GuyBone: Zack Acland Tops Avi Jacobs Raw


Data Released: Jun 20, 2017 (GuyBone: Zack Acland Tops Avi Jacobs Raw)

Talk about not being able to wait until I say action to start. These two were all over each other even as I set up equipment. Swelling dicks and wet, nimble tongues were out in full force. This marks both Zack and Avi’s fuck scene debuts on GuyBone. They certainly gave it their all and left no sex stone unturned. …

RawFuckClub: Leave That Ass Leaking (Dolf Dietrich, AD, Jett Rink, Ryan Powers, Hoytt Walker) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 17, 2017 (RawFuckClub: Leave That Ass Leaking: Dolf Dietrich, AD, Jett Rink, Ryan Powers, Hoytt Walker)

Jett Rink wanted a gangbang for his birthday. And our mystery man made sure he got it. One by one hung bearded and tatted studs walked in to give Jett’s thirsty mouth big cock and drop huge loads in his eager ass.

NakedSword: MXXX The Hardest Ride (Sean Duran, Tom Faulk)


Data Released: Jun 17, 2017 (NakedSword: MXXX The Hardest Ride: Sean Duran, Tom Faulk)

There’s nothing better than Texas BBQ, especially when it’s served up by the motocross hunks out at Tom Faulk’s place. Sean Duran arrives with his stripper girlfriend Ahslee (Axle Rose) and things start to go a little crazy. Shots of tequila lead to burnouts on the patio and an impromptu strip show that gives Tom an idea. …

MormonBoyz: Elder Garrett, Elder Xanders: Probation (with Bishop Angus) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 18, 2017 (MormonBoyz: Elder Garrett, Elder Xanders: Probation with Bishop Angus)

Elder Xanders woke up and got undressed. He made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He felt the water to see that it was warm and got under the stream. All this was normal and routine except for one thing: he had to leave the bathroom door open. …

Maskurbate: Everybody Loves Peter (Peter Lipnik, Thomas Friedl) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 13, 2017 (Maskurbate: Everybody Loves Peter: Peter Lipnik, Thomas Friedl)

Ever since Peter made his debut on Maskurbate, everybody wants him. Thomas does too but knows he has to come up with a good plan. He found the HypnoMask at a friend’s apartment and after trying it himself, he decides to use it on Peter. Poor Peter is in for quite a ride. Get ready for some bareback action at its best!

LucasEntertainment: Javi Velaro Rides Lucas Fox’s Raw Cock


Data Released: Jun 19, 2017 (LucasEntertainment: Javi Velaro Rides Lucas Fox’s Raw Cock)

Ace had his fun, so now it’s Lucas Fox’s turn. Lucas tells Ace to wait at home and jerk off while thinking about Lucas going out and being with another man. The hookup is Javi Velaro, and he’s a horny guy who loves having a tall dominant hunk to service. …

LatinBoyz: Tico, Cyco


Data Released: Jun 20, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Tico, Cyco)

IconMale: Teach Me a Lesson (Roman Todd, Brendan Cage)


Data Released: Jun 20, 2017 (IconMale: Teach Me a Lesson: Roman Todd, Brendan Cage)

Closeted married man Brendan Cage seeks religious guidance from caring priest Roman Todd but instead he gets his hungry hole penetrated by the hot younger man’s big, hard cock. Getting his ass slammed is all the guidance he needed!

CockyBoys: Summer Sex with Calvin Banks, Dillon Rossi and Taylor Reign


Data Released: Jun 20, 2017 (CockyBoys: Summer Sex with Calvin Banks, Dillon Rossi and Taylor Reign)

The temptation of summertime sex draws Calvin Banks and Taylor Reign from their chores at the Cocky Boys house, but its the free- form fun of a threesome with Dillon Rossi that turns out to be more alluring. At first it’s just Calvin and Taylor, sitting among the grass and wildflowers, quickly getting playfully affectionate and kissing. …

ButchDixon: Teddy Torres, Chase Acland (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 17, 2017 (ButchDixon: Teddy Torres, Chase Acland)

We know you luv him as much as you’re gonna luv Chase Acland, our stunning, tall, dark and hairy Teddy Torres is back to spread, plough and seed some more raw hole, just for you! We luv watching these, handsome, stunning men as they ditch the rubbers and go at each others hairy holes just as the devil intended RAW. …


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