GuyBone: Cord Younglove tops Zeke Johnson raw

GuyBone: Cord Younglove tops Zeke Johnson raw

Data Released: Jun 6, 2018 (GuyBone: Cord Younglove tops Zeke Johnson raw)

Cord hadn’t filmed with us in quite some time, and it’d been even longer since we’d seen Zeke. So when these two studly site favorites happened to decide to come visit at the same time, it was obvious they’d want to film together. I love when GuyBone Guys who have filmed a bunch of scenes, but never with each other, finally get to fuck thanks to fate. Cord was exhausted from his travels so he kicked back on the couch for a nap. He didn’t get many zzz’s, though, because as soon as Zeke arrived, he woke up the sleeping beauty with a sexy kiss. As their bearded mouths met and wet tongues tussled, Cord’s cock stiffened inside his khaki’s and Zeke got to work unbuttoning his dress shirt. I could instantly tell these two had missed being in front of my camera. …

GayHoopla: Derek Jones Fucks Tight Bottom Julian Rodriguez

GayHoopla: Derek Jones Fucks Tight Bottom Julian Rodriguez

Data Released: Jun 8, 2018 (GayHoopla: Derek Jones Fucks Tight Bottom Julian Rodriguez)

We all know Derek “Dirty D” Jones loves to have his way with those tiny boys that he can just throw around. Well, why not serve him up the fit, sexy, teen boy, Julian Rodriguez on a silver plater so Derek can do as he pleases!? So, we did just that. There is something else that is important to mention here, though. Julian had been reading some of the comments members have left on some of his prior GayHoopla scenes and noticed that many of them beg and plead Julian to bottom. He appreciated the love and decided that he would give the fans what they want! …

EricVideos: Aymeric Deville, Tahar, Darko (A Proper Juice Feeding!) (Bareback)

EricVideos: Aymeric Deville, Tahar, Darko: A Proper Juice Feeding!

Data Released: Jun 6, 2018 (EricVideos: Aymeric Deville, Tahar, Darko: A Proper Juice Feeding!)

Aymeric is enjoying his boss’ terrasse, the stormy warm weather is getting him hot and horny, and he’s looking for guys to fill him up. He didn’t have to wait long before Tahar and Darko show up, dick hard and full balls. Aymeric got plowed and filled up good by the 2 guys, especially Tahar who gave him 3 loads in a row! A proper feeding!

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz, Owen Steal (Bareback)

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz, Owen Steal

Data Released: Jun 10, 2018 (ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz, Owen Steal)

Owen is the first to get his mouth wrapped around Quentin’s hard cock. He takes his time with it by slowly sucking and stroking Quentin’s shaft while rubbing his firm muscular legs. Owen likes to cup the balls with his hands while deep throating him and it looks amazing to say the least. Quentin continues to test out Owens mouth skills by standing up and face fucking him for a bit until it’s time for Quentin to drop to his knees and suck on Owen’s big hard cock. Quentin bends Owens thick muscular body over on the bed and slowly pushes his dick deep into his ass and once Owen’s ass sucks it in and opens up Quentin starts to thrust deep and hard giving Owen some amazing pleasure from one of the best here at AD. …

Bromo: James Huck Fucks Ryu (Open And Bred) (Bareback)

Bromo: James Huck Fucks Ryu: Open And Bred

Data Released: Jun 11, 2018 (Bromo: James Huck Fucks Ryu: Open And Bred)

Dark-haired stud James Huck and boyish Ryu get ready to bust a nut! Ryu and his tattooed body get his gag reflex tested with James’s big cock before getting his tight ass pounded and fingered. He gives it to him hard and deep before rimming his ass and ramming his cock back inside. These two will get you so horny you’ll cream just watching them!

Bromo: Morgan Blake, Tobias James (No Holes Barred, Part #3) (Bareback)

Bromo: Morgan Blake, Tobias James: No Holes Barred

Data Released: Jun 8, 2018 (Bromo: Morgan Blake, Tobias James: No Holes Barred)

Chiseled cutie Morgan Blake and beefy Tobias James are sparring in the ring when they both start feeling extra horny. It’s time for a much needed break! Tobias gets down on his knees and takes in every inch of Morgan’s thick, long cock. Getting throat fucked before getting his bubble butt turned around and pumped, both men don’t stop until they each bust a nut!

GuysInSweatpants: Lucas Leon, JJ Knight (Bathroom Barebacking) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Lucas Leon, JJ Knight: Bathroom Barebacking

Data Released: May 26, 2018 (GuysInSweatpants: Lucas Leon, JJ Knight: Bathroom Barebacking)

JJ and his monster cock are back again. On the lucky receiving end this time is muscle hunk, power bottom, Lucas Leon. It’s Lucas’ first time with us, and he and his amazing ass do not disappoint. Like most of us, Lucas loves big dicks, and you can tell by the way he licks, sucks, and worships every inch of JJ’s meaty piece. JJ gets Lucas’ ass nice and lubed up with his mouth, then bends him over the counter before sliding all 10? in and ponding away. You know you have a good bottom when he’s rock hard without ever touching himself like Lucas. You’ll probably never watch a hot muscly bottom gets fucked missionary on a sink and enjoy it as much as Lucas does here. The only thing he enjoyed more was getting fucked even more in the bedroom and eating JJ’s big load!

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde, Hoss Kado, Greyson Lane (Three’s A Party) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde, Hoss Kado, Greyson Lane

Data Released: May 6, 2018 (GuysInSweatpants: Austin Wilde fucks Hoss Kado and Greyson Lane: Three’s A Party)

Greyson is new, but with his boyish good looks, cute accent, and ability to take a dick, he’s quickly become a fan favorite! This time he gets the pleasure of playing with and getting fucked by Hoss’ nice and wide cock. Since Hoss is a pleaser, he spends a long time with his face buried in Greyson’s ass getting it nice and ready to fuck his brains out. There’s nothing hotter than a guy’s huge balls slapping your ass as he pounds away. In a hot turn of events, since cumming with a dick in your ass is always better, the cameraman jumps in and finishes things off… then blows his load on Greyson’s freshly fucked hole!

BelAmiOnline: Peters Twins: Elijah and Milo Peters (Bareback, Flip Flop)

BelAmiOnline: Peters Twins: Elijah and Milo Peters

Data Released: n/a (Peters Twins: Elijah and Milo Peters: The Ultimate Taboo Finally Broken!)

The highly anticipated ‘Twincest’ video has been made available to BelAmiOnline members via ‘PetersTwins’ To view the video you need simply to join BelAmiOnline or if you’re already a member, head over to PetersTwins, log-in using your BAO credentials and view. ‘PeterTwins’ wrote: So this is the scene that many of you have been hanging out for all month. Milo and Elijah go all the way finally released in video format. We’ll keep the description here to a minimum and let you enjoy the scene.

BelAmiOnline: Peters Twincest Cumpilation (Bareback, Flip Flop)

BelAmiOnline: Peters Twincest Cumpilation

Data Released: n/a (BelAmiOnline: Peters Twincest Cumpilation)

The Peters twins – Milo and Elijah have sex with each other. Milo & Elijah film a home video for you of what they do in private. The Twins go all the way again, but this time with a more personal view of things.


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