RawFuckClub: Fill Him Up (Romero Santos, Luca Duran, Seth Knight, Ricky Alamo, Cris Knight) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (RawFuckClub: Fill Him Up: Romero Santos, Luca Duran, Seth Knight, Ricky Alamo, Cris Knight)

One by one, big dicked studs line up to get a taste of Cris Knight’s juicy, tight hole. Just as fast as they come in, Cris sucks their cock and milks every last dick dry.

HelixStudios: Down The Garrett Hole (Cole Turner, Garrett Graves) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 17, 2017 (HelixStudios: Down The Garrett Hole: Cole Turner, Garrett Graves)

Tall, dark, handsome and horny, Cole Turner gets good and grimy with Garrett Graves from the start in this sexy dick stretcher of a scene. Garrett has a gorgeous mop of dirty blond hair to go along with his dirty mind, which he puts to use on Cole’s cock. Then, Turner turns the tables, giving Graves growing groin some welcomed, warm, wet attention. Cole orders his blond boy to bend over, Turner’s tongue takes over as he ravages the slender sexpot’s smooth ass. …

BlakeMason: Koby Lewis, Kayden Gray


Data Released: Sep 17, 2017 (BlakeMason: Koby Lewis, Kayden Gray)

Kayden is renowned for being a rough and aggressive top and Koby is about to find that out firsthand. Kayden’s blown off his mates in favour of slamming Koby’s hot hole, because the lad’s got his priorities right! Fit young Koby is far too good a distraction for the hung stud, swapping hard uncut cock in the bedroom and getting that immense length of solid dick deep up his ass as Kayden slams him hard and nasty. It’s amazing watching this stud use that big piece in a guy’s rump, especially when he’s humping that cock up into Koby’s hole and making him wank out his load. With his bottom boy done and spent, it’s Kayden’s turn, and he wants to unload all over Koby’s face.

ActiveDuty: Ripley, Jay Ice, Quentin Gainz (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 17, 2017 (ActiveDuty: Ripley, Jay Ice, Quentin Gainz)

Ripley and Quentin are hanging out in the armory chatting about how they are hoping today will be a relaxing day but in the background you can hear Jay coming down the hall. Jay bursts onto the scene, and immediately tells the soldiers to man up and pull their cocks out and begin stroking for him. Jay demands that they reply with, yes Sir, to every command he gives. …

DudesRaw: Pluggin’ Holes (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (DudesRaw: Pluggin’ Holes)

Fuck yeah, this DudesRaw compilation is a tasty combo of boys, cocks and holes being’ plugged. Shorn or shaggy, the sweet penetration of these boy pussies all end with some messy creampies.

MaleReality: Too Big For Twinks 10 (Richy Silverado, Dick Tracy)


Data Released: Sep 14, 2017 (MaleReality: Too Big For Twinks 10: Richy Silverado, Dick Tracy)

HardKinks: Cleaner Roommate (Miquel Duque, Patrick Evans)


Data Released: Sep 13, 2017 (HardKinks: Cleaner Roommate: Miquel Duque, Patrick Evans)

Master Miquel wants his house cleaned but Patrick is a lazy slave. It’s necessary to teach him discipline trough humiliations and hard orders, this time the slave will learn to serve his alpha macho.

BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #47 (Bareback)


Data Released: September, 2017 (BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue 47)

Issue 47: Andre Boleyn, Kenny Seymour
The following scene with Andre and Kenny is filmed for us by Mr Iresch and is one of three gypsy cousins that Andre brought in for consideration. Unfortunately, none of them made it past two or three scenes. But we know of your fondness for Andre so we will gradually release all 3 of them for you to judge for yourself.
Issue 47: Jean-Luc Bisset, Adam Archuleta
Those still scratching their heads over our editors mention last week of “Kevin style breathing” can give your scalps a rest as this month he only mentions “Nice, natural moaning and sounds of pleasure”. …

MaverickMen: Fuck Me and Cover Me In Cum! (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 12, 2017 (MaverickMen: Fuck Me and Cover Me In Cum!)

We always love hanging out with our buddy, Anthony. He’s always awesome sex. He likes to bottom for us because he says we know how to lay the pipe like professionals. When he recently texted us and said he was in need of a two-cock dick-down, we ran over to his place and delivered. It was a raw, hard and deep fucking with lots of making out, sucking cock, and rimming that sweet, muscular ass. After, we even got naked out on the balcony for all the world to see.

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Desperate Househusband, Part 3: A Gay XXX Parody (Cliff Jensen, Tobias)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Desperate Househusband, Part 3: A Gay XXX Parody: Cliff Jensen, Tobias)

Cliff gets a surprise a.m. visit from an eager cock hungry Tobias. He goes all the way down getting it ready and wet enough to drill his hole. Unfortunately for Cliff, the maid catches him in full action! His wife definitely won’t be happy about this.


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