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8TeenBoy: Jimmy Andrews, Caleb Gray (See Something You Like?) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Jimmy Andrews, Caleb Gray: See Something You Like

Data Released: Mar 28, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Jimmy Andrews, Caleb Gray: See Something You Like)

Caleb Gray swings by schoolmate Jimmy Andrews’ house when the boy’s are through with their after school workout. Caleb waits on his buddy’s bed while Andrews jumps in the shower and winds up getting an eyeful of Jimmy’s Johnson when he returns! Andrews asks if the kid sees something he likes. He does. So, Jimmy tempts the twink to do something about it…..which he ALSO does! Still sitting on the bed, Gray is in a prime spot with Andrews’ appendage looming large right in his face. He gives his classmate a grade A knob gobble with a side on cocky confidence in the form of dirty talk about his big rig. Andrews finally bends down to taste himself on Caleb’s lips; then, he kisses Gray’s tight torso all the way down stopping at the boy’s bone. He deep throats the kid’s cock and sucks the balls beautifully while stealing sweet kisses in between. Since they’re new fuck buds, he asks Caleb if he wants his ass eaten to which he replies “fuck yeah!” Jimmy pushes Caleb’s legs in the air and plunges his darting tongue deep in the kid’s smooth hole. …

8TeenBoy: Dustin Cook, Adam Hunt, Ethan Helms (Open Invitation) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Dustin Cook, Adam Hunt, Ethan Helms: Open Invitation

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Dustin Cook, Adam Hunt, Ethan Helms: Open Invitation)

Young puppy lust is in the air when Dustin Cook brings home a tasty young trick in the form of absolutely edible Ethan Helms. They breeze by Dustin’s roommate Adam Hunt looking scrumptious on the couch and head for Cook’s bedroom to get some cock! After a little tonsil hockey, Dustin unwraps Ethan’s giant package and gets to suckin’ his big baby arm. Dustin’s dick could use a good licking as well and he isn’t shy about shoving his schlong in Helms’ hungry hog sucker. Cook’s curious if Ethan’s ass is just as amazing as the front of him and he’s more than happy to TASTE that it is. After a thorough ass eating, Cook crams his bareback boner inside Helms’ hot hole and hammers the hell out of him while holding his slender hips. Just then, Dustin’s dick hungry roomie appears at the door and the doggy style duo invite him to join. Adam happily enters the room AND Ethan’s mouth with his beautiful blond boy boner. …

8TeenBoy: Bryce Foster, Tristan Adler (Cum Join Me) (Flip Fuck Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Bryce Foster, Tristan Adler: Cum Join Me

Data Released: Mar 15, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Bryce Foster, Tristan Adler: Cum Join Me)

Bryce Foster made a new buddy at school and he thinks he’s kinda cute but isn’t sure if the newbie is D.T.F, so he tests the waters with a text inviting his crush, Tristan Adler over. He lets him know the door is open and then hops in the shower. #PimpMove! Next thing we know, Adler is knocking on the bathroom door asking if he should wait till dirty boy Bryce is done showering. Foster tests the sexy brunette even further by inviting him into the shower. Tristan takes the bait and before ya know it these two high school hotties are making out and Adler is on his knees in seconds! He works his way down, kissing every inch of Bryce before getting to his bone and going buck wild on the kid’s wang. He gets comfortable REAL quick, ordering Bryce to turn around then sticking his pretty face in the boy’s bubble. Foster’s phallus is rock hard and his ass is aching for some penetration. …

8TeenBoy: Dustin Cook, Jamie Ray (Tasty Twinks) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Dustin Cook, Jamie Ray: Tasty Twinks

Data Released: Mar 12, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Dustin Cook, Jamie Ray: Tasty Twinks)

Still living with mom and dad can be a drag, but tasty twosome Dustin Cook and Jamie Ray arrange an after school “playdate” before the fam get home. In the poster covered teen boy’s bedroom, the guy’s grasp at one another as clothes fall to the floor amongst the beanbags and stuffed animals. The horny hotties invade each other’s mouth’s with tenacious tongues while slipping sweaty palms inside bulging undies. Jamie opens his jaw to suck down Dustin’s dick but it isn’t long before his young hormones get the best of him and he utter’s his dirty desire to “taste” Jamie’s junk. He gives the boy’s boner the business before bending him over and absolutely annihilating his smooth hole with one of the most intense ass eatings ever given by a young guy! …

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Ethan Helms (Afternoon Delight) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Ethan Helms: Afternoon Delight

Data Released: Mar 9, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Ethan Helms: Afternoon Delight)

