HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Mason Lear (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Mason Lear

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Mason Lear)

In a throwback to the cruising days of the late 70s and early 80s, Mason Lear and Atlas Grant pay homage to days gone by, when you fucked anywhere you found a private, secluded corner, and sometimes maybe even not THAT private. All that’s missing are the poppers as Atlas, sporting a shaved bald head, trimmed beard, sexy body and mouth watering cock, gets down and dirty with his bearded leather otter companion. Both Atlas and Mason get noisy, slurping and slobbering on big fat cock. Atlas then gets busy making a meal out of Mason’s hungry fuck hole. Tattooed Atlas slides his raw cock home, bareback fucking piggy Mason who later drops to his knees for some ass-to-mouth, savoring his own ass juices. But faster than you can say, “Fuck me,” Atlas offers up his big hairy ass for Mason to eat. The otter lubes the ultra furry tattooed bear full of spit then returns the raw favor, taking that sweet hairy muscled ass for a ride in this flip fucking bareback scene full of sweaty action!

GayHoopla: Bradley Whitman, Derek Jones (Flip Flop Fuck)

GayHoopla: Bradley Whitman, Derek Jones

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (GayHoopla: Bradley Whitman, Derek Jones: Flip Flop Fuck)

This scene was legendary before it even came out. Bradley Whitman had come just to shoot a solo scene, but Derek Jones got a look at him and wanted to get into some action. That HUGE dick made Derek a bit nervous, but he knew the pairing would be a hit. Derek talked Bradley into doing a flip-fuck scene. Bradley has never ever even kissed a guy, but someone as handsome as Bradley… hey, who better for your first time?” If you wanna see the pre-show antics for this scene, check out Bradley’s solo… it ends with him sticking a few butt plugs up into his asshole (“it felt good”) and getting ready for his first dick. Derek talked him into this, so remind me to send him a something special. …

FuckerMate: Diego Summers, Ricky Ibanez (Join Me On The Couch) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Diego Summers, Ricky Ibanez

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (FuckerMate: Diego Summers, Ricky Ibanez: Join Me On The Couch)

Our sexy bottom Ricky Ibanez has been away for long time and today is back, eager to bottom for the naked DJ Diego Summers, that loves to fuck smooth and athletics Latin mates. When Ricky joins Diego on the couch, he realizes how big is the bulge the Dutch mate got inside his underwear and soon he finds himself sucking on that solid thick boner. After almost slamming his jaw to get Diego’s horny cock all inside his mouth and having his hole licked in return, Ricky offers his ass to his top buddy and abandons himself to his will!

FalconStudios: Skyy Knox, Michael Delray (Love and Lust in New Orleans)

FalconStudios: Skyy Knox, Michael Delray

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (FalconStudios: Skyy Knox, Michael Delray: Love and Lust in New Orleans)

It’s a rainy day in New Orleans and Michael Delray and Skyy Knox have been out enjoying the sights and having some lunch. By the time they make it back to the house, they’re soaking wet and need to get out of their clothes. Skyy can see that Michael has a raging hard-on inside his undies and gets to work taking it all the way down his throat. It’s a big dick, but Skyy can manage the whole thing and when Michael is at full mast, he decides to return the favor. Michael gets on his knees and services Skyy’s extra-long foreskin and big tight balls. Both studs are raging hard now and Michael can’t resist taking a taste of Skyy’s smooth hole. …

ExtraBigDicks: Conner Mason, Maxx Monroe (Teacher Loves Big Cock)

ExtraBigDicks: Conner Mason, Maxx Monroe

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (ExtraBigDicks: Conner Mason, Maxx Monroe: Teacher Loves Big Cock)

Conner is in his office when his student Maxx comes in. Conner is concerned because he has noticed that Maxx has been distracted and very fidgety in class as of late. Specifically, he has noticed that Maxx keeps tugging and playing with his huge cock through his clothes. The entire time Conner is talking to Maxx, he is tugging on his cock. Conner offers to see if there is a problem and to help Maxx. As soon as Conner sees how big Maxx’s cock is, he drops to his knees and starts sucking it. Maxx then moves to playing with Conner’s ass and at his request, he begins fucking his Teacher right on his desk. Maxx fucks Conner all over the desk leaving it sweaty and messy once they both blow their heavy loads.

