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BareTwinks: Justin Underwood, Justin White (Blond Boys Bareback To Get The Cream)

BareTwinks: Justin Underwood, Justin White: Blond Boys Bareback To Get The Cream

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (BareTwinks: Justin Underwood, Justin White: Blond Boys Bareback To Get The Cream)

As soon as sexy young Justin Underwood arrives Justin White leads him to the bedroom, there’s no time to waste and both of those hard young cocks need to be released for stroking and sucking. With a little rimming of Underwood’s hole his pucker is being packed with naked cock, starting out riding but soon on his belly as White humps him from above. With his chute a little more relaxed he can take a little more pounding, opening up at the edge of the bed to get his milky goo fucked out of him. He makes a hot mess over his belly, then it’s his turn to help Underwood jerk his juice out!


BareTwinks: Cameron Hilander, Corey Dawson (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Cameron Hilander, Corey Dawson

Data Released: Jan 26, 2018 (BareTwinks: Cameron Hilander, Corey Dawson)

Two gorgeous boys with two gorgeous cocks, but only one of them is going to be heading to the bathroom with cum dripping from his fucked hole. Stunning twinks Cameron and Corey make out on the bed, stripping off and sucking those incredible cocks. The boys swap their meat with each other, tasting the precum oozing from their shafts, but soon Cameron is taking every inch slowly into his hole. Corey fucks the boy on his stomach, on his back and doggy style too, making Corey pump cream out over the sheets before pulling out to start splashing cream into his pucker. The sight of him sinking his cumming cock right back as his taint flexes to squirt more inside him is incredible!


BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Quinn Williams (Chris Gets A Big Messy Facial) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Quinn Williams: Chris Gets A Big Messy Facial

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Quinn Williams: Chris Gets A Big Messy Facial)

Quinn and Chris are a perfect couple. These two versatile boys love to spend the afternoon sharing their hard young dicks and sliding in and out of each other. Chris gets the fun started as he slurps on the smooth shaven dick of his friend, then it’s his turn to give his buddy a taste. With his cock now throbbing and leaking precum he slides into that perfect plump little rump Quinn is offering and fucks him sensually, passionately. He’s not one to miss out on being a bottom though, so you won’t be surprised to see him offering up his own naked ass for Quinn to ease his shaft into. With so much raw pleasure being shared the cum loads can’t be too far away, and be prepared for something messy as Quinn unleashes a shower of hot semen all over his lucky friend!


BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Cole Patrick (Young Cole Really Needs Meat!) (Flip Fuck Bareback)

BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Cole Patrick: Young Cole Really Needs Meat!

Data Released: Dec 29, 2017 (BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Cole Patrick: Young Cole Really Needs Meat!)

Slim boy Cole really needs meat, so when he finds out the pizza cute twink Austin has delivered is vegan, he’s not too impressed. Thankfully, this experienced delivery boy knows how to fix this problem. His big throbbing salami is soon in his customer’s mouth, greedily slurped and sucked until both are naked and feasting on their meaty poles in a 69. It’s delicious, but things only get better when Cole crams his big bare dick into Austin and fucks him! That ass feels too good and he can’t hold back for long before pulling out and splashing his semen out all over that ass, but the fun isn’t over yet. Austin takes his turn, fucking his customer deep, in several positions, giving him all the meat he can muster before erupting his creamy mess in Cole’s face!


BareTwinks: Cameron Hilander, Justin Underwood (Adorable Bareback Boyfriends) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Cameron Hilander, Justin Underwood

Data Released: Dec 22, 2017 (BareTwinks: Cameron Hilander, Justin Underwood: Adorable Bareback Boyfriends)

Cute young Cameron and gorgeous blond Justin make a perfect team. We join the two in the bedroom where making out soon leads to passionate oral. With Cameron’s 8-inch cock being licked and sucked by the handsome new boy he’s soon raging stiff. He loves the taste of his friend’s perfect pink cock too, but he really craves that snug naked ass. Watch as experienced bottom boy Justin takes every inch deep in his ass, on his side, riding that length and then on his back too until both are ready to spew hot cream!


