FalconStudios – Brandon Jones & Chris Bines


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

Turn It Up: Brandon Jones, Chris Bines

Chris Bines and Brandon Jones’ matching briefs are stretched to transparency by ball, buns and bursting cocks. They kiss and grope, further stretching and torturing the fabric of those undies until they finally come off. With no further flesh barriers, Chris leans down to inhale Brandon’s cock, sucking until the juices run down the shafts and over Brandon’s nuts. Chris’ back is angled so that his slightly furry buns wave an inviting notice. Brandon notices. …

NextDoorWorld – Markie More & Robert Longwood


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

Buddies Audition: Markie More, Robert Longwood

Fresh off his first ever solo and photoshoot, Robert Longwood is back to prove he belongs with the Buddies. Feeling confident after taking his clothes off on camera, Robert is ready to push his boundaries and see if he has what it takes. Fan favorite Markie More leads Robert through a progression of debauchery, each task pushing Robert further away from his comfort zone, and closer towards the Buddies lifestyle. See Robert test his limits as he goes down on a guy for the first time, learns about rimming, tests his gag reflex and discovers just how much cock he can fit inside him. You’ll want to stick around for the sticky ending, to see where Robert takes his first load.

LucasKazan: Raul, Tomas Brand


Data Released: Sep 4, 2014 (LucasKazan: Raul, Tomas Brand)

Tomas Brand was originally booked for a scene with Hungarian Marco Sessions. When Marco injured his back and couldn’t make it down to Sicily, Tomas recommended we cast an Italian hunk he had just met online: swarthy, bearded, hairy-chested… In a few words, the exact opposite of Tomas’ Northern European looks. So, what happens when pornstars cast each other? Real chemistry, hot gay sex, short filming days. Raul began referring to Tomas as to his “Viagra naturale”. No need for drugs when two gay men are truly into each other. No need for on-set directions either.

HighPerformanceMen – Drake Jaden & Mike Gaite


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

Pup Grooming: Drake Jaden, Mike Gaite

Drake has been a bad boy and Mike has left him in his dungeon hands cuffed and on his knees. When Mike gets back he can see Drake eyeing the clippers which Mike than grabs and begins to shave his beard off quietly and slowly. Mike calls him his pup since he’s been a bad boy and the pup needs to be punished. Mike uses vulgar language on Drake while he grabs his head and rubs into his crotch sniffing Mike’s junk. …

GayWarGames – Powerplay, Episode 3: Resah & Derek, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 4, 2014

Buddy is so afraid that his asshole is tight like never before. To ease him a bit our soldier made him to suck his cock. Completely tied up, there isnít any way he can escape. After a while the right moment came and just like that there is dick in his butt. Moaning like a little bitch wonít help at all. Just made our soldier more eager and horny.

GayCastings – Owen Powers


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

CockSureMen – Bo Bangor & Santiago Rodriguez, Bareback


Data Released: Sep 4, 2014

Bo Bangor and Santiago Rodriguez relax under the Florida sun. The sun gets them hot and they kiss while touching each other’s tanned bodies. Santiago pulls Bo’s jock strap just enough to suck his thick cock. Bo kisses him and plays with his meat. Bo stands over Santiago who swallows the beefy stud’s pole. Bo kisses Santiago’s mouth and then goes for his nipples. Soon after he pulls down Santiago’s briefs and swallows the stud’s cock. Santiago sits up and sucks Bo’s dick making him moan loudly. …

BareTwinks – Dakota White & Daniel


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

After School Bareback Boys!: Dakota White, Daniel

School is over and Dakota and Daniel have their very own private “after school club” to go to. The bedroom is the setting and the horny boys are quickly stripping off and sharing their gorgeous cocks in a mutual sucking. Things get a little hard and horny, just how Daniel likes it, and Dakota rams his raw length into him to fuck him all over the bed!

SouthernStrokes – Rex & Tanner


Data Released: Sep 5, 2014

It was time for our young college stud Tanner to get his tight little hole punched again and this time Rex and his big mushroomed head cock was the lucky ticket taker. We started out with Rex stripping naked white our shirtless Tanner and his beautiful smooth skin on his knees getting Rex’s dick nice and hard and ready to get inside Tanner’s ass. Tanner bent over and held onto the tree so he could brace himself for what was about to cum. Rex bounced in and out of Tanner’s hole as Tanner’s hard college cock bounced in unison. …

CollegeDudes – Kirk Cummings & Jacob Marteny


Data Released: Sep 4, 2014

Newbie Kirk Cummings Sixty-nines With Jacob Marteny.
Jacob Marteny is horny as fuck, and lucky for him Kirk Cummings is there to help him with that problem! They start nice and slow, kissing and taking off a few pieces of clothing while Jacob rubs Kirk’s junk through his boxers while they make out. Kirk kissing Jacob’s neck and chest. Finally, Jacob gets Kirk’s pants all the way off and gets his mouth around that cock, working it with his hand and seeing how deep down his throat he can get it before Kirk returns the favor and gives Jacob oral. …


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