentleyRace: Cody James, Chris Wyld


Data Released: Jul 12, 2015

Chris is getting the ride of his life as he takes on Cody and that big rocket cock. He tells me later that it’s one of the best fucks he’s had in a long time. He really gets the full treatment from Cody as he hammers in to his new mate. This is Chris and Cody’s first hook up. And despite their height differences it turned out to be a perfect match up. It was a fun photo shoot, and a very hot video shoot. The amount of cum all over Chris at the end of this video shows just how much fun the guys had. There is one point there where Chris tells me he can’t hold on any longer and needs to cum.


BentleyRace: Jay Townsend, Skippy Baxter


Data Released: Jun 21, 2015

Fucking Skippy – Jay And Skippy In Their First Porn Scene Together.
The flirting and teasing that went on during Jay and Skippy’s photoshoot ended up being a lot of foreplay to this very hot video scene of the guys fucking on my bed. The scene starts with the guys kissing and pulling each other’s jocks off in my bedroom. The guys had already been naked and sucking on each other’s cocks during the photoshoot. So they were already up and ready to go. But Jay wanted to tease Skippy a lot more. And Skippy is loving every minute of it! You can tell that they have both forgotten the camera and are completely in to the moment with each other. Eventually Jay pushes his cock deep inside Skippy and starts to ride him. Later he pulls out and replaces his own cock with a fat rubber cock which makes Skippy spray cum across himself. Jay quickly follows blowing his own load. Both Skippy and Jay ooh pretty happy with themselves and with their first porn scene together. I can see this match up happening again.

BentleyRace: Chris Wyld, Scott Tyler


Data Released: May 24, 2015

Get Ready Chris. You’re About To Get Fucked Like You’ve Never Been Fucked Before.

With the photo session out of the way this scene between Scott and Chris became raunchy very quickly. Chris even suggested that they may not make it to the bed before they start fucking. The boys were already all over each other during the photo shoot. Chris couldn’t wait to get Scott’s cock up his bum. In this scene there’s a lot of fucking. Chris takes it from every angle as Scott slams his arse. Scott has got some amazing stamina as he keeps going and going. Of course Chris is loving all the attention he is getting. Eventually Chris blows cum all over himself. He then gets down on his knees and helps his new mate get off. This is a must watch video. The action is incredibly hot.



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