MeninosOnline: Gutto Ferrari, Tony Dias


Data Released: Sep 13, 2017 (MeninosOnline: Gutto Ferrari, Tony Dias)

MaverickMen (Directs): Three Little Pigs In The Woods (Levi, Chase, Archer) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 6, 2017 (MaverickMen (Directs): Three Little Pigs In The Woods: Levi, Chase, Archer)

Hunter and I took a few of our most voracious little piggies up to the Pocono Mountains for a weekend get away at the Rainbow Mountain Resort. These three sexy hung guys were all about fucking and frolicking in the woods. Levi lost the coin toss and had to be the pass-around bottom and he quickly came to realize that he won the cock lottery, lol. …

MEN (Drill My Hole): Fucked Up Fuckers, Part 2 (Jean Franko, Paddy O’Brian)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Fucked Up Fuckers, Part 2: Jean Franko, Paddy O’Brian)

Paddy is feeling sexually frustrated after having held out for months waiting for his husband to join him. His husband is acting a little off and is just as frustrating. Paddy heads over to see Jean for a quick tension release.

SeanCody: Dougie, Lane: Bareback


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (SeanCody: Dougie, Lane)

Dougie is already back, and ready to use that thick dick of his on a sexy bottom in his first time with a guy… who better than to have Lane there to take it on? “I can’t wait to pound his ass!” Lane was ready to be used, and enjoyed every inch of Dougie’s huge cock… he couldn’t stop even after Dougie finished in his mouth… somebody was definitely cum hungry!

CorbinFisher: Kenny Fucks Alex (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Kenny Fucks Alex)

This episode is all about ass: Kenny’s muscled ass flexed and jiggling as he fucks up into Alex, and Alex’s hot bubble butt being worshiped, licked, fingered, and fucked in a testosterone-fueled frenzy! Kenny is really into Alex’s perfect hole, and Alex can’t get enough cock! This isn’t the kind of guy that likes nice and easy either – he wants to be rammed, choked, and covered in cream! …

Staxus: Camping About (Chester Owen, Rudy Stone) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (Staxus: Camping About: Chester Owen, Rudy Stone)

In terms of friendly welcomes, this surely has to be one of the best! For having made his way through the countryside on-foot, young Chester Owen is greeted at Rudy Stone’s tent with the kind of smooch that would tell anyone that their presence is appreciated almost without measure. Indeed, these horny lovers waste absolutely no time at all in getting down to the show-stopping side of the business. …

NextDoorBuddies: Cameron Dalile’s Bareback Break In (Dante Martin, Cameron Dalile)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (NextDoorBuddies: Cameron Dalile’s Bareback Break In: Dante Martin, Cameron Dalile)

Dante Martin is one lucky guy, as he’s been chosen to break in newbie Cameron Dalile, who has come ready to please and serve. Cameron confesses to getting off on kinky submissive acts, so Dante wastes very little time taking him up on his word, gagging him with his hard cock as Cameron takes every inch and begs for more. Dante returns the favor and Cameron get rock hard, but his gaping hole is begging to be filled, so Dante obliges him, plunging his bareback cock deep inside the first-timer. …

IconMale: You Need a Real Man! (Roman Todd, Alex Chandler)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (IconMale: You Need a Real Man!: Roman Todd, Alex Chandler)

Alex Chandler has had enough of Roman Todd living with them. He tells him he should leave that he’s not welcome anymore. But Roman explains how Rodney Steele wants him to stay and that Alex should stop acting like a little bitch. Alex kind of gets turns on by Roman’s aggressive bad boy attitude towards him! Roman demands him to get down on his needs and suck his cock like a real man! Roman bends Alex over and fucks his pretty boy ass! Till they’re both dripping with cum!

HotHouse: Dark Matter (Josh Conners, Tony Shore)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (HotHouse: Dark Matter: Josh Conners, Tony Shore)

Exhibitionists Josh Conners and Tony Shore enter a dark, smoky room in leather harnesses and jockstraps. These performers are primed to show it all off. Their mutual instincts take over while their lips lock and their crotches grind. After feeling every inch of each other’s bodies, their hands reach to feel the goods in the pouches of their jocks. Josh lets Tony’s big cock out for some air and then promptly gets it into his mouth to let Tony fuck his face. …

HelixStudios: College Cock (Ryan Bailey, Corbin Colby) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (HelixStudios: College Cock: Ryan Bailey, Corbin Colby)

Stuck in small dorm rooms, college roommates often develop close bonds that last a lifetime. Corbin Colby and Ryan Bailey have been roomies for a while in an all boy’s dorm. With jocky hormones at an all time high, tonights the night the hunky lettermen’s dorm gets dickified! In shape, tired of studying and hungry for cock, Bailey slurps his roommate’s solid schlong, gagging on it’s gorgeous girth. …


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