MormonBoyz: Elder Dalton, Bishop Hart (Elder Dalton, Ordination) (Bareback)

MormonBoyz: Elder Dalton, Bishop Hart: Elder Dalton, Ordination

Data Released: Mar 28, 2018 (MormonBoyz: Elder Dalton, Bishop Hart: Elder Dalton, Ordination)

The day has come for Elder Dalton to take one of the biggest steps in his life: that of Ordination into the Order. The young missionary is excited to become a high priest, but he’s also still full of adolescent anxiety and nerves. He trusts the handsome older men to show him what to do, grateful for all they’ve shown him so far. Bishop Hart is eager to bring the boy to his spiritual calling, giving him his final insemination before priesthood. Many in the Brethren have fought to have such an honor, but Hart’s passion for the boy’s tight hole and submission have won out above all others!…

HelixStudios: Angel Rivera, Shane Cook (#HELIX) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Angel Rivera, Shane Cook

Data Released: Mar 27, 2018 (HelixStudios: Angel Rivera, Shane Cook)

Our porntastic series #Helix is back with a top notch, naughty fuck from our favorite new top and bottom, Shane Cook and Angel Rivera! The guys answer your questions and act out your fantasies directly from the fans on Twitter. The scene starts off with a bang. A request for a passionate kiss breaks the ice for the fantasy couple’s first scene together, this makes them comfortable to answer every query in deliciously dirty detail! We find out SO much about our boys this go round, such as how they’re liking filming in Vegas and their future dreams to their favorite fuck positions and much more. The questions move to requests and both boys get asked to flex. They flex their biceps and bounce their pecs while stealing sultry glances at each other as the sexual tension builds. Shane tickles Angel’s feet by request before they get asked to spank one another’s bare bottoms. …

CzechHunter 347 (Bareback)

CzechHunter 347

Data Released: Mar 28, 2018 (CzechHunter 347)

I was hunting around a shopping mall at the outskirts of Prague and it went badly. I had absolutely no luck. I decided to take a break and have a lunch at the food corner. There I noticed a young boy eating. We started chatting and he told me that he stopped there on his way from work. He was a factory worker so I was afraid he might be too tired for my crazy ideas. But once I showed him my money, he started bursting with energy. We found a nice secluded place and got busy. The poor boy was freezing but I liked it. The cold tightened all his muscles so I had a great view at his ripped and tattooed body. Not to mention the most important muscle of his body. After I was done with him, I gave him a ride home. I’m sure his girlfriend was happy about the unexpected bonus.

Maskurbate: Zack’s Valentine Retreat

Maskurbate: Zack's Valentine Retreat

Data Released: Mar 13, 2018 (Maskurbate: Zack’s Valentine Retreat)

For Valentine’s day, I paid my friend Zack Lemec a nice spa retreat for 2 days. The only thing I asked him in return was to take some time to capture a couple of live shots in his gorgeous Suite.

JasonSparksLive: Cash Lockhart and Joshua James BAREBACK in Dallas

JasonSparksLive: Cash Lockhart and Joshua James BAREBACK in Dallas

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (JasonSparksLive: Cash Lockhart and Joshua James BAREBACK in Dallas)

Cash Lockhart has been around for some time now but out of the vaults we’ve got his very first scene with the tattooed expert cocksucker Joshua James. It was clear from day one that Cash was born to fuck. He throws Joshua all around the room plowing his ass with his bare cock. He breeds a huge load deep inside which cums dripping out as he pulls his big dick out of that well pounded hole.

HardBritLads: Harley Everett, Caleb Ramble

HardBritLads: Harley Everett, Caleb Ramble

Data Released: Mar 27, 2018 (HardBritLads: Harley Everett, Caleb Ramble)

In their shiny sports kit, our hot muscled lads start off with some passionate kissing and groping. At 6 foot 4, skinhead bodybuilder Harley Everett is a huge bloke, towering over cute horny Caleb. Taking off their tops for some hot nipple play, both lads have amazing bodies. Caleb is tightly honed and muscular, with an amazing six pack and great legs. Harley has huge shoulders and biceps, and the biggest pecs I ever saw. After licking and sucking hard nipples, they reach inside each others shorts, eager to get their cocks out. Both have big thick uncut cocks, Harley’s dick has a very large bulging head on it, and his dick curves upwards while Caleb’s is dead straight, and thick all the way to the base. Eager to please, he drops to his knees and gets to work on Harley’s meaty 8- incher, sucking deep and tugging on his big low hanging balls, which turns Harley on big time. Caleb tries sucking deeper, and struggles a bit with the last inch, but manages to get all the way to the base, making Harley moan with pleasure. …

FamilyDick: John Smith, Mark Smith (High School Days, Chapter 6: Faking Sick) (Bareback)

FamilyDick: John Smith, Mark Smith: High School Days, Chapter 6: Faking Sick

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (FamilyDick: John Smith, Mark Smith: High School Days, Chapter 6: Faking Sick)

Scruffy daddy John has proven time and again that he only wants what’s best for his boy and will do anything to help him out. But he’s got needs, too! In exchange for getting his step son out of his test, Mark is going to have to give him something in return: his sweet, tight, virgin hole. Step dad John finally gets to fuck his boy aggressively and passionately, giving him his bare cock as his son squirms beneath him!

Eurocreme: Gabriel Phoenix, Felipe Capuco (Out The Back)

Eurocreme: Gabriel Phoenix, Felipe Capuco: Out The Back

Data Released: Mar 27, 2018 (Eurocreme: Gabriel Phoenix, Felipe Capuco: Out The Back)

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Taylor Reign

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Taylor Reign

Data Released: Mar 27, 2018 (CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Taylor Reign)

Their pairing is a long time coming and Taylor Reign & Ashton Summers want this to last with some slowly seductive foreplay. As they make out they’re entranced with each other AND their reflection in the mirror. Taylor strip-teases his ass in front of a naked & stroking Ashton who in turn wants some head before he gives him his cock. Taylor eagerly obliges with some deep sucking that practically melts Ashton…who still manages to reach over and play with the ass he’s about to own. Ashton turns Taylor around and up against the mirror, then spreads his cheeks to rim him so well that Taylor begs to be fucked. Ashton doesn’t make him wait and slides his cock into Taylor to give him full force fucking, with some manhandling that Ashton just knows he wants. …

BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Brian Bonds (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Brian Bonds

Data Released: Mar 28, 2018 (BreedMeRaw: Bishop Angus, Brian Bonds)

Revenge sex is the best sex, isn’t it? Earlier in the week, Brian Bonds had his way with hot bottom boy Scott Riley but for his last scene of the week Brian had to be bottom for Scott’s big muscle bear boyfriend Bishop Angus. Well let me tell you, Bishop held nothing back. It was like poking the bear and watching to find out what happens. And let me tell you Brian got the fuck of his life. He was holding on for dear life just hoping Bishop didn’t rip him a new hole. Brian could not walk off this set when Bishop was done pile driving his slut hole!


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