TimTales – Tim Kruger & Henrique


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

While it gets a little colder everywhere Tim needed some brazilian heat and spent some time with sexy Henrique. He truly enjoys every inch of Tim´s huge cock and they get very passionate with a lot of kissing while Henrique´s hot musclebutt gets a treatmeant that every guy wants when it gets cold.

RawFuckClub – Dean Brody & Jay Brix


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

You can cut the sexual tension with a knife in this scene! Sexy, big-dicked stud Dean Brody man-handles Jay Brix, who takes a cock in his mouth like a pro before showing us how to power bottom and milk the cum right out of Dean’s throbbing dick.

ManRoyale – Billie Ramos, Davey Anthony & Josh Nelson


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

Highrise Hook Up: Billie Ramos, Davey Anthony, Josh Nelson

HDKRAW – Sperm Addicts, Vol 2


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

DebtDandy 62, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

I had a mood for some real kinky and educational act today. I was lucky, cause the dude I got to my money trap today even looked like a perfect toy for my dirty game. His girlfriend was at work, so I had enough time to use all my imagination to make him my bitch. After the usual sum up and agreement I ordered him to strip down, ride a skateboard with his bare ass. But that wasn`t enough for me. I made him to wear his GF`s clothes while sucking my hard cock. To push him even further he had to dance in G strings like a slut in front of me. That was the ultimate fulfillment for me and we could proceed to the sex part, which I`ve enjoyed a lot, due to the previous excitement from all the stunts he did for me. Such a nice obedient boy he was.

CorbinFisher – Jacob Tops Christian, Bareback


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

Did we ever get lucky with this one! Not only did Christian go over extremely well when he first appeared on CF and instantly win over a ton of fans, but he also agreed to give guy/guy action a shot for us, and we had Jacob here to break him in! Christian is just 18, and I think he perfectly represents that young freshman embarking on new experiences and exploring different things in college. There`s no real telling whether Christian would have tried anything like this on his own, but all that really matters to all of us is he decided to give it a shot here, and we get to watch every bit of it! When it comes to a young guy like Christian, it doesn`t take too much for those inevitable nerves to give way to enthusiasm and energy as someone starts to work over his cock. …

BiLatinMen – Domingo & Fodido


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

Back by popular demand, Domingo & Fodido put on a hot sexy show for the camera. Fodido is an expert cock sucker, and he also whorships Dominog’s smooth hairless ass with his tongue. Then Domingo’s curved cock assaults Fodido’s ass as he screams in pain and pleasure.

BaitBuddies – Al Carter & Jude Trystan


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

MEN – Str8 to Gay – My Brother In Law, Part 3: Aaron Bruiser & John Magnum


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings & Tyler Morgan


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014

Private Lusts: Cody Cummings, Tyler Morgan

When Cody Cummings wants to indulge his most private yearnings, he goes behind closed doors. With him, he only brings the object of his desires, this time it’s a boy named Tyler Morgan. Cody has been estranged too long from the decadent pleasure of feeling a hot, sexy young man’s warm mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock. Cody’s massive erections have grown more and more desperate in this absence. But now, the incredible feelings, the intense ecstasy returns as Tyler carefully and with passion sucks the whole length of Cody’s enormous, hard dick. …


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