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Alternadudes: Street Trash


Data Released: 2016

Cast: St. Dillon, Ramses, Fievel, Ramone, Charlie Cherrybomb, Spungy Angel, Derrick Paul, Sean Michael Bradley, Keith Gordon, Joey Utah.
Alternadudes presents Street Trash, a look at the some of the hottest dudes from off the streets. Watch as these guys with big attitudes and even bigger cocks get themselves and each other off. They jack, they suck, they share toys, and they fuck hard. The streets know no bounds and neither do these hot gutter punks who will stop at nothing to make sure they spread their seed all over any hot body they can find!


Alternadudes: Cliff Jensen, Tristan Mathews

Data Released: Oct 27, 2015

Cliff Jensen is a stud with a big thick monster cock and he’s ready to stick it in some tight hole. Tristan Mathews is there to service him and starts with a hardcore bj. Cliff’s deep and dirty voice tells Tristan what to do and Tristan rolls over and does it. Before you know it, Cliff’s big rod is planted firmly inside the hairy hipster’s tight asshole and plowing away like the hunk stud he is.


AlternaDudes: Evil Clown And Gorilla Take Emo (Stagg, Austin Mitchell, Dustin)

Data Released: Oct 20, 2015

Super hung super stud, Stagg, shows up to get ready for a party with his dick inside a pumpkin. After Dustin and Austin Mitchell help him carve two more holes, they set it down and go to town fucking the hollowed gourd. That doesn’t quite do it for any of them so they move onto more important things. After going through their costume bin for the party later, Stagg becomes an evil clown and Dustin settles for a gorilla suit. Watch emo Ausin suck and fuck the two before the evil clown takes over and gives Austin an ass stretching he won’t soon forget!



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