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BarebackCumPigs: Rogue Status, Zack Acland (Bareback)


Data Released: May 1, 2017 (BarebackCumPigs: Rogue Status, Zack Acland)

When you put together bareback sex pigs you know exactly what you’re going to get. Intense, balls-deep fucking. And in case you had any doubt, Zack Acland and Rogue Status tell you up front exactly what’s going down. …

BarebackCumPigs: Hugh Hunter, Stephen Harte (Flip Flop Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (BarebackCumPigs: Hugh Hunter, Stephen Harte)

Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte started making out hot and heavy before we even got the cameras rolling. The hairy fuckers were clearly horny! Bearded tattooed daddy Hugh enjoys a good blowjob before fucking Stephen’s face. Then he decides he wants a taste of what Stephen’s got to offer. Still wearing his jockstrap, Stephen is more than happy to let Hugh have his way but since he’s more of a bottom he’s soon getting rimmed, anxious to take Hugh’s big fat cock. …

BarebackCumPigs: Damon Andros, Alex Mason (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (BarebackCumPigs: Damon Andros, Alex Mason)

Bald bearded hipster Damon Andros is horny and needs to drop a load. And since there’s no better cum slut than tattooed bareback sex freak Alex Mason, we thought we’d pair the two up. The two get into sucking cock first, each taking turns before flipping into a juicy 69 that whets their sexual appetite even further. When he’s ready, tattooed hairy Damon rims Alex before sliding his long curved cock inside his scruffy bareback bottom whore. With a litany of dirty sex talk, Damon takes Alex, fucking steady and raw until Damon releases a pent-up load and the bareback cum pig gets the load he wants…a cummy asshole and a deep seeding.


BarebackCumPigs: Tony Bishop, Drew Crawford


Data Released: Sep 2, 2016 (BarebackCumPigs: Tony Bishop, Drew Crawford)

Drew Crawford knows what Tony Bishop is hiding. A very fat cock that he wants badly. Making out, he wastes little time in pulling that thick dick out. And once it does, the greedy cocksucker goes down on Tony, taking him all the way to the balls. The scruffy bottom then shows off his amazing ass, which Tony eats out like he’s dining on filet mignon. Drew’s fever for cock makes him hotter as Tony teases the opening then slides that curved fucker home. This is primal bareback sex at it’s finest because Tony and Drew know it’s all about that connection between raw cock and bare fuckhole. Love and romance have nothing to do with this type of fucking. Tony and Drew rut like animals, with Drew slamming that fat slab of meat inside Tony in one fell swoop. He takes and uses the bareback bottom pig, fucking the cum out of Drew before blowing his own load.


BarebackCumPigs: Damon Andros, Stephen Harte (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 26, 2016 (BarebackCumPigs: Damon Andros, Stephen Harte)

Washing up after a good workout can be so much fun. Especially if you’re showering with a buddy! Tall and slender Stephen Harte and bald, bearded Damon Andros are doing just that. Except they’re getting even dirtier as they turn each other on. Stephen, still wearing his sweaty jockstrap, gets his cock well and truly serviced while in their spacious shower, by tattooed Damon. The two trade blowjobs as the cool water cascades from their furry bodies, teasing each other to take more and getting hornier with some dirty talk. …

BarebackCumPigs: Tony Bishop, Alex Mason (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 19, 2016 (BarebackCumPigs: Tony Bishop, Alex Mason)

Our favorite bareback whore is back, this time paired with an equally piggy sex freak. Alex Mason, the power bottom who can take just about any raw cock up inside his hungry hole, is set-up with thick-dicked blond Tony Bishop. After some noisy, heavy-duty making out, Tony buries his face in Alex’s ass to eat him out and lube him up. Tony wastes little time in getting that fat, tattooed dick inside Alex’s pink fuckhole and the bottom whore loves every inch. Alex, whose ass always looks hot wearing that damn jockstrap, takes quite the pounding…deep, fast, and hard! Tony shows Alex no mercy but does Alex complain? Hell, no! He just gets into some ass-to-mouth, sucking Tony’s cock and tasting his own ass juices in order to to lube Tony’s thick slab and take even more raw cock. These two show us just what it means to be a bareback cum pig, complete with dirty trash talk, filthy commands, and plenty of pig snorts. And by the time Tony lets loose with a juicy load, he own’s Alex lock, stock and barrel. Now that’s fucking with wild abandon!


BarebackCumPigs: Bareback Dungeon


Data Released: 2016

Cast: Marcus Isaacs, Dalton Hawg, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Matthieu Angel, Amir Badri, Bo Banger.
In dark, dank dungeon spaces horny men hook up to get off. Feeders, breeders and seeders meet cum collectors to suck cock, rim sloppy holes, and fuck! Bareback sex pigs unite in “Bareback Dungeon” featuring hot tattooed and hung Dalton Hawg, Bo Bangor, Matthieu Angel, Amir Badri: Marcus Isaacs, and real-life couple Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter.



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