CorbinFisher: Galen Tops Ellis (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 14, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Galen Tops Ellis)

Galen brings his beautiful body, great smile, and hard rod. Ellis brings his hot body, hungry ass, and voracious sexual appetite. Together, they feast with some great guy-on-guy sex! When Galen walked out, Ellis was all smiles all day long. “He’s gorgeous!” …

ActiveDuty: Scott V, James Devlin (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 15, 2017 (ActiveDuty: Scott V, James Devlin)

Now this one falls under the esteemed category of unbelievable. It’s our fresh-faced, fuck machine, Scott, paired up with a sexy recruit we’ve only seen a couple times before, James Devlin. So with Scott poised to ease sweet James into the water, Claude leaves the two to strip down and fatten up their dicks. James turns out to be the eager beaver and leans over to suck Scott first. …

HelixStudios: Raw Booty (Logan Cross, Landon Vega) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 15, 2017 (HelixStudios: Raw Booty: Logan Cross, Landon Vega)

Nothing works up a young boy’s appetite like a nice stroll through the great outdoors; and what these kids are hungry for is cock! Lucky for Logan Cross, Landon Vega has enough to to satisfy the most ravenous fellatio foodie. The latin lover’s penis is perfect; big, thick and beautifully golden brown. It’s so perfect in fact that Logan risks being seen outside on his knees in the park! …

BlakeMason: Luke Desmond, Chris Jansen


Data Released: Jan 15, 2017 (BlakeMason: Luke Desmond, Chris Jansen)

It’s a perfect pairing, the adorable young Chris with the hung and horny Luke, and the fun they share together is amazing to watch! The boys meet in the pool, enjoying the Spanish sun when their hunger for cock takes over. Chris wastes no time getting his lips around that big piece of meat, already hard and throbbing for him. His ass is eager to take it, with Luke prodding his helmet into his pucker and gradually picking up the pace. He soon discovers the sweet young twink can handle more than expected and after sucking on the boys hard uncut dick he returns to plunging into that perfect little hole with greater force and depth, fucking Chris at the edge of the pool until they can’t hold their cum back!

MormonBoyz: Elder Farnsworth (The Calling) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 15, 2017 (MormonBoyz: Elder Farnsworth, The Calling)

Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up. When asked if he was looking at porn, he’d lie and say he wasn’t. The mission president’s nephew had been entrusted with the secrets of the Order, giving him an outlet for a lot of sex. Nevertheless, it was so hard-wired into Farnsworth’s desires for him to look at porn. Eventually the weight of his lies started to bring him down. Not only was he looking at porn when he shouldn’t, he was having unsanctioned sex on workovers with Elder Dobrovnik. The two had fucked before under the watch of his uncle, but lately they’ve been fooling around without the express permission of the Brethren…

Staxus: Rich Bitch, Sc.1 (Chris Jansen, David Sky, Mike Cole) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 15, 2017 (Staxus: Rich Bitch, Sc.1: Chris Jansen, David Sky, Mike Cole)

Horny Butler Leads A Double-Dicked Dash On Chris Jansen’s Ass!
Chris Jansen and David Sky are a couple of well-heeled buddies with a taste for the good life โ€“ which explains why they’ve got a gorgeous butler to help assist them at meal-times, in the form of the ever-delicious Mike Cole. What’s more, their good fortune isn’t just limited to having cash in the bank; for it turns out that their handsome assistant doesn’t just limit his domestic duties to serving meals. …

UKNakedMen: AJ Alexander, Sam Barclay


Data Released: Jan 14, 2017 (UKNakedMen: AJ Alexander, Sam Barclay)

When you pit super sexy Northern stud – Sam Barclay, against the big-uncut cock of Scotland – AJ Alexander we know the shoot will be as fun as it is HOT. These lads are playing with AJ’s sneaker fetish, luv watching that hunk gasping on Sam’s smelly, sweaty sports trainer as he thrusts his weighty, meaty dick up to the bollocks in Sam’s juicy hole! …

TimTales: Tim Kruger, Diego Reyes


Data Released: Jan 13, 2017 (TimTales: Tim Kruger, Diego Reyes)

Tim Kruger got the chance to meet a sexy Spanish mountain of muscles. Diego Reyes is a beast! Just look at those arms. He’s also got these incredible green and hazelnut eyes. And did I mention he loves massive thick cocks? See for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

RawCastings: Casting #410 (Austin Floyd, Jack King)


Data Released: Jan 13, 2017 (RawCastings: Casting #410: Austin Floyd, Jack King)

This is one of those scenes that are so hot to watch, that we could hardly contain our own cocks while filming! Not only do we have the return of muscle hunk Jack King, but also our straight southern newbie, Austin Floyd. Austin totally has the lean nerdy boy look going on, and hiding in his pants a nice full sack and thick cock; a perfect match for our guy Jack King. …

NakedSword: Greasers, Scene 2 (Christian Taylor, JJ Knight)


Data Released: Jan 11, 2017 (NakedSword: Greasers, Scene 2: Christian Taylor, JJ Knight)

Falcon exclusive JJ Knight needs a little help in the homework department and Christian Taylor is more then happy to help – as long as he gets some of JJ’s grade-A cock. After demonstrating killer oral skills the Greaser takes the clean-cut tutor to task by jamming his 12 inch prick all the way up inside Taylor’s sweet open hole.


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