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BarebackThatHole: Hans Berlin, Brian Bonds (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Hans Berlin, Brian Bonds

Data Released: Mar 28, 2018 (BarebackThatHole: Hans Berlin, Brian Bonds)

When hunger strikes, especially ’round midnight, there’s nothing to do but give in to the craving. Case in point, Hans Berlin. The scruffy hunk is in the mood for a meatball sub. After all, there’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a big chunk of meat. In fact Hans is SO into his midnight snack he has a hard-on while getting things ready! Little does he know there’s a delicious appetizer waiting for him, in the form of Brian Bonds. The blond bombshell is also up for a midnight snack. But the meat he craves is between Hans’s legs. …

BarebackThatHole: Atlas Grant, Chip Young (House Hunters) (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Atlas Grant, Chip Young: House Hunters

Data Released: Mar 21, 2018 (BarebackThatHole: Atlas Grant, Chip Young: House Hunters)

When hairy muscle hunk Atlas Grant is ready to buy a home, he reaches out to Chip Young, a realtor willing to do whatever it takes to close the deal. And even though the budget Atlas has to work with will allow him more bang for his buck, that’s exactly what it takes to seal the deal! After Chip shows Atlas the house — including his favorite thing that comes with the purchase, a long, HARD wood table, the bearded muscle bear still needs a bit of convincing. Chip offers up his sweet ass, taking the fat raw cock and cementing the deal with a bareback fuck that leads to an explosive finish. Ahhhh! Now, if only all realtors worked on that type of commission…

BarebackThatHole: Ray Dalton, T. Wilcox (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Ray Dalton, T. Wilcox

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (BarebackThatHole: Ray Dalton, T. Wilcox)

Ray Dalton and T. Wilcox are a pair of noisy fuckers. No, we don’t mean they’re loud or obnoxious, like crass party guests crashing a black-tie affair. We’re talking about the noise we make when we’re having sex. Like the song from Avenue Q says, “You Can Be As Loud as the Hell You Want (When You’re Makin’ Love). Ray and T definitely subscribe to that philosophy but these two aren’t making love. They’re giving in to their most base desire and fucking like animals. …

BarebackThatHole: Matt Stevens, Saxon West (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Matt Stevens, Saxon West

Data Released: Dec 20, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Matt Stevens, Saxon West)

Bearded muscle daddy Matt Stevens and tattooed hunk Saxon West get into some intense dick sucking. Bald, hairy Matt might have enjoyed Saxon taking him down to the balls, servicing his cock like a juicy lollipop but we get the feeling the tattooed daddy enjoyed sucking Saxon’s big fat cock even more. The two then take turns rimming hot and hungry holes, trying to see who’s going to be the one to get fucked. But there is no contest. Not when there’s a big dick involved. Matt gives up his ass and Saxon turns the bald daddy into his bitch, bareback fucking that man hole until he’s good and ready to breed it full of seed. Matt then cleans up Saxon’s cock like a good bareback whore.


BarebackThatHole: Ashley Ryder, Parker Logan (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Ashley Ryder, Parker Logan

Data Released: Dec 13, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Ashley Ryder, Parker Logan)

Ashley Ryder is, has been, and always will be one of the finest pieces of ass we’ve ever seen. Now, bald, tattooed and pierced Parker Logan is about to find out the reason for Ashley’s longevity in the industry, as well as discovering what Ashley can do…like suck that big curved cock down to the balls without gagging. Parker buries his face in that sweet, hot ass, lapping at the pink fuck hole, priming it full of spit. Then Parker slides his throbbing shaft inside Ashley. Raw. To the balls. Parker bareback fucks Ashley the way many of us would like to fuck him. Deep and hard and down and dirty. Parker sprays Ashley with his jizz, making sure to save some for a proper seeding, then slides back inside and fucks the cum out of the hot little English cock whore. Lucky fucker.


BarebackThatHole: Dolf Dietrich, Alessio Romero (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Dolf Dietrich, Alessio Romero

Data Released: Nov 29, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Dolf Dietrich, Alessio Romero)

Sometimes, a scene defies description. There simply are no words to describe the hotness between two hairy, sweaty men or the nasty action that takes place between them. This scene with Dolf Dietrich and Alessio Romero is one of those. First, the location. A Vegas bathhouse called Entourage, where the scene was filmed. But if you didn’t know that, you’d probably think gym locker room. You can already smell the sweat, can’t you? Years of accumulated man smells. There’s some good dick sucking here, mouth watering rimming, but it’s the piggy bareback fucking and greedy seeding that gets your balls churning. …

BarebackThatHole: Nate Stetson, Stephen Harte (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Nate Stetson, Stephen Harte

Data Released: Nov 22, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Nate Stetson, Stephen Harte)

You can always tell a true cock whore who lives to satisfy his craving of dick and jizz. Stephen Harte is such a cock whore. The tall, bald and bearded otter is paired with hung, mustached newcomer Nate Stetson. The two take turns sucking each other and making out before tattooed Stephen gives up his trim little ass for Nate to devour. The blond Southern man then slides his raw cock inside Stephen and starts to fuck. He might start off gentle but Nate is NO gentleman when it comes to fucking bareback. …

BarebackThatHole: Brian Bonds – Las Vegas After Dark (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Brian Bonds – Las Vegas After Dark

Data Released: Nov 15, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Brian Bonds – Las Vegas After Dark)

When you’re on set filming porn, anything can happen. Nothing matters except for what’s going on in front of the camera, which can make for an interesting experience. And sometimes, after a long day of filming, models need to blow off steam. That’s exactly what happened during our last shoot. Except it wasn’t just about de-stressing. It was about Brian Bonds being so horned up he couldn’t get enough cock. He needed more and more sex. A bit like being overly tired, when you’re so tired you can’t fall asleep. …

BarebackThatHole: Brian Bonds, Tyler Reed (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Brian Bonds, Tyler Reed

Data Released: Nov 8, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Brian Bonds, Tyler Reed)

Watching a scene he filmed with Brian Bonds brings back fond horny memories for Tyler Reed. When the beefy blond bareback bottom walks in on one of our favorite daddies, the two reminisce, but only briefly. They’re soon reliving their chemistry as they make out and suck cock. But as Tyler knows, what Brian loves most is raw cock pounding away at his stretched fuck hole. So Tyler gives the bareback slut what he loves and wants most… Tyler’s cock. Deep and hard, to the point where we thought that damn bed was going to break! That’s how rough Tyler gave it to Brian, who took every inch as they worked up a sweat and got ready to blow.


BarebackThatHole: Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff, Saul Leinad (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 25, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff, Saul Leinad)

Already hard and super horny, tattooed and bearded muscle hunk Dolf Dietrich waves that fat cock at Saul Leinad, still off-screen. The tall, bald black men wastes little time in approaching and dropping to his knees before the hung white man. Soon, Dolf has his legs up in the air and bearded Saul starts rimming that pink, hungry fuckhole. Dolf returns the favor, sucking on Saul’s monster cock and huge balls, and rimming his ass. …


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