CzechHunter 339 (Bareback)

CzechHunter 339

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (CzechHunter 339)

I met three different boys today, all of them were good sports and showed me their cocks. Fortunately, the best looking one was willing to get more physical. Dan was a young graphic designer. He was at a party the night before so he was a bit tired. He shared a few juicy stories about his sex life with me. He was straight but a long time ago he got sucked off by a guy he met at a bar. I didn’t hesitate and offered him a lot of cash for doing the same for me. Obviously, I wanted a lot more than a blowjob so when he finished, I convinced him to take me to his place. He was so good at sucking that I started to have doubts about his sexual orientation. Then I tried to put my cock up his ass… He was definitely straight and his ass had to pay the price.

ChaosMen: Nathan Cruise, Wright: Serviced

ChaosMen: Nathan Cruise, Wright: Serviced

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (ChaosMen: Nathan Cruise, Wright: Serviced)

The guy that is supposed to be serviced, ends up doing most of the servicing. Nathan Cruise was obsessed with sucking on Wright‘s big uncut cock. Once it was put in front of him, all he wanted to do was suck the cum out of it. Wright sucks back too of course, but you can just tell through out this video that Nathan is hungry for Wright’s cock. Nathan also mentioned he loves rimming, and getting a chance to lick Wright’s hole turned him on even more. Wright gives Nathan a face full of cum, coating most of his face. Wright then scoops it up and jerks Nathan’s cock with his own load. Giving Nathan some extra lube to jerk-off with. Using Wright’s cum to jerk his own dick totally put him over the top, and he busted is own load!

TimFuck: Jairo, Tom Perez (The Brother Fuckers) (Bareback)

TimFuck: Jairo, Tom Perez: The Brother Fuckers

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (TimFuck: Jairo, Tom Perez: The Brother Fuckers)

Some things are worth waiting a lifetime for. If you’re a total perv about real incest (like I am), this is one of those worth-waiting-for scenes. The PEREZ brothers are Mexico City famous. They’ve been cheerfully fucking each other since they were kids. Once they hit their teens, they started getting hired by sex parties and sex clubs. They don’t just share each others flesh, blood and spunk, they’re also both total exhibitionists. While you watch them flip-fuck each other, their muscles gleaming, you’ll have a hell of a time telling them apart. They’re not twins (Jairo is a year younger) but the family resemblance is obvious. …

RawStrokes: Junior, Gabriel Liarh (Bareback)

RawStrokes: Junior, Gabriel Liarh

Data Released: Jan 28, 2018 (RawStrokes: Junior, Gabriel Liarh)

WilliamHiggins: Wank Party #92, Part 2 (RAW, WANK PARTY)

WilliamHiggins: Wank Party #92, Part 2

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (WilliamHiggins: Wank Party #92, Part 2)

WilliamHiggins: Wank Party #92, Part 1 (RAW, WANK PARTY)

WilliamHiggins: Wank Party #92, Part 1

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (WilliamHiggins: Wank Party #92, Part 1)

Wank Party #92 features 4 hot str8 guys, Laco Meido, Dan Holan, Tomas Salek and Franta Tucny. In this first part we see Tomas adjusting his hair when he is joined by Franta to offers to help. Tomas then does the same to Franta. They begin to kiss as well, letting their hand run over each other. Tomas pushes Franta’s jean down a little, reaching inside. Franta opens Tomas jeans and pulls out his stiff cock. Both cocks are soon out and are rock hard as the wank each other while still kissing. Then Tomas leans against the wardrobe as Franta drops to his knees to suck on the stiff cock. Tomas is rock hard as he mouth works on his dick. …

BelAmiOnline: Manuel Rios, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich (Double The Pleasure) (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline: Manuel Rios, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich: Double The Pleasure

Data Released: Jan 18, 2018 (BelAmiOnline: Manuel Rios, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich: Double The Pleasure)

In part 1 Manuel Rios barebacks Andrei Karenin and Brian Jovovich, and in part 2 Manuel gets double-fucked by Brian and Andrei.

BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #68 (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #68

Data Released: January 2018 (BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #68)

MEN (Gods Of Men): Izaak Aziz, Jacob Peterson (Honestly)

MEN (Gods Of Men): Izaak Aziz, Jacob Peterson: Honestly

Data Released: Jan 30, 2018 (MEN (Gods Of Men): Izaak Aziz, Jacob Peterson: Honestly)

Izaak joins Jacob in the shower and makes it even hotter and steamier.

CorbinFisher: Rocky and Wesley’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Rocky and Wesley's Bi Fuck

Data Released: Jan 31, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Rocky and Wesley’s Bi Fuck)

After his recent performances here on Corbin Fisher, we really thought that Wesley deserved to be the center of attention, so we’re happy to present him in our latest bi tag-team with Rocky! Wesley is definitely not one to complain about being between a hot college stud and a pretty co-ed and Rocky’s on a mission to prove that three is better than two!


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