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BackRoomFuckers: Who’s Next?


Data Released: Sep 26, 2016 (BackRoomFuckers: Who’s Next?)

When Adam Loren agrees he’s got “some experience,” you know he’s being modest; that “hoover” could suck the finger holes from a bowling ball. In this BackRoomFuckers video, Adam has another guy fuck him, “butt” that’s not all. Once the top unloads and sees how “thirsty” Adam is, more friends “cum” by to quench his craving.


BackRoomFuckers: Building A Double Load (Chad Brock, Ed Hunter)


Data Released: May 30, 2016

Not everything in this building needs to be “tossed,” well maybe. As Chad Brock sits in the window, hangin’ out the welcome sign, Ed Hunter seeks and finds. In this video, Ed, who will top, is out for some “hidden gem” up in here. With a, “suck my cock,” Chad drops and takes it all in. “Show me your ass boy,” commands Ed as he sniffs out a “will-cum” scent. Sliding in, these two are building a hot fuck; the verbal bottom has the top hitting all the right angles. With the lucky neighbors watching, Ed puts Chad on the table and really goes to work. The top “jackhammers” out a double load from his bottom and Chad gives out one last, “aw fuck yeah.” Adding his “plaster,” Ed fills in Chad’s crack.


BackRoomFuckers: The Scent Of Bears (Rusty Buck, Justin Cumming)


Data Released: May 22, 2016

I think you can smell where this BackRoomFuckers video is going. As the “skinned” Rusty Buck gets his nose filled, he then sucks the cock of top Justin Cumming; this bear knows where to get his meat. After a good long choke, the bottom gets his face full of Justin’s hole. “Ass-uming” the position, Rusty gets on all fours and pushes his stank out for all the flavor Justin can taste. The feasting continues as the top sucks hard on all of the bottom’s bits. Shoving his cock in, Justin takes his time and goes deep; the musk of one another fills the air. Picking up speed, the top gets an, “aw yeah,” as the camera goes below. Flipped over, Rusty continues to moan and take it. Blowing inside, the top then bends down to eat his boy’s “creamed hole” while the bottom tugs out a load.


BackRoomFuckers: Shared Space (Cody March, Clay Costley)


Data Released: May 15, 2016

Damn, having a guy like Cody March “cumming” into my office would be a highlight of my day; seems like Clay Costley is about to “feel” the same way. This video is about “shared space”, namely, Clay’s hole. Clay goes down on his knees and stays there for a good long time. Giving Clay some oral, the top does a nice “job” of wetting his whistle. As the bottom “lays it all on the table”, Cody works his cock into that, “fucking tight ass”. Rocking the desk, and Clay’s hole, the top keeps thrusting deep. Stroking their cocks together, it’s the jizz from Cody that has Clay blowing right after.


BackRoomFuckers: Love At The Trough (Tony Knight, Bray Love, Cassidy Hayes)


Data Released: May 8, 2016

Standing, we’ve got the blonde, Tony Knight, Bray Love, in the middle and Cassidy Hayes, in the back. For this video, a bathroom trough “becums” the best place to blow. As the guys grow and “measure up,” Bray has got “servicing” on his mind; he’ll do both Cassidy and Tony by mouth. “Bobbing” between the guys, he’s all “Love.” Cassidy squats down to taste what Tony is all about as the trio continue to service. Swallowing deep, Bray then goes back onto Tony’s cock; Cassidy tugs. As Bray gets what he came for, Tony blows first then Cassidy is up for his “shot.” Bray lies on the floor to nut and cleans up quickly.


BackRoomFuckers: Felt So Good (Kaden Carr, Eric Michael, Bray Love)


Data Released: May 4, 2016

“Hole-y gifts,” Bray Love sits as he gets quite a treat. Filling his gullet with Kaden Carr’s thick cock, a, “suck that dick,” grows a long way; Bray open’s wide. On his knees, Kaden swallows all the way as the two trade until Bray blows. Opening wide, Kaden feasts on the boy’s thick jizz. Sharing, Eric Michael “cums” into the scene as this oral video goes three-way. “Restiffened,” Bray gives and gets while Eric and Kaden “lick on;” each guys is serviced fully. As the camera gets some really sexy shots, Kaden goes into “feeding mode” as he perches on Eric’s mouth; the creamy load is gobbled down, leaving only a slight gloss on his lips. Eric stands and delivers into Bray’s “hungry hole” before Eric opens for a second helping of Kaden.


BackRoomFuckers: Working The Thug Love (Jessie Allen, Kamaron Scott) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 17, 2016

Horny for cock, bottom Kamaron Scott rubs his meat. A little “after work” tug is just what he needs, unless he gets a better offer. Looking on, Jessie Allen, starts to stroke his “better offer;” once he sees the bottom stretch on a dildo, this top is ready to go for it on BRF. “Wanna big cock in your ass?” Jessie asks. Sucking and stroking the top has Kamaron “hungry” for more; damn, he goes all the way to the base. “You wanna sit on this fuckin’ cock boy?” Deep question, deep answer. Kamaron rides rodeo as Jessie thrusts from below. Changing positions has the bottom still stretching as he is bent over; the “thug love” goes until he blows. Dropping his load on the outside, Jessie pushes it all back into the boy. The bottom then jerks and blows while Jessie fingers from behind. Spludging, Kamaron then licks up his hot mess.


BackRoomFuckers: Alley Anal (Dylan Hyde, Antonio Biaggi)(Bareback)

Data Released: Apr 10, 2016

Cruzin’ for cock, Dylan Hyde spies something nice and meaty on Antonio Biaggi. Behind a building, Dylan gets down on his knees to suck and service; it’s a “big job,” one better suited for the boy’s hole. Prepping the bottom’s ass, Antonio eats his fill before fucking for this video. Tongue fucked, the bottom arches his back and awaits a “bit bigger” filling; damn, that hole looks tasty. Shoving in deep, Antonio pounds from the get go as Dylan tries to catch his breath. …

BackRoomFuckers: There He Blows, Twice (Morgan Black, Natoma) (Bareback)

Data Released: Jan 24, 2016

Looking out for the “cumming” attractions, Morgan Black “positions” himself on top of the Natoma’s Men’s Sex Club roof; this will not be the last time you see him “on top.” In this hot video, James Roscoe hits up the dropped “calling card” and pops in to be fucked. Getting Morgan’s cock ready James inhales the “whale” and takes it up “the booty.” Doing his “due diligence,” Morgan sucks the bottom’s front, before relishing James’ hole. …

BackRoomFuckers: Sucker For Balls (Aaron Wolf, Brandon Riggs)

Data Released: Dec 13, 2015

Don’t be “in-timidated” by Aaron Wolf, on the right, he and his hole are here to make Brandon Riggs’ night on Fuck yeah, everybody likes a good visual and here we have two “meaty” ones. As Brandon feasts on Aaron’s low hangers and cock, he gets some instructions, “all the way in your mouth.” After the sucking, Brandon toys with Aaron’s “party maker.” Fucking the bottom with a dildo, Brandon quips, “I can’t wait to get in there.” Loosened up, the top has no problem “stimulating” that hole. The camera gets some great up-close footage before Aaron says, “wanna watch me cum?” Using a stimulation sleeve, the bottom pumps out a load; Brandon tastes what Aaron serves up. Amazed at the “outcum” of the top, Aaron praises the cum-guzzler.



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