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BangBangBoys: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony Dias

BangBangBoys: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony Dias

Data Released: Jun 15, 2018 (BangBangBoys: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Tony Dias)

Junior Peixoto’s big dick is back and this time it’s one of our favorite man-whores Tony Dias who wants to ride the meaty pole. The girth of this cock is so impressive and Tony has hardly introduced himself and he’s chowing down on the thick dick. Of course we forget that Junior can also suck cock and Tony’s cock gets a glorious suck from Junior – all the time his monster cock dangling titillatingly between his legs. Junior lubes up Tony’s ass with an expert rimming and then Tony does the same – however his hole is no contest for how good that huge cock feels in his mouth and it’s shortly back down the back of his throat. …

BangBangBoys: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Kuon

BangBangBoys: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Kuon

Data Released: Apr 20, 2018 (BangBangBoys: Junior Peixoto BareBangs Kuon)

Bearded Kuon licks Junior’s abs as they two lay on the bed. His tongue is hungry and is rewarded with a meaty fest of Junior’s thick dick. He sucks and deepthroats every inch as Junior offers words of encouragement. His ass is ready to get slammed by that dick and Junior wastes no time in shoving his cock deep inside Kuon’s waiting hole. The sound of Juniors balls banging on Kuon’s ass is sublime as he pounds his hole endlessly. Kuon grips the bed – moaning in ecstasy. Junior pulls his cock out and blows his load all over Kuon’s bearded face – Kuon licking his lips and swallowing the load as he jerks his own cock.


BangBangBoys: Romeu BareBangs Pietro Veleso

BangBangBoys: Romeu BareBangs Pietro Veleso

Data Released: May 18, 2018 (BangBangBoys: Romeu BareBangs Pietro Veleso)

On the outside these two are very different – Romeu with his beard and tattoos and beefy body – Pietro with his smooth young face and slim physique. But the old adage that opposites attract is true as these two heat up the screen together. Romeu is obsessed with Pietro’s fine ass. As Pietro sucks on Romeu’s cock he watches the smooth buns bounce up and down – visualizing his dick slamming between them. Pietro knows how to suck cock and Romeu grabs his hair to shove his cock deeper inside as he face fucks the sweet young thing. …

BangBangBoys: Neo BareBangs Checo


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (BangBangBoys: Neo BareBangs Checo)

There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to get you super horny. Neo and Checo meet up at the beach and pretty soon want to head back to get naked and fuck. Neo has got a huge thick dick – Checo can barely take it all in his mouth – how’s he gonna fit it all in his ass. He jumps on top of Neo’s massive pole and buries it deep in his bubble butt without too much of a problem. He rides that massive cock like a bull rider at the rodeo. It feels so good he cums all over Neo’s abs. Neo is pleased and cums all over Checo’s pretty face.

BangBangBoys: Bruno Martinez BareBangs Hugo Gobi


Data Released: Jul 14, 2017 (BangBangBoys: Bruno Martinez BareBangs Hugo Gobi)

Bruno is at the beach waiting for Hugo – it’s hot out and the sweat makes their sexy bodies glisten in the sun. They head back to Hugo’s as Bruno’s big dick wants to play. Hugo writhes on top of Bruno and then removes his board shorts to reveal his speedo. He starts to suck Bruno’s cock and slowly strips his naked while making Bruno’s cock grow bigger and bigger. …

BangBangBoys: Maranhao Barebangs Flavio (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 16, 2017 (BangBangBoys: Maranhao Barebangs Flavio)

The sight of these two BangBangBoys in their speedo’s kissing should be enough to get anyone hard. Their perfect bodies entwined in each other is a testament to the incredible male beauty Brazilian men are. Maranhao’s big dick gets to pound Flavio and he slaps his ass as he thrusts just in case this wasn’t horny enough already. The cum shot in this scene is one of the hottest we’ve ever filmed. Maranhao’s big dick flowing with sperm all over Flavio’s bearded face just has to be seen.


BangBangBoys: Maranhao BareBangs Tony Dias (Bareback)


Data Released: May 19, 2017 (BangBangBoys: Maranhao BareBangs Tony Dias)

Sitting on the couch Maranhao is getting horny. He pushes Tony Dias’ head towards his crotch as a gesture of hey you – let’s fuck. With an insanely gorgeous body such as Maranhao’s that’s about all the convincing that is needed. …

BangBangBoys: Marcelo BareBangs Carlos Maranhao


Data Released: Mar 17, 2017 (BangBangBoys: Marcelo BareBangs Carlos Maranhao)

Marcelo is relaxing on the couch reading when in walks Maranhao. His tanned, tight, tattooed body is clad only in a white jock that barely contains his growing erection. Whilst Marcelo’s book was interesting there’s no way you could ignore such a vision of fuckability in front of you. …

BangBangBoys: Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Flavio Canto


Data Released: Dec 2, 2016 (BangBangBoys: Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Flavio Canto)

Whilst the view is pretty amazing on the balcony for Marcelo and Flavio there’s no denying that Flavio just wants to get a taste of Marcelo’s legendary bare cock in his tight white ass. The come inside and Marcelo teases Flavio nipples with his tongue. Flavio then dives on top of Marcelo’s meaty monster with his lips – attempting to deepthroat it and covering it all in waves of spit to get it nice and wet. …

BangBangBoys: Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Thiago Sartori


Data Released: Oct 7, 2016 (BangBangBoys: Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Thiago Sartori)

Thiago is giving Marcelo a foot massage – he rubs Marcelo’s feet and sucks his toes. They start to kiss – on the lips and then Marcelo takes Thiago’s nipple in his mouth while Thiago tweaks the other. Marcelo is hard – his huge cock is out of his pants and Thiago is licking and sucking his thick shaft with intensity. Marcelo is a generous lover and sucks on Thiago’s dick before the two move into a 69 position – Marcelo’s tongue in Thiago’s ass while he sucks on Marcelo’s big dick. As intense as the foreplay is the raw fucking is even more so. Impaled on the end of Marcelo’s massive cock Thiago groans with pain and ecstasy but his ass swallows every inch and bounces up and down – muscles flexing. In and out, in and out – the relentless fuck session continues until two they both explode in waves of cum.


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