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BarebackRTXXX: Skyler Grey Barebacks James Woodcroft


Data Released: Oct 11, 2016 (BarebackRTXXX: Skyler Grey Barebacks James Woodcroft)

As Skyler Grey, on the left, makes himself comfy inside James Woodcroft’s crotch, you can tell these two are up for doin’ the nasty. For this BareBackrtXXX scene, James’ padlock around his neck shows that he is a submissive; you can just call him the “hungry hole.” Getting his face all up in James’ ass, Skyler “tenderizes” his partner. Shoving in hard, and rattling the bottom’s chains, Skyler has definitely “locked on” to that hole. With the guys changing up positions, the camera stays close. The top pulls out just in time to cover James’ furry ass as the boy “puckers” the cream back in. Sitting back on the couch, Skyler sucks until James blows and the two taste their mess.


BarebackRTXXX: Bo Bangor, Lanz Adams (Flip Fuck Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 8, 2016 (BarebackRTXXX: Bo Bangor, Lanz Adams)

What do you get when a cub and a bear get naked? More than one “cave” explored, in this bareback flip fuck. First “in” is Lanz Adams; the cub knows how to make papa growl. Taking a break, and a taste, Lanz puts his face all up in Bo Bangor’s ass; scent is after all, is a bear’s best skill. After a bit more of Bo getting fucked, Lanz sits and takes a ride as the “monitored” rough cub works in every inch. The two trade off until Bo tugs and creams Lanz’s ass; first we see it, then he shoves it back in. Lanz’s load is thick and large, just like their beards.



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