Join Jared Scott and Ethan Helms on their first date as they get to know one another. The guys chat about school, travel dreams and of COURSE what their favorite attributes in a guy are AND what their into. Ethan is verse but loves to bottom with a big piece of meat and likes a lil’ bit of choking! Lucky for him, Jared has a giant jock and he’s about to find out because the kid’s are headed to his place! A spicy make out session sends Scott south of Ethan’s boxer brief border which is concealing QUITE the package! Scott gives him a grade A knob job before Helms’ curiosity about Jared’s junk gets the best of him and once he gets inside the boy’s jeans…… Jared gets the best head from him! The blond has mad, badass bone sucking skills and deep throats like a pro. From their earlier convo, Jared knows he’s going to be the one finishing the job so he asks for some ass banging of his own first. …

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray, Jared Scott (Quality Time) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray, Jared Scott: Quality Time

Data Released: Feb 2, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray, Jared Scott: Quality Time)

Adorable cutie Caleb Gray has had Jared Scott’s gigantic jock thumping through his brain all day & needs some quality time with his man and that massive member of his! All it takes is some light flirting from Caleb and the cock hungry kid gets his wish! We join their after school sexathon in a hot and heavy make out session that leads Caleb’s salivating cock sucker down south to the dick he’s been day dreaming about. Jared’s piece is definitely all he imagined and then some! The tiny twink tries his hardest but can’t quite get his guy’s goliath down to the gonads, but it sure is fun watching him give it his gag worthy all! Jared pushes his boy’s undies down and returns the cock rocking favor, then he orders Gray to get on top of him so he can eat that incredible ass! …

8TeenBoy: David Rhodes, Bryce Foster (Smooth Moves) (Bareback Flip Fuck)

8TeenBoy: David Rhodes, Bryce Foster: Smooth Moves

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (8TeenBoy: David Rhodes, Bryce Foster: Smooth Moves)

David Rhodes and Bryce Foster are feelin’ frisky at the beach playing a lil’ game of “hand slap” – or more like- using any excuse to touch one another as there is obvious electricity in the air. After winning, blond boy Bryce plants a kiss on tall, dark and handsome David as the two head for home. He may have lost the hand slap game, but David’s dick is winning in the bedroom as his whopper sized wang is waxed and worked on by expert cock jockey Foster. Rhodes wants a piece of Bryce’s bulging bone as well and works the blond’s surprisingly sizable schlong down to the balls while Foster pushes our swarthy, olive skinned hottie by the back of the head to get deeper. …

8TeenBoy: Jamie Ray, Tristan Adler (Boy Bang) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Jamie Ray, Tristan Adler: Boy Bang

Data Released: Jan 26, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Jamie Ray, Tristan Adler: Boy Bang)

There’s an expression “youth is wasted on the young.” That’s definitely not true for tasty young niblets Jamie Ray and Tristan Adler who enjoy every fresh, supple, succulent inch of one another’s massive young manhood. This is a cock filled celebration of living life to the fullest till you’re STUFFED to capacity in an amazingly hot anal encounter! Breathing in one another’s raging hormones from the start with a make out session that’ll get you horned up and pointing due north, Tristan slowly strips Jamie out of his jeans and goes down for a dick inspection the turns into a tornado of a torpedo tongue twirler. …

8TeenBoy: Adam Hunt, Devin Lewis (Tweeting Twinks) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Adam Hunt, Devin Lewis: Tweeting Twinks

Data Released: Jan 24, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Adam Hunt, Devin Lewis: Tweeting Twinks)

We all know it’s hard to get a millennial off their phone, but when big dicked Devin Lewis snuggles up behind a tweeting Adam Hunt he puts that phone down in a second! Thankful he’s getting more attention than Adam’s legion of followers, he sucks the blond’s big boner with a slurping, hot sensuality. He looks into the towhead’s too cute face and gobbles on that gigantic knob, working a wet handy in there while he’s at it. After a mouthwatering boy blow, Hunt hops up, straddles Adam’s pretty face and feeds him his king sized cock before simply easing back to sit onto of Hunt’s huge condom free cock. The tight teen reaches back, spreading his own ample ass to get as much of Adam inside as he can. When Lewis isn’t whacking away, his bodacious boner slaps Adam’s flawlessly tight six pack as Adam gets even more horned up by that sexy sight and slap to his well worked out abs. …

8TeenBoy: Gabe Isaac, Trevor Harris (Doggy Style) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Gabe Isaac, Trevor Harris: Doggy Style

Data Released: Jan 18, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Gabe Isaac, Trevor Harris: Doggy Style)

Gabe Isaac has an adorable doggy dick magnet that he always scores with when taking the pooch for a “cruise.” Today Trevor Harris spies the cute doggy along with the huge hot dog bulging from Gabe’s groin area that he just can’t keep his eyes off of. Isaac invites his new friend back to the house and Trevor’s colossal cock is down Gabe’s gullet in no time! Both boys have BIG blue ribbon boners and both suck cock like winners as well. Trevor tastes Issac’s amazing ass and decides his condom free cock would add to the deliciousness of the dude’s smooth derriere. Harris has mighty hefty low hangers that slap Isaac’s ass as the bed creeks in time with every bangin’ hard schlong slam. …


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