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BareAdventures: David Gold, Zac Powers (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 2, 2016 BareAdventures: David Gold, Zac Powers

Twinks should really be more careful when they paint. Zac splashes blond colleague David Gold in the face as he works beneath him. Wiping his mate off, it’s clear where things are going to lead, and as soon as the huge bulge in Zac’s overalls starts to show, David is sucking his hung twink dick with a fury! It’s so big David can’t even fit it all the way into his mouth, and instead jerks and sucks it at the same time as Zac lays back and enjoys every moment. …

BareAdventures: Brad Jaw, Maxim Moira, Thomas Swings (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 17, 2016

At his best with an audience, new boy Brad Jaw is a nicely built young man who likes to show off his sexy toned body. Maxim Moira and buddy Thomas Swings couldn’t be more turned on! Sitting between them naked, Brad gets them to strip and you can see just what he thinks of them both as his dick grows before our very eyes. The three young men then get into position for some mutual cocksucking, feeding off big meat. Maxim takes charge in this awesome three-way, working Tom’s head back and forth over Brad’s juicy dick. …

BareAdventures: Thomas Fiaty, Zac Powers (Bareback)


Data Released: May 20, 2016

Tall handsome and smooth, and stripping off just for you, Zac is the perfect twink, and when you see how much meat he’s packing, you’ll wish you were sexy, lithe, blond Thomas who gets this stripping lad all to himself! Teasing us with a slow and sensual strip, Zac hides his most prized asset until the very last moment, when he’s too hard to hide it any longer and waves it out in from of Thomas, who’s only too keen to share the dick-off and rub himself over Zac’s smooth ass. Stripping off too, Thomas is given one hell of a hot blowjob as he peels off his own clothes, careful not to interrupt a second of tongue lapping and dick sucking. …

BareAdventures: Thomas Swings, Sam Oliver (Bareback)

Data Released: Mar 25, 2016

It’s everyone’s favourite fantasy, a couple of topless labourers, working on your house, working up a sweat and a whole lot of sexual energy they can’t control. These young men are exactly that, cute, smooth and with some delicious dicks they can’t get enough of! Cute-faced Tom gets his dick worshipped by blond Sam, who seems to love nothing more than a hard dick in his mouth! Moving his young fuck mate over to the ladders, they are perfectly positioned for an acrobatic fuck. Squatting astride them both, Sam is able to get free access to his mates hole, sliding in and out. Tom is in no position to stop him, but who would want to? This angle lets us see exactly how long Sam’s dick is as it disappears inside Tom. Showing his gratitude for practically having his brains fucked out, Tom squirts a great load of jizz onto Sam’s sexy face, leaving Tom to get covered in Sam’s juice. A hot bottom covered in cum. Perfect!


BareAdventures: Nick Daniels, Justin Walker (Bareback)

Data Released: Mar 11, 2016

The whole of the Czech Republic must be a building site, there is so much decorating going on. Not that we’re complaining. We get to see the locals in action and dark haired Nick and Justin are no exception. Busy with painting, it only takes a couple of sly glances towards each other to get them to strip down and fill each other’s faces with dick! Eager for a fucking however, Nick climbs a ladder and exposes his pink hole to Justin. What’s a boy to do but oblige by sticking his bare dick into him? Fucking Nick hard, and in a multitude of positions designed to get the best view, Nick gets the best fuck of his life! …

BareAdventures: Viktor Sweet, Jonathan Bruce (Bareback)

Data Released: Mar 4, 2016

Slim, dark-haired twinks Viktor Sweet and Jonathan Bruce are soon bored with cooking and resort to mixing up a spicy recipe of their own. The two young men kiss and make out then tasting each others tender meat before getting down to some horny bareback butt-fucking on the kitchen counters. One spreads his legs eagerly for the other to slide his long, bare dick inside his cock-hugging hole. These two may be twinks but they definitely know how to fuck like men!


BareAdventures: Roy Parker, Petr Kluk (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 26, 2016

Horny young Petr Kluk is on the streets of Prague seeking a fit fucker to spend some money on — and luckily he doesn’t have to wait long before he spots the dark haired beauty that is Roy Parker! His negotiating tactics aren’t the best however and soon all his cash is in Roy’s pocket and they leave for his apartment in the centre of the city! Stripping each other off on the sofa, Roy is a very eager cock-sucker and loves to get his pretty face fucked hard, not to mention his peachy butt! Petr wants as much for his cash as possible, and bends his rent boy over the sofa, slaps his ass and pushes himself all the way in, thrusting back and forth over and over, leaving Roy’s semi dick swinging in the air, flipping him this way and that until Petr’s had enough and shoots his load before putting it back up his boy’s ass until he sees spunk spurting from Roy himself!


BareAdventures: Young James, Jeremy Stone (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 19, 2016

Young by name, young by nature, Mr James is a very handsome guy and has needs like the best of us! Phoning for a companion for the evening, he calls on Jeremy, arriving in a baseball cap and leather jacket, he’s taken to the shower to freshen up and Young relaxes on the sofa until he turns up, rock hard and in a skimpy towel – perfect for getting instantly naked! Slurping on Jeremy’s throbbing shaft, Young is in the mood for something other than love, and as his slim lithe body gets hotter and hotter, he tells Jeremy to open his hole ready for his delicious dick to slam into! Treated to these two smooth twinks working each other into a fuck frenzy, Young’s abs are amazing, his dick and balls slapping against raw ass is perfect, and the look in his eyes as he gets faster and faster will blow your mind and your balls!


BareAdventures: Alex Dick, Roy Horny, Mike Lust (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 12, 2016

Bored at work, suited Alex and Roy call a rentboy to come over and relieve themselves. When Mike turns up, milky white skin smooth as silk and a face of innocence, they’ve struck gold. If only all offices were like this! Immediately getting his clothes on the floor, his dick is standing proud and they both peel off their shirts and trousers as they enjoy every inch of his tender body! Watching his pretty face get stuffed with two dicks is amazing, but when that attention turns to his smooth ass, you just can’t get any better! Roy takes the coveted first turn on him, but Alex wants in on the action and is soon getting his dick into Mike as well and they all coat this tiny rentboy in jizz, leaving the lad covered from head to toe in spunk!


BareAdventures: Sam Santi, Rudy Valentino (Bareback)

Data Released: Feb 5, 2016

Blond stud Sam is on a mission to get handsome Rudy on his knees sucking dick, but after a few rebuffs from this toned young man, he gets the hard cash out of his locker and things swiftly turn! Agreeing for a quick blowjob, Sam takes this as a definite yes, and his mouth is full of meat within seconds! From one blowjob, to dick gobbling, Sam gets his own way and is bent double over the locker room bench, ass in the air and his hole full of this straight lads dick, pumping him full of raw meat, his dick swinging in motion as he bounces this way and that, making the most of his coveted young man he’s finally got to fuck him!



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