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Alphamales: Sailor Blue, Freddy Wolf (Bareback)

Alphamales: Sailor Blue, Freddy Wolf

Data Released: Mar 26, 2018 (Alphamales: Sailor Blue, Freddy Wolf)

Sailor Blue and Freddy Wolf were already entwined by the time we got the cameras rolling. After plenty of nipple licking and arm pit sniffing, Freddy began to service Daddy. Sailor was in seventh heaven with Freddy working his stiff dick his raspy tongue. Eager to get a taste of Freddy’s sweet, hot ass, Sailor bent him over and rimmed him deep, his tongue gliding over the twitching hole as Freddy begged for Daddy to fuck him bareback. Sailor slid his raw cock into Freddy, riding him with pounding thrusts before unloading all over Freddy’s ass, then seeding him. With his sloppy hole covered in fresh jizz Freddy creamed himself, shooting some of his DNA onto Sailor’s scruffy face.


Alphamales: Chad Brock, Brian Davilla (Bareback)

Alphamales: Chad Brock, Brian Davilla

Data Released: Mar 19, 2018 (Alphamales: Chad Brock, Brian Davilla)

Chad Brock and Brian Davilla work themselves up into a heated frenzy. Brian nuzzles Chad’s crotch, sucking down his bobbing pole. Chad returns the favor, eagerly servicing Brian, but he quickly tears up, choking and gagging on the massive tool. Chad’s bottom skills are put to the test by the girth of Brian’s fat cock, opened wider and wider as Brian stuffs that mammoth rod deeper into Chad’s butt. Stretched to the limit, Chad, craves more and begs Brian to keep fucking and pounding him. Clenching onto the pillow as he screams in anguish, Chad blasts a huge nut all over himself as Brian unloads his wad into his gaping hole.


Alphamales: Brian Bonds, Dusty Williams (Bareback)

alphamales gay

Data Released: Oct 30, 2017 (Alphamales: Brian Bonds, Dusty Williams)

With spare time on their hands, fuck buddies Brian Bonds and Dusty Williams get down and dirty, in need to blow some seed. Though dressed, Brian and Dusty quickly strip while making out then take turns sucking each other. Dusty, normally bottom, flip fucks with beefy blond Brian, who almost always takes cock but gives it as well as he can take it. With plenty of mutual rimming of sweet ass and big cock stretching out hungry hairy holes, these two bareback flip fuckers soon end up blowing their jizz. Brian seeds Dusty, who strokes out a massive load from his big cock!


Alphamales: Jay Ricci, Luis Casola (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 11, 2017 (Alphamales: Jay Ricci, Luis Casola)

Thick-hung Italian leather daddy Jay Ricci mentioned to us that he had a big bad-ass fuck buddy interested in playing with in front of the camera. We were a bit nervous as sometimes first timers can be fickle to the say least. But when they day came and Luis Casola showed up before Jay, we knew we had a hot one. Jay arrived shortly after and the energy between them was intense. To make it last longer, and to increase that intensity, we suggested Jay tie Luis to the St. Andrews Cross, which made Jay super hard but made Luis even harder. It certainly added to the build up of penetration, getting them ready for a bareback fuck at Fort Lauderdale’s Inn Leather, which in itself was explosive!


Alphamales: Danny Blue, Max Cameron (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 4, 2017 (Alphamales: Danny Blue, Max Cameron)

Max Cameron and Danny Blue take time out from their busy work day for a bit of outdoor fun. They take their time kissing and making out but Danny is hot to trot and ready for cock. He unzips Max and goes down on that curved beauty, sucking the beefy hunk down to the balls and getting his face fucked in the process. Tattooed and beefy Max returns the favor when he’s good and ready but what Danny wants is more cock. …

Alphamales: Alessio Romero, Alex Mason (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 28, 2017 (Alphamales: Alessio Romero, Alex Mason)

Alessio Romero and Alex Mason came together like magnets. WHAM! It was a perfect match, with hairy beefy muscle daddy Alessio needing to bareback fuck a tight hungry hole and Alex – one of the most insatiable cock whore power bottoms we’ve ever worked with – needing a big fat piece of meat crammed up his ass. The dick sucking is good but when Alessio works his throbbing cock inside Alex, the look on the pigs face is one of pure ecstasy. This guy was transported to a different world once Alessio got going, slamming that thick beautiful meat into Alex until they both let loose with cum loads that will have you rewinding repeatedly!


Alphamales: Daxton Ryker, Matt Stevens (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 14, 2017 (Alphamales: Daxton Ryker, Matt Stevens)

Filmed entirely on location in Fort Lauderdale, this scene with Matt Stevens and Daxton Ryker was smoking hot from the start. It helps that they were the perfect pair to add to our production. After picking them up and bringing them to our not-so-secret location, they could barely contain themselves. …

Alphamales: Marcos Mateo, Ray Dalton (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 7, 2017 (Alphamales: Marcos Mateo, Ray Dalton)

Filming on location you never know what you’re going to get. You’re always going to encounter things you can’t control…weather, lighting, voyeurs. And when you’re filming at a place like Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, you’re going to be guaranteed of two things. The scene is going to be hot and it’s going to be sleazy! …

Alphamales: Christian Matthews, Geoff Gregorio (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 31, 2017 (Alphamales: Christian Matthews, Geoff Gregorio)

When it comes to sex, a quick raw fuck while on break is fun. Hell, who doesn’t like fast and furious? Especially if you’re pressed for time . Sometimes, though, it’s good to take your sweet time. Christian Matthews and Geoff Gregorio, still dressed in their work clothes, take it outside, nice and slow. …

Alphamales: Tyler Phoenix, Max Cameron (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 24, 2017 (Alphamales: Tyler Phoenix, Max Cameron)

There’s nothing like being outdoors and under the sun, on a patio near a swimming pool. Something about the combination just gets you horny and with little provocation, you’re soon hard. Which is exactly the situation Tyler Phoenix and Max Cameron find themselves in. The two make out for a bit, still dressed, but they don’t remain dressed for long. …


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