SeanCody: Jax, Brysen: Bareback

SeanCody: Jax, Brysen: Bareback

Data Released: Jun 16, 2018 (SeanCody: Jax, Brysen: Bareback)

Brysen has been hitting the squat rack hard – and it shows! Jax couldn’t help but stare at Brysen’s big muscle ass. “I hope there’s enough booty there to take that fucking hog you’re hiding in your pants”, Brysen said. Jax was very confident it would fit. “I think you’ve got plenty of ass for me”, he said. “I’m gonna fucking ride that dick harder that you’ve ever had it rode in your life”, proclaimed Brysen. There’s no dick too big for him!

SeanCody: Hayes, Kaleb: Bareback

SeanCody: Hayes, Kaleb: Bareback

Data Released: Jun 14, 2018 (SeanCody: Hayes, Kaleb: Bareback)

Both guys jumped straight into action! Kaleb gorged on Hayes’s meaty dick, who followed by fucking him good and hard – his big balls slamming the bottom’s ass. There’s nothing hotter than watching two sexy studs going at it!

RawFuckClub: Dakota Wolfe Gang Bang (Bareback) (Full Video)

RawFuckClub: Dakota Wolfe Gang Bang

Data Released: Jun 16, 2018 (RawFuckClub: Dakota Wolfe Gang Bang)

Featuring: Dakota Wolfe, Jake Morgan, Seth Knight, Ryan Powers, Sam Bridle, Billy Warren.
Dakota Wolfe is one dirty little bottom. During a black party pregame, Jake Morgan, Seth Knight, Ryan Powers, Sam Bridle, Billy Warren stopped by and got their cocks wet dicking Dakota’s throat and pounding his hole. One thing is for sure Dakota is ready to take loads and the first few are just a warm-up. The deep dicking continues on Dakota Wolfe as he lays back and has five hung and hard tops pound his hole out and drop loads.

NextDoorRaw: Julian Grey, Blake Hunter (Cum Shower) (Flip Fuck Raw)

NextDoorRaw: Julian Grey, Blake Hunter: Cum Shower

Data Released: Jun 20, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Julian Grey, Blake Hunter: Cum Shower)

As Blake Hunter showers himself off, he doesn’t realize his front door has blown open from the wind. Nosy neighbor Julian Grey sees the open door and thinks something might be wrong, so he takes it upon himself to check on Blake. When he finds him naked in the shower, Blake is shocked and covers himself up, telling Julian that everything is fine. But as Julian moves closer and closer, Blake realizes Julian didn’t just drop by to check up on him. Julian reaches out and kisses Blake, pulling him in closer, as Blake slips his hand inside Julian’s waistline, running his fingers over the bulge in Julian’s pants. They make their way to Blake’s bedroom and Julian kisses his way down Blake’s body, wrapping his lips around Blake’s cock as he lay on his stomach and spreads his legs. …

NextDoorRaw: Dante Martin, Mathias (Pipe Cleaner) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Dante Martin, Mathias: Pipe Cleaner

Data Released: Jun 16, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Dante Martin, Mathias: Pipe Cleaner)

To say that Mathias is an uncooperative roommate would be an understatement, as Dante Martin is just now realizing. Trying to clean for his party later that evening, Dante doesn’t mind that Mathias isn’t really helping, but it seems like he’s going out of his way get in the way, and Dante wonders what the fuck Mathias’ problem is. Turns out, Mathias doesn’t want to wait to party, and when he looks him deep in the eyes, suddenly Dante realizes what’s really on Mathias’ mind. He pulls him in closer and the two of them kiss, as they both hurry out of their clothes. Mathias shoves Dante to his knees and feeds him his cock, as Dante deep throats it and strokes himself off. …

NextDoorRaw: Charlie Pattinson, Blaze Austin (Cocks and Crunches) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Charlie Pattinson, Blaze Austin: Cocks and Crunches

Data Released: Jun 13, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Charlie Pattinson, Blaze Austin: Cocks and Crunches)

The progress Blaze Austin has made with trainer Charlie Pattinson has Charlie admitting a bittersweet truth to himself. On the down side, he realizes Blaze doesn’t really need him as a trainer much longer. On the plus side, Charlie finally feels free to pursue Blaze in a way that isn’t so professional. He tells Blaze the news and Blaze agrees that they should stop training and start fucking… immediately.

CorbinFisher: Collin Creams Brady (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Collin Creams Brady

Data Released: Jun 20, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Collin Creams Brady)

Collin and Brady have been hanging out, and we couldn’t help but notice their natural chemistry together. Brady hasn’t been here very long, but it’s nice to see him already stepping up to welcome newbie Collin to the team. These two lean studs strip down and Brady puts Collin right to work sucking his dick, before showing off his own talents with Collins’ enormous cock. After stretching out Brady’s mouth, Collin goes to town on his ass, getting his huge member all the way inside Brady. …

CorbinFisher: Dru and Trey: Playing Around (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Dru and Trey: Playing Around

Data Released: Jun 18, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Dru and Trey: Playing Around)

Dru and Trey’s walk around the stables on a hot day gets more than their blood pumping. Blond stud can’t wait to get the scruffy brunette Trey onto his saddle. They make out on the fence, then take the action inside. The two tall, muscular studs are all over each other. Trey rides Dru’s cock hard and fast – and it won’t be long until they both fire off some hot loads!

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland, Gabriel Phoenix (Drenched)

MenAtPlay: Dato Foland, Gabriel Phoenix: Drenched

Data Released: Jun 15, 2018 (MenAtPlay: Dato Foland, Gabriel Phoenix: Drenched)

Dato Foland is trying to relax and sunbathe by the pool. Up walks Gabriel Phoenix who is rudely yammering on his cellphone and ending Dato’s serenity.

FuckerMate: Mario Galeno, Patrick Dei (After-Shower Bang) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Mario Galeno, Patrick Dei: After-Shower Bang

Data Released: Jun 15, 2018 (FuckerMate: Mario Galeno, Patrick Dei: After-Shower Bang)

Mario Galeno and Patrick Dei are this week’s horny mates ready to get spicy in the shower. A long after-shower fuck session that continues on the sofa and then in the bedroom. After some heavy kissing Patrick goes down on Mario and swallows his thick uncut cock. Mario then returns the favour rimming the adorable latin’s asshole and giving Patrick a first bareback ride right there on the sofa. When Mario Galeno realizes that Patrick Dei is fucking horned up. He knows that Patrick wants to get banged harder the two friends move to the bed. Patrick takes Mario’s Brazilian dick raw and deep from every angle until pumping out his sticky juice and taking a huge facial load from Mario!


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