NextDoorOriginals: Paid In Full (Dean Phoenix, Leo Luckett) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Paid In Full: Dean Phoenix, Leo Luckett)

When his yard worker Leo Luckett knocks on his door for back payment, Dean Phoenix thinks there might be something else going on, especially since Leo keeps eyeballing the bulge in his pants. As Dean comes out of his upstairs bedroom and finds a shirtless Leo there to greet him, his suspicions prove true, and when Leo tells him he needs a little something extra, Dean grabs him and brings him into his bedroom, throwing him down on his stomach and eating his perfect boy ass while Leo’s eyes roll back from pleasure. …

MormonBoyz: Elder Gardner, The Atonement (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (MormonBoyz: Elder Gardner, The Atonement)

When Elder Gardner was called back to the temple, he was full of excited anticipation. He knew he was once again going to meet with President Ballard and it made his heart race. The president and he had become very intimate, spending most of their private time together kissing and having sex. It was a sexy secret that made him unbelievably giddy. He knew he was supposed to keep that secret and never talk about his trysts with the handsome president. He was also not to mention the Order or any of the sex he’d been having. …

MenOver30: Our Photographer Is Hot (Trey Turner, Peter Marcus, Michael Roman)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (MenOver30: Our Photographer Is Hot: Trey Turner, Peter Marcus, Michael Roman)

Trey and Michael have come to get some sexy photographs taken of them and when they arrive they discover that their photographer Peter is Hot. After some awkward small talk the two of them seduce Peter and soon all three are enjoying each other! They all exchange blow jobs with each other and then Trey & Michael take turns fucking Peter. Peter then grabs the camera and takes photos of Trey fucking Michael. He then joins them on the couch and jacks his cock while feeding it to Michael as he watches Trey fuck Michael deep and hard. Peter shoots his warm cum into Michael’s eager mouth and then Michael sprays his load all over the place. Trey comes around and unloads his cum into Michaels awaiting mouth.

KristenBjorn: Bareback Bam (Gabriel Lunna, Bambam)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Bareback Bam: Gabriel Lunna, Bambam)

Gabriel Lunna has been hitting the gym really hard lately and has been admiring the muscular physique of Bambam. Little does Gabriel know, but Bambam has been admiring all of Gabriel’s hard work. Gabriel finally works up the nerve and invites Bambam over after the gym. When they arrive, it is evident what both men want from the other. Gabriel drops to his knees and unharnesses Bambam’s granite cock with its hook at the head that makes it so much easier to glide down Gabriel’s accommodating throat. …

GayRoom (Shower Bait): House Kreeping (Tom Bentley, Maxx Monroe)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (GayRoom (Shower Bait): House Kreeping: Tom Bentley, Maxx Monroe)

GayHoopla: Blast From The Past (Jarod Spear and Cole Money Flip Flop Suck And FUCK)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (GayHoopla: Blast From The Past: Jarod Spear and Cole Money Flip Flop Suck And FUCK)

A real blast from the past with Jarod Spear & Cole Money here fucking. In the midst of chaos, this video actually went missing but luckily, was found. I remember filming this flip-fuck thinking how funny it was to see them fight over who was bottom first. Cole ended up winning that battle and was the first to probe Mr. Spear. Both of these guys have huge cocks and absolutely enjoyed shooting together.

FuckerMate: Cutes That Like It RAW (Santiago Figueroa, Ken Summers)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (FuckerMate: Cutes That Like It RAW: Santiago Figueroa, Ken Summers)

This week we bring you a hot new mate here on Fuckermate: Santiago Figueroa comes from Puerto Rico and apart of his gorgeous face and his perfect body, he got also another big quality that he’ll love to show you. For a handsome guy we needed to find a mate just as cute and so we made Santiago meet with his friend Ken Summers, one of our hottest young mates. As soon as they meet the two boys lose any inhibition and give birth to a bareback fuck that you cannot miss at any cost! Santiago does not even let Ken breathe under the bangs of his huge Latin cock and doesn’t stop until exploding his load all over his bottom friend’s face!

FalconStudios: Looking For the Big One (Pierce Paris, Michael Delray)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (FalconStudios: Looking For the Big One: Pierce Paris, Michael Delray)

When Pierce Paris and Michael Delray get in from a morning on the sunny beach, they can’t keep their hands off each other. The toned studs kiss and feel each other through their shorts until Michael can no longer keep Pierce under wraps. With the flip of the Velcro crotch on Pierce’s board shorts, his swim suit hits the floor and his massive hard dick is revealed. ‘You’re so big,’ Michael observes as his eyes widen and his mouth opens. He gets down to worship Pierce and his extra thick dick, covering every inch of his manhood with his full dick-sucking lips and his eager tongue. Pierce needs to fulfill his hunger and gently pushes Michael to the bed so the two studs can 69. …

CollegeDudes: Ryan Sparks Fucking The Cum Out Of Adrian Joseph


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (CollegeDudes: Ryan Sparks Fucking The Cum Out Of Adrian Joseph)

Adrian Joseph takes a long time to appreciate all the hard work that Ryan Sparks has put into his body, running his hands along Ryan’s chiseled abs and bulging biceps as he places some kisses across those muscular arms. Adrian invites Ryan to lie back on the bed as he massages Ryan’s tights muscles and then massages his cock next! …

ColbyKnox: Colby On Jack (Colby Chambers, Jack Hunter)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (ColbyKnox: Colby On Jack: Colby Chambers, Jack Hunter)

Colby Chambers has invited the very hot Jack Hunter back to the ColbyKnox house for another round of steamy man on man sex. Jack is a tall stud with a huge nine inch cock that Colby is excited to taste. The chemistry between these two guys is undeniable as they are rolling on the bed making out and licking bodies. Colby pulls Jack’s thick nine inches of cock out to see how much of that monster shaft he can get down his throat. …


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