CockyBoys: Sean Zevran, Vincent O’Reilly

CockyBoys: Sean Zevran, Vincent O'Reilly

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (CockyBoys: Sean Zevran, Vincent O’Reilly)

“I get horny every time I work out”. So says Vincent O’Reilly to Sean Zevran after they get back from the gym and that’s all Sean needs to hear. He pulls Vincent in for some passionate kissing, their still sweaty bodies pressed together. Shorts come off, their big thick cocks flop out and grow hard almost instantly. Vincent quickly drops to his knees and sucks Sean relentlessly, taking him into his throat as Sean face fucks him. Sean returns the favor with the same enthusiastic expertise but even this pro gags on Vincent’s giant mushroom cock. Sean takes charge when he swiftly bends Vincent over and buries his mouth and into the crevice crevice of his rock hard meaty ass. …

ChaosMen: Bronson, Timmy: RAW

ChaosMen: Bronson, Timmy: RAW

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (ChaosMen: Bronson, Timmy: RAW)

Bronson is moving along on his limits. I keep trying to put him in situations that feel natural. I thought a massage themed video would keep him in familiar territory, but didn’t want to be restricted to the balancing act that can occur having sex on a massage table. So we started with a massage on the bed. Timmy oils him up, relaxing Bronson immediately, maybe too relaxed? He pulls his underwear off. Initially, I think Bronson was being tickled with beard stubble between his ass cheeks. But he perks-up when Timmy’s tongue dives in deep. Bronson gets a dominate vibe and pushes Timmy’s face further into his hole. …

Bromo: Brad Powers, Leo Luckett (Raw Lock Up, Part #3) (Bareback)

Bromo: Brad Powers, Leo Luckett

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (Bromo: Brad Powers, Leo Luckett: Raw Lock Up, Part #3)

Brad Powers is looking for some leftover ass to punish and he’s in luck! Leo Luckett is fully addicted to the Raw Lock Up and he’s back for more raw anonymous cock. These two don’t even have time for a mattress to fuck on before Brad fills Leo’s sweet bubble butt to the brim with his hot load. This ‘punishment’ is starting to look like a reward!

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Jimmy Andrews (Dirty Boys) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Jimmy Andrews

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (8TeenBoy: Jared Scott, Jimmy Andrews: Dirty Boys)

There’s great BIG benefits that cum from sharing an apartment with one bathroom, especially for bathroom buddies Jared Scott and Jimmy Andrews. Jimmy wakes up to find giant dicked Jared got the jump on the hot water, but things get even hotter when he invites Jimmy to join. Andrews gives Scott’s clean cock a spit shine and and does the same to his soapy fresh fuck hole. Warm, wet and ready Jared gets a raw rear ender from Andrews with one leg up so we can catch all the bareback, ball slapping action as Jared jacks his colossal cock. …

CockSureMen: Tristan Baldwin, Brent Biscayne (Bareback)

CockSureMen: Tristan Baldwin, Brent Biscayne

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (CockSureMen: Tristan Baldwin, Brent Biscayne)

It’s a simple rule of nature. Nerds have bigger dicks. When Tristan Baldwin needs tech support, the computer repairman Brent Biscayne is more than happy to help with the “hard drive” in his “lap top.” Once he’s got the computer online. Tristan gives Brent something else to work on. The guys slurp down each others cocks and Tristan lubes up Brent’s hole with his tongue, preparing it for a raw cock. Brent’s ass is the first to be plundered bareback but Tristan Baldwin’s bubble butt isn’t far behind. Each stud gets a hot, hard bareback pounding. Tristan cums while riding Brent’s huge cock bareback, demanding to be fucked deeper and deeper. Our computer repair man finishes up the job with a sticky facial for Tristan Baldwin. Now that’s full-service computer repair.


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