FalconStudios: Hook’d (Brent Corrigan, Ian Greene)


Data Released: Mar 17, 2017 (FalconStudios: Hook’d: Brent Corrigan, Ian Greene)

Brent Corrigan takes a look at his phone and notices a particularly hot guy on the grids: Ian Greene. Ian likes what he sees in Brent’s pics, so they arrange to hook up. As soon as Brent arrives at Ian’s place, Ian gets to work servicing Brent’s big cock. Thick, slippery spit lubes the shaft of Brent’s cock as Ian works his deep-throating magic. …

ExtraBigDicks: Such A Big Cock (Toby Springs, Blaine Kross)


Data Released: Mar 16, 2017 (ExtraBigDicks: Such A Big Cock: Toby Springs, Blaine Kross)

Blaine is showering at the gym thinking nobody is around. He begins to stroke himself as he looks around making sure nobody creeps up on him. He turns his back to the lockers as he strokes his big uncut cock. He’s in his own world until he turns back around and sees Toby staring at him. Blaine quickly turns around and isn’t sure what to say. …

DudesRaw: Bathroom Barebacking (Chris Mathews, Mason Lear)


Data Released: Mar 16, 2017 (DudesRaw: Bathroom Barebacking: Chris Mathews, Mason Lear)

Back at my place with one of the dancers from a local bar, Chris Mathews caught my eye; if that boy can do half as much with his hole as he does with his hips, we’re both in for a hard night. Blowing one another in the shower, I could tell he was measuring me by seeing just how far down his throat I went. Eating Chris’ ass was so good; he opened up fully. …

DebtDandy 183 (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 17, 2017 (DebtDandy 183)

This boy didn’t have the greatest start in life. His parents kicked him out on his 18th birthday. He did this and that to get by. After some time he even managed to find this relatively nice apartment. He only had one room but he finally had a home. He was sure that things would only go better from now on. …

DarkAlleyXT: Two Loads For You (Victor Zavatt, Junior Marques) (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 16, 2017 (DarkAlleyXT: Two Loads For You: Victor Zavatt, Junior Marques)

Victor Zavatt is fucking warm and he’s got a big dick. Senior Marques is just a cock sucking base. Simply wait till two masses drop fucking the daylights from him.

CollegeDudes: Grayson Danielz’s Ass Pounded By Conner Mason


Data Released: Mar 16, 2017 (CollegeDudes: Grayson Danielz’s Ass Pounded By Conner Mason)

What starts out as an innocent study session between students leads to something a lot more fun When Grayson Danielz helps Conner Mason relax after some tense exam prep. A few shoulder rubs leads to some making out, and then these two horny guys are giving up the kisses for some cock as they suck on each other’s sweet dicks! …

ChaosMen: Easton, Vander: Flip Fuck RAW


Data Released: Mar 17, 2017 (ChaosMen: Easton, Vander: Flip Fuck RAW)

Pure Energy! Vander has done Rubbed videos before, but has never been the one getting the ‘massage.’ Easton, who loves to be a Top, took control and Vander is more than a willing Bottom. We also get to see Easton bottom for the first time, and bless his heart, Bryan had to start him with thick-dicked Vander! Sorry Easton! Easton struggles at first to sit on Vander’s cock, but takes it like a champ! This video has everything! Kissing, foot action, rimming, ass to mouth, creampies and more! It is an extra-long video because every moment is delicious! Head over to ChaosMen for more!

Bromo: Break (Guy Houston Fucks Michael Roman)


Data Released: Mar 17, 2017 (Bromo: Break: Guy Houston Fucks Michael Roman)

Michael Roman and Guy Houston take on each other’s muscled bodies and thick cocks in this intense bareback scene. The guys waste no time and get right down to business with Michael deep- throating Guy then sitting on Guy’s throbbing cock and riding it like a champ. The two intensely fuck until Guy blows his load all over Michael’s ass.

BiLatinMen: Sparks, FYT, Kronik


Data Released: Mar 16, 2017 (BiLatinMen: Sparks, FYT, Kronik)

BarebackThatHole: Dolf Dietrich, Billy Warren (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 17, 2017 (BarebackThatHole: Dolf Dietrich, Billy Warren)

We’re always surprised when a top decides to bottom. But, hey. Who are we to ask questions? Especially when the guy who wants to bottom is none other than tattooed muscle hunk Dolf Dietrich. The dark-haired, pierced stud sucks good dick but when it comes down to getting fucked, he needs a moment alone. Fingering himself, handsome Dolf gets preps his hole Billy Warren, or so he thinks. …


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