WilliamHiggins: Jindra Durak, Hugo Antonin (RAW, BONUS, KINK)


Data Released: Feb 17, 2017 (WilliamHiggins: Jindra Durak, Hugo Antonin)

We have a great bonus set from Str8Hell. TheRaunchy Sex scene features Hugo Antonin and Jindra Durak. Jindra has Hugo tied, at the wrists, to a wooden frame in the barn. He is naked and Jindra starts playing with his cock. He kisses his way down the body and takes the cock in his mouth, biting and then sucking on it. Hugo’s cock quickly responds, getting very hard indeed. …

WilliamHiggins: Filo Bruska, Laco Meido (RAW, FULL CONTACT)


Data Released: Feb 18, 2017 (WilliamHiggins: Filo Bruska, Laco Meido)

Filo Bruska and Laco Meido are chatting as they relax on the bed. Filo is in for a screentest, having never had sex with another guy. He seems very relaxed about it, and starts kissing Laco, and feeling all over his body. Opening Laco’s jeans Filo finds that the cock is already hard. So he kisses his was down Laco’s body and begins to suck on the stiff cock. …

RealityDudes (Str8 Chaser): Aston


Data Released: Feb 17, 2017 (RealityDudes (Str8 Chaser): Aston)

I saw Aston on while he was jogging and he instantly caught my attention. He’s athletic, with a pretty face, smart, and most of all horny. I offered him so cash to show me what he’s working with and as soon as I saw that ass, I had to have it.

RawStrokes: Esteban Orive, Leonardo (Bareback)


Data Released: Feb 18, 2017 (RawStrokes: Esteban Orive, Leonardo)

RagingStallion: Object Of Desire (Letterio Amadeo, Mick Stallone)


Data Released: Feb 17, 2017 (RagingStallion: Object Of Desire: Letterio Amadeo, Mick Stallone)

Mick Stallone is a scruffy versatile stud from Montreal who loves making out and rimming. Letterio Amadeo is a beefy Australian top who puts all his passion into fucking. They both crave the intimacy of eye contact. As they make out and rub against each other in bed, Letterio quickly assumes a dominant position over Mick and begins giving him head. …

NextDoorOriginals: Yoga Stretched (Jordan Boss, Brandon Moore)


Data Released: Feb 17, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Yoga Stretched: Jordan Boss, Brandon Moore)

Seeing his roommate fall asleep during Brandon Moore’s yoga class, you might think that Jordan Boss isn’t getting the most of his relaxation session, but Jordan is mindful enough to know that Brandon’s tutelage extends far beyond mere solo bodywork. Brandon specializes in easing the tension in some of those hard to reach areas, and his flexibility is on full display whenever he applies his techniques. Jordan swears by Brandon’s lower body relaxation methods, making sure to schedule a hard session at least once a week, though Brandon, true to his name, would certainly recommend more.

MenOver30: I’m Not Cheating (Buddy Mason, Joey Doves)


Data Released: Feb 17, 2017 (MenOver30: I’m Not Cheating (Buddy Mason, Joey Doves)

Buddy & Joey are sitting in bed and Joey is texting on his phone. Buddy is jealous that he is paying more attention to his phone than him. Buddy accuses him of talking with other guys or that he’s planning on cheating on him. Annoyed, Joey gives in and decides to give Buddy some attention. Joey starts off with a nice intimate massage on Buddy’s masculine physique. …

MachoFucker: Nasty Creampie 2 (Alejandro Rubio, RED) (Bareback)


Data Released: Feb 16, 2017 (MachoFucker: Nasty Creampie 2: Alejandro Rubio, RED)

Daddy’s fat dick is in action again, breeding and seeding a sexy Machofuckee-Newcomer, ALEJANDRO RUBIO.

KristenBjorn: Wild Seed (Robin Sanchez, Xavi Duran) (Bareback)


Data Released: Feb 16, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Wild Seed: Robin Sanchez, Xavi Duran)

The uber handsome Xavi Duran hooks up with the muscle demigod Robin Sanchez for a hardcore fuckfest. Both men’s heavy cocks are straining the fabrics of their underwear and are demanding to be freed. Xavi takes Robin’s hefty uncut cock into his mouth and has Robin’s muscles tensing and flexing as Xavi’s hot mouth sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire body. …

HairyAndRaw: Teddy Torres, Reid Thrasher (Bareback)


Data Released: Feb 16, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Teddy Torres, Reid Thrasher)

Sometimes, sex is like a game. And like any game, sex becomes a contest, one that takes skill, wits, and stamina to win. With Teddy Torres and Reid Thrasher there’s no clear winner as each gets exactly what they craved from the very beginning. …


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