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BadPuppy: Cory Davis, Martin Porter


Data Released: Jul 16, 2016

Martin Porter was relaxing on a lounge in the yard when Cory Davis walked up behind him. Martin did not hear Cory walk up behind him and nor did he hear Cory unzip his pants. Martin just happens to roll over and he sees Cory standing behind him, pants down with his dick in his hand apparently fantasizing about what he wants to do to Martin. Martin motions Cory over and gladly swallows every inch of Cory’s cock. After servicing Cory’s cock Martin stand, pulls his shorts to his feet and Cory returns the cock service by working every inch of Martin’s rock hard cock. Cory takes the time to work Martin’s ass with both his finger and tongue, getting it ready for his cock. …

BadPuppy: Garett Alba, Kenny Jacobs


Data Released: Jul 12, 2016

Garett Alba met young Kenny Jacobs at a surf competition they were working and they hit it off immediately. Kenny invited Garett back to his place so they could get to know each other a little better. We fade in on our two young studs locked in a kiss and embrace on the bed. As they passionately kiss the boys slowly undress each other revealing two studs that are very turned on for each other. Both of their cocks are standing at attention and Garett immediately swallows every inch of Kenny’s cock, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. …

BadPuppy: Alexander Gustavo, Asher Devin


Data Released: Jul 9, 2016

Asher Devin stops by Alexander Gustavo’s after hearing that he can get a Full Package massage. Since he was already attracted to Alexander why not let him give him a little rubdown. Asher is apparently really excited as he strips off his clothes before getting on the massage table. His manhood is basically standing at attention as he gets undressed and lies down on the table. Alexander enters the room again, squirts some massage oil in his hands and slowly starts working it into Asher’s back; but, it does not take long for the sheet to slip down revealing Asher’s asshole which Alexander immediately begins focusing on. …

BadPuppy: Honza Onus, Milos Ovcacek (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 5, 2016

Honza Onus was lying in bed doing what most guys do when they are alone when in walks Milos Ovcacek. Shyly at first Milos approaches the bed; but, after a big grin and a HELLO from Honza, Milos walks over and sits on the bed beside Honza. They immediately embrace in a deep passionate kiss; but, it’s not long before Milos is eyeing up what Honza was playing with in the first place. Milos slides down and sucks up every last inch of Honza’s cock before moving on to sucking down and licking his balls. …

BadPuppy: Neo, Gustavo (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 3, 2016

Neo just met Gustavo and they were returning from the beach and wanted to shower off before going inside. As they were showering their desire to be with each other is truly evident as they playfully kiss and grope each other under the falling water. As our two Latin studs come inside Neo backs Gustavo against the wall and the kissing begins again; but, this time Gustavo gets quite the surprise when Neo drops his swim trunks. Neo’s thick cock is standing fully erect and Gustavo is sporting quite the aroused piece of meat himself. …

BadPuppy: Bradley Cook, Jaro Vykvet (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 28, 2016

We find Bradley Cook pinned to the wall by Jaro Vykvet embroiled in the most passionate and forceful kiss. Jaro reaches down, tugs on Bradley’s shirt and then pulls it off over his head revealing Bradley’s incredibly chiseled chest, arms and six-pack. Jaro slips to his knees, taking Bradley’s pants in his hands and he slides down the zipper. As Jaro pulls down Bradley’s pants, Bradley’s thick and already erect cock flops out and Jaro sucks down every single inch. …

BadPuppy: The Gym, Part 2 (Asher Devin, Casey Everett)


Data Released: Jun 25, 2016

26 year old new comer Asher Devin and 23 year old Casey Everett are working out in the gym; but, Asher seems to be really distracting Casey from getting in his workout. It seems that Asher has something quite large protruding from his shorts which is keeping Casey from focusing. Casey reaches up and feels the bulge, realizing what’s in those shorts. Casey decides that he has to have it so, he stops the workout and starts licking at Asher’s shorts. From under Asher’s shorts Casey pulls out the longest, thickest cock we’ve seen in a long time. …

BadPuppy: Tom Vojak, Tomas Decastro (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 21, 2016

Tom Vojak and Tomas Decastro have now been attempting to do a movie for a significant while and as soon as the movie begins you are able to inform both of these men are definitely into one another and prepared to get right down to company. After some truly extreme kissing Ben instantly hurts up every-last inch of Tomas penis and falls to his knees Tomas trousers right down to the ground. He Tomas really wants to return he enjoyment; but although Ben nurses on Tomas penis for a significant while. Ben lies back about the mattress after he have the ability to get down his trousers and Tomas strongly and excitedly woofs along Ben&rsquo. …

BadPuppy: Josh Milk, Timmy Treasure


Data Released: Jun 20, 2016

We find Spanish studs and longtime friends, Timmy and Josh sitting on the sofa kissing each other’s face and eagerly pulling off each other shirts. As they continue to kiss Timmy’s hands reach into Josh’s jeans to find a rather large surprise. Josh undoes his jeans and as they slip to the floor Timmy slips over and swallows Josh’s cock whole. As he sucks Josh’s cock, Timmy slips his hand into his own jeans and starts playing with his own cock in anticipation of Josh getting ahold of it. …

BadPuppy: Marion Anel, Mirek Madl (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 14, 2016

Marion Anel was relaxing on the bed when Mirek Madl returned. Mirek crawls up on top of Marion and begins passionately kissing Marion’s face and then he kisses his way down Marion’s chest and stomach. Marion’s shirt is the first to go and as Mirek slides his hands into Marion’s pants you can see the imprint of Marion’s excited member. As Mirek slides the pants down, Marion’s already erect cock pops out the top and Mirek swallows the entire length and begins sucking away. …


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