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AllAmericanHeroes: Sergeant Randy Fucks Lieutenant Zach (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 2, 2016

Randy loves to show yoga tricks to his military buddies. So today, he’s challenging Zach to some new positions. They roll out the yoga matt and the first thing Zach does is put his foot behind his head. Not to be outdone, Zach shows how a handstand is done. Under the pretense of doing some stretches, Zach ends up on the floor on his back with Randy sucking his dick. Randy stands and Zach hops on his knees to reciprocate the oral favors. The muscular stud climbs on the couch and sticks his ass in the air so Randy can lick his butthole really good. Then our ginger stud sits back and lets Zach glide his dick deep inside his hole. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Corporal Chris Fucks Sergeant Randy (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 5, 2016

Randy is showing his Navy buddy a few new PT tricks today. Starting with partner push-ups, the duo transition into some core practice which seems to get them both pretty horny. Randy shimmys down his fly and starts to face-fuck Chris while he lays on his back fondling his dick. This leads to a nice long 69 session before Randy bends over the sofa and offers his ass to Chris. The sailor jams his raw dick into Randy’s ginger hole, grunting with pleasure. Then Randy lays back and Chris takes advantage to give him a good fuck missionary style. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Corporal Chris Fucks Lieutenant Zach (Bareback)

Data Released: Apr 12, 2016

Occasionally, in the military, there are times when the dominant and submissive roles need to go out the window. Sometimes a hot officer just wants to be dominated by a hot enlisted guy. But not without a little friendly arm wrestling first. Corporal Chris and Lieutenant Zach are two hot studs that need an excuse to strip down and go at it. They pull up a footlocker and kneel down to see who can dominate the other. Chris takes down Zach, but not without a pretty good fight. Two out of three? Chris is game. In the next round, Chris’ arm is fading though, and Zach manages to take him down. Now Chris’ arm is pretty much out of gas, and Zach dominates him in the final round. To the victor go the spoils. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Petty Officer Cam Fucks Lieutenant Zach (Bareback)

Data Released: Jan 5, 2016

In the military, officers and enlisted are not supposed to hang with each other. And they’re definitely not supposed to fuck. But in the real world, they both want to trade roles. Officers are constantly required to be in control of everyone, and on top of everything. Enlisted are supposed to submit and follow. But when they are off duty, officers want to be dominated by hard core enlisted studs, and enlisted guys want nothing more than to fuck their leaders full on. Petty Officer Cam and Lieutenant Zach are no exception. Once they are out of their uniforms, they immediately start scoping each other out. They trade a few workout tips, but Zach has a different tip in mind. They start off with a few modified crunches, but by the time they get to the leg lifts, it’s all over. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks Staff Sergeant Alex (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 27, 2015

Corpsman Logan is a very take charge kind of guy, and that pretty much is what Staff Sergeant Alex likes about him. As the two get down to a little workout, Logan starts right off leading. In a few moments, both studs are breaking a sweat, and so they throw off their shirts and blouses and start working on their abs. Alex gets worked over hard until he is maxed out, then gets up to find himself eye level with Logan’s bulging package. He can’t help himself and puts a hand right on it. Logan grins wide as Alex gets his lips to work on his cock, under the firm direction of Logan. After taking a few slow and easy strokes, Logan presses his hand on the back of Alex’s head and drives his cock right into his buddy’s throat until his gag reflex triggers. Logan lets him come up for air before filling his throat again. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Civilian Marten Fucks Corporal Adam (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 1, 2015

Civilian Marten has a few buds in the military he likes to hang out with, and he has always wanted to strip down and get into it with one of them. So he invited himself over to Corporal Adam’s place to get a few tips on getting in shape. Adam is normally in charge all day, leading fellow Marines, and wants nothing more than to surrender to his hot stud civilian friend, so he eagerly agrees for him to come over. The two start off by tossing their shirts in the corner and size each other up with a couple matches of arm wrestling. They both take one match each, so they decide to go one more match to see who will surrender their hot ass for use and abuse. Marten wins, and Adam gets ready to assume the position and throw his legs in the air. …

AllAmericanHeroes – Lieutenant Zach, Civilian Reid (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 21, 2015

Lieutenant Zach is showing Reid some of the secrets to physical fitness he learned while in the military. He starts with some deep squats, show off their lower body muscle strength. Then some stretching exercises have the boys on the floor, giving a more hands-on demonstration. Zach comes up behind Reid and presses gently on his back while his deep voice whispers the instructions into his ear. Now standing, the guys get even closer with upper body stretches. Before they know it, they’re face to face and just inches separate their lips. Zach goes in for a deep kiss, which Reid doesn’t resist. Reid works his way down Zach’s muscular chest, then further down to his navel; finally landing his face square in Zach’s crotch. He quickly helps Zach out of his pants and begins an expert blowjob, swallowing every inch of the stiff meat. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Navy Corpsman Logan Fucks EMT Kayden


Data Released: Jun 23, 2015

Physical Training (PT) is a vital and regular part of our service members’ and first responders’ lives. Whether at home, or abroad, the work can be physically intense. Carrying another person requires a lot of core strength, and so Navy Corpsman Logan likes to team up with a workout buddy to help keep himself physically primed and ready. EMT Kayden is working hard to get himself bulked up, so he’s happy to get together with his buddy to get in a good workout and break a bit of a sweat. They start off with some good core strength exercises, including sit ups, modified pushups, etc. Once Logan gets ahold of Kayden’s ankles, he can see that his buddy’s ass cheeks have some amazing definition. That is more stimulation than Logan can resist, and before Kayden can get in his first rep, Logan is pressing his crotch down on Kayden’s cheeks, and taking full control of his buddy’s body. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Lifeguard Brian & Petty Officer Rizzo


Data Released: Jun 2, 2015

Lifeguard Brian has been wanting to step up his workout routine, so he decided to hit up his buddy, Petty Officer Rizzo for a few pointers. Rizzo takes pride in keeping himself fit and trim, and he’s had an eye for Brian since they met, so he was only too happy to help out in any way he could. The two studs get right to it as they strip off their shirts to get loosened up. Rizzo starts him off light with some pushups. After a good set of those he has Brian get on all fours to brace him as he does some dips. Then its Brian’s turn to work out his triceps before they both move on to some situps. But those are not the exercises that Rizzo is really after. He reaches right down to Brian’s crotch, to get a feel for the main muscle under his shorts. In moments, he throws off Brian’s shorts and gets his lips right on Brian’s raging hardon. …

AllAmericanHeroes: Emt Kayden & Lieutenant Zach


Data Released: May 20, 2015

Lieutenant Zach trained hard when he was in the military. Zach, like anyone who has ever served in the officer corps, was held to the higher physical standards set for those who seek to lead America’s fighting forces. He likes to share his knowledge and enthusiasm at any chance he gets. So when his buddy, EMT Kayden asked him to give him a few workout pointers, Zach was only too happy to help out. The two start off with some face to face pushups, and already, there is electricity in the air. Next, they start on some sit up sets, but Kayden has some other ideas for the kind of workout he would like from his buddy. He stops Zach in mid-situp, spreads his legs, and lip locks immediately. Zach seems aware that his lips were in need of a workout and the two get down to a heavy lip on lip workout. Kayden works his lips down Zach’s ripped body, peels back his buddy’s jeans, and gets a mouth full of Zach’s thick cock. …


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