RawFuckClub – Jay Brix, Dylan Strokes, Dean Brody, Adam Russo, Blue Bailey – Part 2


Data Released: Aug 6, 2014

Nick Moretti’s epic fuck scene rages on as these hot guys flip-flop fuck and swap ass before shooting their man milk.

ClubJasonSparks – Dillon Anderson, Gage Bentley & Tanner Bradley, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 6, 2014

Gage, Dillon and Tanner BAREBACK in Augusta.

Without a doubt this is the hottest scene we’ve delivered to you at Jason Sparks Live. Sure there’s hot new porn models, big cocks and bareback fucking but this episode has so much more. These three are so into each other they are entwined attending to each others cocks and holes in every way imaginable…

ExtraBigDicks – Jacques LaVere & Tripp Townsend


Data Released: Aug 6, 2014

A Runner’s Fantasy: Jacques LaVere, Tripp Townsend

It’s a beautiful day out and who wouldn’t want to be outside jogging on such a sunny day? Tripp and Jacques are both out jogging not knowing what’s in store for them today. Jogging is always much more fun with a buddy but these two for the moment are on a solo mission – that is until they run past each other and they both give the ‘look back’ and so they stop for a small chat in the road. …

WilliamHiggins – Wank Party 2014 #5, Part 1, RAW


Data Released: Aug 6, 2014

In Wank Party 2014 #5 we have Hugo Antonin, Zdenek Bodbaba, Alan Carly, Danek Gyor and Paul Belonek. In this first part we find them in the garden where they are going to have some ‘wheelbarrow; races. First off is Antonin at the driver and Paul as the wheelbarrow. Then Zdenek and Danek, folowed by Antonin again, with Alan. Then they have more races, leaping as frogs might before actually having a game of leap-frog. All this while they are naked, cocks flailing as they leap. It seems that there is reward for the winner, which is Paul’s cock. …

NakedSword – Cam Christou, Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Seven Dixon & Marcus Isaacs


Data Released: Aug 6, 2014

The Pack Episode 4, Rite Of Passage: Cam Christou, Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Seven Dixon, Marcus Isaacs

Is Cam Christou ready for The Pack? In the finale of NakedSword’s hit series, Boomer’s boys grill Cam about his true nature, and introduce him to his initiation — as the centerpiece of the sex show at New York’s infamous Black Party. Filmed live on-stage at the actual event, this is as real as sex gets — with Cam taking turns with Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Marcus Isaacs and Seven Dixon. Cam’s fantasy has finally become a reality — or has it?

BreedMeRaw – Tyler Reed & Orlando Ink


Data Released: Aug 6, 2014

Orlando Ink and Tyler Reed get back from a hot sweaty workout at the gym and head straight to having a shower. Lathering each other up these two hot muscle guys then rinse off. But Tyler wants to mark his territory in a different way with this hot muscle stud – so he turns Orlando around so he can see that hot bubble butt and pisses all over it like a big bad dog. Orlando loves to be owned so was excited to feel that hot piss going up his crack. …

LatinBoyz – Chulito & Elijah, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 5, 2014

After hanging out together all day Chulito asked if he could stay over at Elijah’s house. That night Elijah told Chulito that one of his fantasies was to get fucked raw by a stranger with a big cock in the middle of the night. Later that night Chulito woke up to find Elijah asleep with his underwear half way down his legs. Being the horny fuck he is he didn’t want to let this opportunity get away so he sneeks up and starts fucking Elijah’s tight ass just like his fantasy in this hot video filmed in Mexico.

AllAmericanHeroes – Private Seth Fucks Sergeant Miles


Data Released: Aug 5, 2014

Sergeant Miles needs an emergency medical procedure refresher course, and Private Seth is only too happy to oblige. It doesn’t take too long before the tourniquet falls loose and the blood starts flowing to their main veins. Nothing is quite as hot as watching American Heroes go mouth to mouth as they strip off their cammies. With Miles fully resuscitated, Seth immediately goes to work on his buddy’s bulging cock, taking full-throat strokes on that big corn fed tool. But why should Seth have all the fun, when two can play at that game as they get some hot 69 action in? …

BelAmiOnline – Manuel Rios & Paul Mekas


Data Released: Aug 5, 2014

It is the kind of note that Paul finds on his pillow that we all dread, and the person who left it must be pretty wild if they find Paul at all shy. Nonetheless, Paul takes the note as a challenge and sets about improving his sexual prowess, and there is no-one better to help him out than Manuel Rios. Our condom archive update this week shows 2 of our more experienced, and hung models in the search for a cure to Paul`s shyness…. and I must say I think they found it. The scene was filmed in our Budapest studio in 2010 by Lukas Ridgeston.

MEN – Big Dicks At School – A Separate Cock: Brett Richards & Johnny Rapid


Data Released: Aug 5, 2014


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