BareTwinks: Bryce Christiansen, Chris Summers (Fun With The Pizza Deivery Boy) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Bryce Christiansen, Chris Summers

Data Released: Dec 15, 2017 (BareTwinks: Bryce Christiansen, Chris Summers: Fun With The Pizza Deivery Boy)

They’re fast becoming the most popular Pizza company in the city, and it’s no wonder when they have very accommodating young delivery guys like Bryce offering some extra services in exchange for tips. His reputation precedes him, with Chris more interested in the extras than the pizza itself. The boys are soon sucking and slurping on those tasty salamis, gobbling those boners and getting their juices flowing. With dicks raging Bryce takes up position, sliding his naked hole down his customer’s cock, riding him raw right there on the couch! Needless to say the boy earns his tip, and this won’t be the last time Chris orders from them!


BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Zack Love (Pizza Boy Earns His Tip) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Zack Love

Data Released: Dec 8, 2017 (BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Zack Love: Pizza Boy Earns His Tip)

Cute little pizza delivery boy Austin really needs his tips, and boy does he get one on this run! Zack has a little extra cash, and he needs to get off, so when the cute boy arrives with his meal he’s quick to offer a way to earn some extra. Austin soon finds himself on his knees and worshiping that big cock, and he’s loving it! His own dick gets a delicious slurping before Zack turns his attention to that tight little hole, licking out his new friend and preparing him for that raw length to slide in deep. Austin really earns his bonus, riding that dick and taking it hard, jerking out his copious cum load and getting a shower of semen all over his ass, splashing between his cheeks and dripping from his pendulous balls. Something tells me this delivery boy will be back for more!


BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Cameron Hilander (Cameron Needs Some Extra Sausage!) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Cameron Hilander

Data Released: Dec 1, 2017 (BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Cameron Hilander: Cameron Needs Some Extra Sausage!)

Lets’ be honest, the pizza delivery boy story has been done to death, but we still aren’t gonna turn it down when it stars a gorgeous twink like Austin delivering some extra hot sausage! Geeky boy Cameron is quick to invite him in, taking him straight to the bedroom where long and meaty cocks are revealed for sucking, swapping their shafts and then their holes too as Cameron fucks his delivery boy and then gets it deep in his ass! That’s what we call extra topping!


BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Bryce Christiansen (Bunk Bed Bareback Buddies) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Bryce Christiansen

Data Released: Nov 24, 2017 (BareTwinks: Austin Lock, Bryce Christiansen: Bunk Bed Bareback Buddies)

Horny Bryce really isn’t shy at all. When he’s sleeping over at his friends house he knows how to get cute little Austin to share his cock and snug little ass. After getting himself all worked up on the top bunk he joins his buddy on the bottom and the two waste no time stroking and sucking those deliciously hard young boners. With Austin’s cute little hole there and ready for him Bryce licks him out and slides his naked tool in deep, filling his friend with his cock and fucking him all over the room! Thankfully no one hears and interrupts the boys before they get the chance to swap, with Bryce laying back on the bed to let his friend pump cum into his ass while his own dick spews cream!


BareTwinks: Damon Diaz, Kurt Niles (Horny Boys Discovering Toys) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Damon Diaz, Kurt Niles

Data Released: Nov 10, 2017 (BareTwinks: Damon Diaz, Kurt Niles: Horny Boys Discovering Toys)

It’s easy for a couple of boys to be distracted from their chores, but even more so when it involves their dicks and butt holes! Damon and Kurt have discovered some anal toys in the bedroom they were supposed to be cleaning, and you already know how this is going to go! Ever the eager bottom Damon is soon offering his ass for his step brother to slide a plug into, but it’s soon replaced by his incredibly hard bareback cock. Watch that gorgeous length of solid young cock pounding in and out of that smooth tight hole, finished off perfectly with Damon’s cum fucked out of him and a load for him to swallow.



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